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Origen: E.E.U.U., Baltimore
Formados: 2011
Estilo: Black atmosférico
Temática: Conciencia, introspección, oscuridad, viaje astral y vida
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook

  • A Batería, sintetizadores y voces
  • W Guitarra y voces

  • Barbelith EP 2012
  • Untitled 7" EP 2014  
  • Mirror Unveiled CD 2014
  • Inner Eternal EP 2021
  • Deathless Master EP 2023
Primer larga duración para esta banda Maryland que nos ofrecen un black metal lleno de diferentes matices e influencias, como puede ser el black atmosférico, el post metal, el progresivo y alguna pincelada incluso de depresivo . "Mirror Unveiled" sobre todo es un álbum que desprende muchísima intensidad desde el comienzo, un álbum que esta repleto de pasajes sonoros de melodías tristes e intensas, logrados en parte también por la incorporación de algunos sintetizadores y sobre todo por las intensas y sufrida voces de su cantante. Barbelith han demostrado un gran madurez compositiva y la audición de principio a fin de este álbum es del todo recomendable, tal vez no entre a la primera, pero los matices que encierra son para ir descubriendo poco a poco. Se ha realizado un buen trabajo en la elaboración de unas atmósferas intensas y asfixiantes, se han construido buenos pasajes de post metal en donde la densidad de su sonido acaba por doler. Sin duda nos encontramos ante una obra bastante madura, que requiere su tiempo para hacerse del todo con ella, pero que al final resulta de lo más completa de una banda que a fraguado un sonido a su medida. (8).

1. Beyond the Envelope of Sleep 03:59
 Set ablaze by pattern, obstacles of past shall crumble. Breathing through pain, purify the body. Reason laid bare - the soul reveals itself. Rooted to the source, infinitely bound to joy. Shedding the opaque memories of a dreamless self; breaking through the envelope of sleep.
2. Astral Plane 14:03
Grounded to stillness I find inside myself. To dive within, revealing infinite. Shedding my false ego, crossing the threshold of eternity. I ascend to the astral plane of my birth, exiting this mortal coil. To transcend inherent darkness. Casting out crippling fear to become one with my soul. Departing this physical plane. Breathe in transgressions, accept serendipity. We are but dust in this cosmic galaxy of consciousness. Oh, what is this memory titled existence? The spirit of fire, in the ocean of life. Meaning lost. Conquest for purpose. Concrete in sickness, swollen hearts of sadness. Abstract guidance, bound by blindness. Escape this inherited despair. Open beauty, elegance. A breath of fresh air to my rotten lungs. No longer held to senseless suffering: move beyond the dark clouds. Overtaking, chains broken, veil burned. Unified consciousness. Running back to source if presence. Align me to I, destroy these shambles of selfishness. Mother, wash me. Father, drive me. Brother, sister: I am everything.
3. Black Hole of Fractured Reflections 13:01
This world is a vacuum of self. We pawn the worth of purity. degrade our infinite integrity amongst the smog of men. Overbearing overlords I can't unsee. Bury me further in this fractured reflection. Intrude upon my life of despair. Allow the mask to fall, reveal the distorted mirror's edge. We are victims of a senseless tragedy, sent here to fear the setting sun. We roam the bleeding soils of deception, feeling wrath of greed's wind. But there is a glimpse of radiance, a blanket of warmth beyond the hollowed projections. My eyes shall rest, pupils contract. Emotion, eruption: grandeur unfolds. Impurities dwindle, dawns the light of wisdom. And I am undone, tears of oppression unlock apprehension. With this freedom I am left to wander in holy solitude. This body will fail, but I am ancient. I will return - death is not my end. Eternal reincarnate, I know thy name!  
4. Reverse Fall 06:10
Glow with the rain of presence. Rocks unmoved, stones unbroken. Bold paths walked in these true lives spoken. Nervous blood, seethe and sing! Black hole of winter falls into spring. Betrayed, enslaved to my senses. Bear this pain to purify, become real and here - grounded steadfast in love. Muted colors shall bloom. Shadows of indifference dissipate. Never has there been a time when you and I have not existed, and never will there be a time when you and I cease to be...   


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