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Origen: E.E.U.U., Charlotte.
Formados: 2001
Estilo: Black sinfónico
Temática: Cosmología, misterios de la antiguedad y ocultismo
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  • Renaissance of the Maelstrom Demo 2004  
  • The Majestic Fall CD 2006
  • Mournful Embrace of Aeons CD 2012
  • Wrath of the Demiurge CD 2022
Segundo larga duración para esta banda estadounidense de black sinfónico. Un álbum de atmósferas densas y ambientes sobrecargados. Un álbum que a pesar de todo ello logra mantener la atención del oyente en todo momento gracias al buen hacer en cuanto a instrumentación. Todo estas orientado a la vertiente más sinfónica y melódica del género, buenos riffs de guitarra con una clara orientación melódica, un batería imparable marcando majestuosamente la intensidad de la propuesta, voces la mayoría de las veces agresivas y rasgadas y una presencia constante de teclados que eleva el carácter sinfónico de la propuesta. Un álbum por encima de su anterior obrar, ganando en producción y claridad de ideas, recomendado para cualquier seguidor del black sinfónico digamos que en su vertiente más clásica. Un álbum que Mysteriarch ha sabido madurar a conciencia en estos últimos años, que aunque no resulte muy variado si que logra enganchar por mantener en todo momento el pulso a una propuesta sinfónica y que a sabido ganar adeptos con un orientación clásica. (8).

1. Ode to Glorious War (Intro) 01:39  instrumental
2. Crossing the Primordial Threshold 06:26
In the shadows of our existence Ancient mysteries shrouded in secrecy We embark on this journey To cross the primordial threshold Rising towards the spheres unknown We venture towards the starlit expanse Once ordained within the spheres Of the celestial vortex Now conceived through astral fire On this forsaken voyage... beyond Encircled by the radiance of night Engulfed within a pellucid orb From the fires of impurity The forging of our legacy Our time has come To usurp the throne Now I know what lies beyond Through destiny's gates We'll be left to dwell In the abandoned planes of infinity Ensnared by the shackles of time Life's trammels shall be our curse Into the fathomless depths we fall
3. Arcane Ravel 05:05
I walk a path enshrouded by night's shadow
Into the labyrinth of darkness unhallowed
As now the chambers of light fall before me
I bear the crest of eternal glory

The thorns of chaos entwine
As en emblem of death
When the sun sets in disgust
You will take your last breath

Gaze into the looking glass
Of the ultimate deception
Cryptic secrets are veiled within
The dark void of consciousness

Unleash the forbidden powers
From within the dormant mind
Trespass beyond the seal
Of the silent watcher's shrine

Invert the sigil bound as three
Draw your sword against the trinity
We raise the crown of infinite night
To herald the dawn of heaven's blight
4. Solace Beneath the Shroud 06:12
By mortals' hands the devil was crowned In the nets of Belial dark powers bound Scourge of heaven, thy nemesis Hoisting the powers to which God submits The lie that echoes in your tomb of worship Is the festering shadow Which bleeds through the surface As a mystic spell seared in eternity A broken cosmic reel bound in infinity An ocean of tears could not awaken Your thorn-crowned nameless desperation Silence the breath of humanity Rise from the ashes of ignominy Poison the current of dignity The serpent lurks among you effortlessly Finding your salvation in the garden of iniquity A glorious return to what was meant to be As we stand above you in the fading light Drinking from the chalice To intake the unholy might Lord of night, grant us the mystic powers Enrapture us in darkness God's pathetic religions We will not follow 
5. Paragon of Forsaken Virtue 08:49
As the night consumes the final dawn Nebulous secrets call beyond the fog My heart encased in stone Yet sorrow dwells within Thorns adorn my throne Enshrined by immortal sin I rise again to fall into darkness I rise again as the astrum argentum The consecration of fleshly demise Watching empires fall beneath blackened skies Chastised in blood as his sheep now repent Rejoicing in their false God's impotence In the darkness I stand now immortal Engulfed in sin, I reign eternal Sequestered in the silent resonance Within the ashes of life's incense Hell's fires rise to engulf heaven Leaving no trace that it exists No peace is found in the haunted sanctuary Lost in a world of imaginary fears Cursed with the burden of a loathsome perception Under the spell of blackened delirium Sow the wind and reap the maelstrom Drown the voice of reason Lost to shame and dead to honor Dispraised in blank despondency
6. Mournful Embrace of Aeons 07:24
 Artifacts of the great cycle
Destruction of the world-age doctrine
Thrust into a blackened void
The effacement of all consciousness
Entrapped within dimensional thoughts
Forbidden tortures eternally wrought

Through the portals of forsaken flesh
Where the spirit and psyche digress
Mesmerized by the infernal flames
As we await the blood-drenched aeon

Execrate the false theistic lie
Through this doctrine of retribution
From the crypts of inhumanity
Where our wager of sin is absolution

Servants of darkness
Patrons of blasphemy
Our prodigious wisdom
Shall bring forth sovereignty
The end of ages
We now foresee
As Armageddon
Beholds our destiny

Praise humanity's fall
Life's hourglass expired
A tenebrous epoch
Approaches indubious

Following the path
Towards extinction
As this existence
Becomes a retrospection
7. Labyrinth of Gnosis 06:27
 Birthed into this futile
Abject desolation
Disparity's indulgence
Sin humanitas

In the shades below
An altar of flesh defiled
Of man and of God

Innocence condemned and sacrificed
By my hand, unholy domination

Fates decreed with savage expedience
Beget ends of a terrible nature

Who is condemned?
Who is redeemed?
Behold the commencement
Of ghastly tortures

I shall thrust a dagger
Into the collective mind
Without purpose or reason
Except of chaos and blood

In the tunnels of broken mind and soul
A creation without center or boundary
Life is lost in this all-consuming passion
Is the world my soul or my soul the world?

Falling deep into an endless void
Visions of horror manifest
As darkened forces invade your soul
Now possessed you shall beckon their will

I consecrate the arrival
Of the one you disfavor
The legions of light shall perish
And darkness will consume all
8. Doctrine of Serpents 06:19
Eternal night Nocturne of beauty Inviolate darkness Unyielding, undefiled A universal Living cosmos Transcending all Inchoate perception The quintessential essence of all creation Reaps the glorious blessing of extinction Recite the mystic, secret incantation To exorcise thy dissonant enthrallment Beyond all limits, beyond all time We shall bring forth all to purpose Sempiternal, abstruse mysteries Forever veiled, preternatural From the ashes of our pride By virtue of our wonder For those with eyes to seek the wisdom All is revealed Dark mistress, dark lover Worshipful oblivion The substance of transcendence Dark scepter, dark altar Pulsating presence in elusive silence Chaos is order and all is nothing Now brought forth To pervade this acquiescence Order is chaos and nothing is all This despotic wisdom The meaning of existence  
9. Victorious March of Primacy (Outro) 01:38  instrumental

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