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Origen: Nueva Zelanda, Auckland
Formados: 2004
Estilo: Black, death, thrash
Temática: Antireligión, paganismo romando y muerte
  • Assailant Bajo
  • Black Mortum Guitarra
  • C. Sinclair Batería
  • Santi Guitarra
  • Scourge Witchfucker Voces

  • Rehearsal 24-11-06 Demo 2006  
  • Serva Ad Mors Demo 2007
  • Verus Hostis - A Hymn to Fire EP 2010  
  • Hellstorm of Fire and Chaos Split video 2011  
  • Sacrifice, Perish and Demise EP 2012
  • The Apotheosis of Death CD 2014
  • Surrounded By Serpents Single 2019
  • As Legends Fade and Gods Die CD 2022
Cuatro temas son los integran este Ep de neozelandeses Exordium Mors, banda que poco a poco va recuperando la normalidad de una banda al ir editado nuevo material de manera más regular. Cuatro temas como comentaba de black metal totalmente y perfectamente combinados con una buena dosis thrash sobre todo en los buenos riffs y una actitud muy ruda, agresiva y rápida, aunque también se dejan entrever algún atisbo de death, quedando como resultado final unas composiciones variadas con constantes cambios de ritmo, crudas en  todo momento, pero sonando precisas en todas sus facetas. El apartado vocal se mueve también en un terreno black thrash bastante correcto. Un Ep que se cierra con la versión del "Black Metal" de Venom que sin sonar diferente a las otras revisiones acaba por cumplir y dar consistencia a un Ep bastante solido y que no hace más que refrendar la buena salud con la que cuenta la escena en el país. (8,2).

1. Sign of Judas' Liege 06:05
Chorus: Blood runs down... My sex slave's tortured cunt Leave the body underground Marking Judas' Liege I only come out in the infernal darkness Giving birth to rotting pestilence The one whom raped the succubus Turned her into slime I live for the sole purpose Of creating a stillborn holding eternal fire The immortal dragon spewing pestilence Rendering supremacy unto the pure and holy Chorus Picking up cold, dead corpses Running my fingers up and down crooked spines Puking into rotting cunt-flesh Suckling on all the slime My cock violently penetrates dusty uterus The bloody rites almost completed And my purpose almost consumed My cold, dead druidic bride shall birth my unholy fetus Bridge: Rotting in pestilence It is feeding me unholiness Tantalising my amok senses Creating a new era of defilement Chorus Brandishing new tools for unholy decimation The sign of the new age is nigh... The cold, dead druidic bride gives birth To the new barbaric sign The coming of a new age The age of Judas' Liege No light shall come from your deceitful mage And a new light shall come from my undead sons To engulf the world and make it moan Like the whores whom I overthrow The raping is complete My bastard sons are born From cold, dead breasts They were fed blood Writhing, feeding, seething Barbaric, slaughter, violating Rotting, mutilating, debauchery Of this soulless, defiled corpse Eaten through the wombs Of their long-dead druidic mothers Gripping with cold flesh United as brothers Rotting in pestilence Living eternal throughout the epochs Judas' Liege is forever immortal Dawn of a new age heralded eternal Bridge I am the god who... Decimates the feeble ones... The demon Incubus... Breeding only strong sons... The Eternal Dragon... Feasting on flesh of the meek... Judas' Liege... Scourge of the Weak... Rot in Pestilence You fucking Christian Whore   
2. Ancestors' Call 05:02
"mortua heic ego sum et sum cinis, is cinis terrast: sein est terra dea, ego sum dea, mortua non sum" Ashes to ashes, I shall fall Dust to dust, please heed my call I venerate you... oh ancient ones Whom cannot see... Helios' golden sun Veni, vidi, vici... scarred onto my soul Your legacy eternal... exhumed from your earthy hole With your life permanently halfway in the gutter you bet it's true With vengeful, vacant, glassy eyes, Death is eternally watching you Milk and blood... daily I shall sacrifice Rotting... wraiths shall feast in delight Libitina's claws... hound our every turn In honour... I cast animal flesh to burn I beseech you all to hear the truth or you'll live your life as a slave Heed your Ancestors' Call as soon you will be joining them in the grave Ashes to ashes, I shall fall Dust to dust, please heed my call (Your) Last breath, my breath as we gaze unto eternity My death, your death as the ancestral line beckons thee Their legacy, my leprosy and death the final victory Their death, my breath as I succumb to infinity With open arms, I embrace the Cthonic (As father to a child) Once life is breathed onto you... Death ruthlessly pursues Envious, the unborn are watching you... Their hatred shall never subdue As darkness suffocates your view... Only Hades shall await you The ancestors beckon to greet you... Heed their call and torment will not ensue "From my rotting body Flowers shall grow And I am in them And that is eternity" So believe me now, the hymn is true When you're six feet down, blackened and blue Or if your remains are cast among the seas Or your ashes are left floating in the breeze Remember this tale, before you fall And heed the Ancestors Call
3. Exordium Mors (Pagan Ritual and Sacrifice to Roman Gods) 07:03
  Exordium Mors….

Bringing a fresh, naked virgin to the altar
To sacrifice to their elder god
Their incestuous emperor of perversion
Caligula, saviour of the defiled
Ordering his warriors first to rape
Until her blood runs cold
In this temple that was once holy
Sacrilege is now its whole


Prey on sexual deviances 
Pray to sexual predators 
Idolatry made of flesh 
To sin is to bless

Caligula, no longer just a mortal
Made into the immortal god of depravity
Commands this royal defilement in heretic god’s temple
In a pagan ritual of virgin sacrifice to appease his insanity….

Spilling her sacrificial blood all over the place
In the presence of her lord and master
Bound and fettered, the incense in the air thick and heavy
Struggling and fighting to no avail, what a disaster
There’s no blood quite as dark than a Virgin's blood
As he too takes part in this soiled ritual
And rapes her with glee and without mercy
Swearing to her that her sacrifice is beneficial

In front of Jupiter
Is no longer
Is given a whole new form
Until she is no more


Defiling and destroying
All the old pagan laws
A new Roman god has come forth
And will consecrate Exordium Mors

Exordium Mors…

After he was done with her, left with nothing but cum
He ordered his soldiers with one last wish
His madness summoned this abominable fun
To slit her open from her clit and upwards
Ravishing her pure virgin body, one last time
Pleased with this sacrifice he ordered her burnt
Even though she was still breathing, clearly alive
This was their tyrannical king, Caligula, god of depravity


Lust and pain are nothing but a game 
To their god, master and emperor
Under his reign, many shall suffer
There is no remorse, for he is Caligula 
Commander of Exordium Mors

Pulsating and bleeding, many more have suffered
Exordium Mors
No mercy or remorse given, more sacrifices are offered
Exordium Mors




Bridge repeat

More and more victims
On slaughter and bloodshed
Is given a whole new form
Forever more

Pre-Chorus repeat

Caligula, no longer just a mortal
Made into the immortal god of depravity
He never stops feasting on torture, cruelty and bloodshed
In sacrilegious rites made immortal through suffering and death

Made infamous through butchery and brutality
His monstrous acts of defilement will be known for centuries
Abhorrent but powerful no one dared to defy him
And so more sacrifices were made to his Imperial Majesty 
Darkness engulfed ancient Rome, as madness commanded more
And a drunken and sacrilegious orgy took place in the temple of the Gods
A malicious act of defilement against the old pagan ways
And with blood, suffering and death the Romans paid

Ruling Ancient Rome with an iron divinity
Reigning on bloodshed, death and cruelty
Barbarism unleashed without mercy
Exordium Mors
Persecution given to those who don’t give votive offerings
Sacrifices must be made with full acrimony
Paganism given in extreme quantities 
Exordium Mors (x2)

Exordium Mors (x4)
4. Black Metal (Venom cover) 03:29
 *Lyrics slightly different than traditional Venom*

Black is the night metal we fight 
Power amps set to explode 
Energy screams magic and dreams 
Satan records their first note. 
We chime the bell chaos in hell 
Metal for maniacs pure. 
Fast melting steel fortune on wheels 
Brain haemorrhage is the cure

Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll 

Thrashing so wild nobody's mild 
Giving it all that you've got. 
Wild is so right metal tonight 
Faster than over the top
Open the core enter hells door 
Black is the code for tonight 
Atomic force feel no remorse 
Crank up the amps now it's night 

lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll 
metal ten fold through the deadly black hole 
riding hells stallions bareback and free 
taking our chances with raw energy 

Come ride the night with us 
Rock hard and fight 
United my legions we stand 
Trash hard and wild for us 
Give up your souls 
Live by Satan's left hand 


Against the odds black metal gods 
Fight to achieve our goal 
Casting a spell leather and hell 
Black metal gods rock `n' roll 
Building up steam nuclear screams 
Warheads are ready to fight 
Black leather hounds faster than sound 
Metal our purpose in life

Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n' roll 

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