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1.In 2011 you decide to form Slaegt, why you decided to form this project? Did you clear from the beginning that only serious're the only member of it?
”It just happened and wasn’t planned. I came up with some really great riffs and ideas, and I just had to do something with them, and get it out. Since I didn’t know the right people at the time, I decided to do it myself. ”

2.In 2012 edit your first demo tape format and comprised four topics, how was the process of writing and recording this demo?
”It was a fairly simple proces: Write the music – write lyrics – record drums – record guitars – record bass – record vocals. I used simple and free recording software and did everything myself. No big fuss. Just get it done.”

3.That same year you edit too, this time in the format vinyl split with the British White Medal, how the possibility of this collaboration between both bands arise?
”The possibility to do this split release came about through being in contact with George of the Legion Blotan label. He’d been distributing tape versions of the demo and asked me if I would be interested in doing a split release. I’d been writing some new tunes, so I went ahead and recorded the song that ended up on the final release.”

4.How do I evolve your sound between the two releases? Do you find it very compliacado having to take care of all the musical plane Slaegt?
”Hmm well I don’t think I thought about intentionally evolving the sound, it’s just something that happens sometimes, especially if you don’t think about keeping everything strictly within a certain style or aesthetic. But there was definitely some evolution I suppose.
And it can be hard to do everything yourself, especially if you don’t feel super inspired, but that’s part of the job. We are a 4-piece band now, and I feed off the others when writing new material.”

5."Lysets Død", the song written for the split with White Medal, shows two things, a mature vocation great classical composition and on the other a close affair with the English sound. What are your main musical influences? How would you describe your sound "Lysets Død"?
"What my main musical influences are, are a somewhat difficult question, since I’ve listened to a myriad of different bands and styles throughout my entire life, and I am not always aware of what bands I am channeling. But if I think about the songs I have written up until now, I would (in no particular order) say: Mütiilation, Ulver, Darkthrone, Satanic Warmaster, early Gorgoroth, Dissection, Motörhead, Skurv, medieval music from Denmark, Chaos UK, The Ruins of Beverast, Burzum, Bathory and Angel Witch. To name a few! But I try all I can to be more inspired by my (internal/external) life, and I hope someday I can reach a place where it sounds like nothing but Slægt."  

6.Content with everything ready for your debut album, it will be "Ildsvanger,", and will be released in 2015. How was the process of composing and recording "Ildsvanger?"
”It was a long and hard process, and shouldn’t have taken all the time it did, but it has been a very good experience, I’ve learned a lot from it! A lot of obstacles and shit hitting the fan, but I’ve persevered and now it will be unleashed very soon, which I am very much looking forward to.”

7.What the listener can expect from this album?
”Listeners can expect a diverse and well thought out rock record with a very personal touch. Also Danish lyrics. And simple, but great, coverart. ”

8.From what I can see no waivers to perform concerts with Slaegt timely manner, how do you face the fact of incorporating other musicians to music Slaegt leads to direct?
As with so many other things surrounding Slægt, the incoorporation of other musicians, and the possibility to play live just suddenly happened. If I'd had my way from the beginning, it wouldn't have been a solo-project. It was just that out of necessity. And I would say that the other members are very much like-minded and we seem together on where we want it to go, and how we'll make that happen.

8.On what are the lyrics of the songs Slaegt? What issues will influence your writing?
”My life inspires my writing: Things I’ve seen/heard/experienced. Weird dreams. Chaotic periods. The emptiness under the moon. Burning at night. Death in the midst of life.” 

9.How did you get started in music, first concerts, first cds? Why did you decide to become a musician and start a band? What other hobbies besides music occupy your free time?
”I have always been extremely interested in music from a very early age. It has always spoken to me in a more severe way that any other form of art or expression. The first concert I attended was Michael Jackson in a football stadium in Copenhagen at the tender age of 8. The first music I bought myself was The Prodigy’s ”The Fat of the Land” on cassette tape. I think I was 9 then.
Music is my main occupation. It’s a never ending well for me. I enjoy expressing myself in other ways, but not as much as writing music. And that will never end.”

10. Has a record label was interested in the issue of "Ildsvanger"? What format will be released?
The album will be released in a collaboration between the labels Posh Isolation from Denmark and Final Agony Records from the US. It will primarily be on vinyl, but versions on other formats might come along the way.

11.Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Slaegt, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
”Thank you for the interview. To those interested: We are now a 4-piece. We will do whatever we can to hit the roads, and write and record more (and better) music during 2015. Keep your eyes open! And follow us on facebook ( for updates! 

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