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Origen: Noruega, Sandefjord
Formados: 1993
Estilo: Black sinfónico
Temática: Cosmos, muertes, oscuridad y satanismo
Enlaces: ?
  • Daemon  Bajo, batería programada, guitarra, teclados y voces.

  • Promo Rehearsal '95 Demo 1995  
  • Promo 1996 Demo 1996  
  • Moon in the Scorpio CD 1996
  • In Abhorrence Dementia CD 1997
  • Epitome of Illusions CD 1998
  • Ad Noctum - Dynasty of Death CD 1999
  • Chronicles of Limbo Recopilatorio 2000  
  • Volume I-IV Recopilatorio 2001
  • The Ultimate Death Worship CD 2002
  • Legacy of Evil CD 2007
  • 1995-1996 Recopilatorio 2009  
  • 1996 Recopilatorio 2010  
  • Phantasmagoria CD 2010
  • Spectre Abysm CD 2017
  • 1996-2002 Recopilatorio 2019  
  • The Cassette Collection Recopilatorio 2019
  • 1996-2002 Recopilatorio 2019
Con las bandas de black metal sinfónico en lo mas alto de su influencia y popularidad, Limbonic Art tenían la difícil tarea de dar continuidad a su anterior "Moon in the Scorpio", álbum que le granjeó un reconocimiento casi unánime. En este "In Abhorrneece Dementia" tiran por la vertiente más sinfónica del género, tal vez influenciados por la tónica imperante en la época, seguramente a trabajos como este hoy en día habría que encuadrarlos en la faceta más vanguardista del género. Desde el comienzo podemos tener claro que no es un álbum sencillo para el oyente y el número de detractores y admiradores de una obra de esta envergadura deberían de estar muy parejos. El álbum se va a casi a los setenta minutos, cargado de elementos sinfónico de la mano de sintetizadores que por momentos suenan a demasiado electrónicos y no le hacen ningún favor a las partes más black así como la programación de la batería. Por momentos sobrecargado en exceso, muy barroco y preciosista puede llegar a sonar demasiado pretencioso, seguramente con unas composiciones que dieron más de un quebradero de cabeza a la hora de la creación de la misma, sobre todo a Morfeus qu fue el que se ocupó de de la mayoría de los elementos sinfónicos. Para los seguidores de la vertiente más metálica también podemos disfrutar de unos buenos riffs de guitarra en los momentos en los cuales cobran protagonismo, las voces también juegan un papel importante en los temas y de su dualidad sale beneficiado el oyente, muy buenas las agresivas que contrastan con otra más claras y corales. La ambientación conseguida no está del todo clara pero en ciertos lugares se ha conseguido aportar un halo siniestro y místico. Un álbum que como gran obra tiene que ser apreciada con calma, no creo que nadie se enganche a este álbum a la primera escucha, no por nada, sino porque es tal el número de detalles que encierra que necesita de varias escuchas para acabar por hacerse con él. (8).

1. In Abhorrence Dementia 07:25
 I admire the spiritual force of evil
A pure supreme instinction in survival
Never underestimate the powers of hatred
When the blackness overwhelming

With a hostile image against all living
The splendid visions of malignant breeding

The dominions on Earth shall return to the 
As the darkside awaits the capture and feast
With dark surrounding illusions

Possesion in passio, simplicity is intuitive
Native forces of violent misery

The soil in a man`s heart is stonier
In stench of rot and sour ground
The obedient fall into cruelty
Where all arts of life shall be undone

A madness wells up in me 
As I swallow the pain
Where unbounded evil reign
In Abhorrence Dementia
2. A Demonoid Virtue 07:40
Higher, higher burning fire
Unite with me in dark desire
Inflaming greed awakens to breed in me

The night has predatoral eyes
Drifting in a plae of disguise
Beneath the spelling moon
The spirit rises out of darkness
The spirit rises...

Voices call for my soul

The cunning serpents kiss I taste 
Baptised beside the ancient takes of

FIRE, FIRE burning higher
Unite with me in dark desires
I perish in bliss of cruelty
Tormented souls will in peace

In the flames an omen blaze
Enforcing through the cosmic haze
To cross the line and dare to glance
And enter cold void where death 
In mysteries

In the flames an omen blaze
Enforcing through the cosmic haze
To cross the line and dare to glance
And enter the cold void where death
In mysteries

O` raging fire enlighten me with sin
3. A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace 07:05
The dead speaks to me From beyond the grave That is why my conscience is I've buried the dead alive The blood of the child is pure now In death it gives me life The circle is complete Begin another... Dark cold icy death As the scorpion stings the minds obsessed A venomous kiss of profane grace As shades of hatred reigns Silent screams of suffering I stand in flames of torturing Goddess of flesh hunger and desire Grant me wings of hellish fire Know that all my creations spring From blood on the cross in blasphemy I am death the creator of sin And of the pure I am the wind The dance of creeping shadows Enchanting all insania I've become evil in soul and mind In a demonoid fantasia A venomous kiss of profane grace In a world so fundamentally weak I see no beginning only the end
4. When Mind and Flesh Depart 07:38
I`m captured by the sound of the tempest winds And my demonvoice that dwells within The ground I walk is sour A spectrum shines so genuine While the earthquake starts to devour I behold the shrine in the ruin I pledge allegiance To the night with all its mysteries Reign I forever in darkness The events of light is killing me only On sad wings of destiny A fallen angels sanctuary Love is here like disease Draped in vain the heart yearns to cease The human way of life, an inferior state of mind The third stone from the sun Had become a stillborn illusion I`m under siege of anger and fury There is no values no faith or glory Antagonising mortal flesh Life on Earth I do oppress With infernal bleedings of bitterness I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire Floating energy of passion Captures life-force comprehension On third burial ground of mankind I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire When mind and flesh depart A cryptic message comes from the heart As I see and experience the bleeding art The pain is only to avoid Cause the spirit enters a greater void I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire I cleanse within ascending steams Arising shadow, the dark soul release All it`s power When mind and flesh depart
5. Deathtrip to a Mirage Asylum 12:13
Life is deceiving while death is revealing The mystic forces in the soul Mind is receiving the certain dark feeling The murderous sources of the ghoul Life is the enemy while death is the sacred key To absent sights that recall Dimensional tyranny enslavement in cruelty In darkness one float or one fall Th the abyss` morbid enigmas Far beyond the earthly grave Soul betakes to drift astray Infinite horizons of pale gray skies A still born heart within there lies The sanctuary that once was lost Is streaming endlessly in holocaust The astral corpse is still pulsating In a mirage asylum awaiting The final destination, the ultimate denomination In limbonic life I've slept Dreamt that cryptic seals me kept Sheltered from all visual sight Cause shadows chased every sign of light Awakened from an ancient slumber Recalled to act of strife My spirit old any my body cold Remains in dark demise Immortality beloved am I to dying And the whispering of secrets to my soul I am born to sing this sorrow Evil has no rest in me The invisible addiction of darkness, emptiness And the ghastly silence...devour Deathtrip to a mirage asylum Cut the string the chain to soil Unleash the powers within death`s coil No darker emotion is there to find Than the fading felling of a dying kind Deathtrip to a mirage asylum In limbonic life I've slept Dreamt that cryptic seals me kept Sheltered from all visual sight Cause shadows chased every sing of light In the light of my personal sacrifice In the shine from the ruins I testify Far more savage the spiritual vulture In the light of my personal sacrifice In the shine from the ruins I sanctify Unto the valley of the shadows of death 
6. Under Burdens of Life's Holocaust 06:26  
A veil of darkness rest upon my shoulder 
I reign and serve and obedient beholder
Cause the shadows are my hearts domain
and where I wander

I have returned to the land of decease
To walk the stony trial across the spectral
And in wildness of haunting pains
Is where I slumber

From the highest mountain winds uplift me high
Into the magic fountain the force within the 
I covet every vision when I`m allowed to die
Leave this earthly mission
and enter fullmoon eye
A true believer that death deliver
A life deceiver in misanthropy
When life is the cross I have to bear
A phantom soul is calling 
Enclosed within stone prison walls

Deep in the heart of despair
Sentenced to walk among the living
In the face of the enemy
As I drown in tormenting oppression

Like a lonely candle burning 
I blaze as the darkness emerging 
And I yield for the art to bleed

When the moon is drained by all its light
And the stars they shine like serpent eyes
I`m feeling deaths desire for me 

Baptised in esteem or arrogance
Raping all virtue and sweet romance
Bewitched by sins and lust

Emancipate the deceiving earth
Praise the sign in the sky for no new rebirth
Under burdens of life`s holocaust
7. Oceania 00:43  instrumental
8. Behind the Mask Obscure 07:14
  In distance from the light I redeem my gloria
In darkness I have sights a high esteemed

In hellfire and damnation my undead soul
walk the land
Throught the endless mist of time
I`m born ro darkened adventures retlaiated in
lifes obscure

To seek vengance for my pains
To serve the hatred in my veins
In centuries I have wandered
With deaths shadows drifting faithfully
In the darkest forests in mans domain
I rceived my strenght and sorcery
My demon search for a doorway to be free
For once again to desecrate the hearts serenity
Transcend mortality live throught eternally
And feast upon all misery
that is gathered here in life

In hellfire and damnation
my undead soul walk the land
Throught the endless mist of time
i`m born to darkened adventures
retailed in life obscure

Seasons they rise and fall
I have seen throught them all
With harsh evil prophecies
I gave birth to inhumanity
9. Misanthropic Spectrum 07:15
Gloria Sathanas The undivinew deceptor Enemy of all holiness The eminent destructor Brings life into misery and death The magic sights of thy third eye Triumphant wargod rising tall Sparkling rain falls from the sky When thunder`s blasying heavens wall Gloria Sathanas From four pains in the horizon A circle`s drawn in fire By sword I kneel in union Within my burning empire A mind sincerity And obedience to the sources of its nature A heart in cruelty Reaches out for evil in the obscure To be crowned as a legion of darkness I`m weaving a spell of black energy In aspects of might to obliterate Breeding the wrath into plain hate In apocalyptic rage I curse time and age Humans bleed for me Coronation of dark victory Gloria Sathans 

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