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1 Masteriis born in 2009 as a duo that remains today Morfahnus made ​​by you and both have been part of other bands, including agreeing on other members, why they decided to form Masteriis? For choosing this name Masteriis and offers regarding what other bands play? 
Ramnsvarturh: Hello, first of all, thanks a lot for this interview, we really appreciate that. Yes, Masteriis was born late of 2009 as a duo, consist of me and Morfahnus. Me and Morfahnus have played together in several bands since in the mid of the 90`s. We played togheter in Forlorn In Silence and Nebular Mystic. Morfahnus still play in Nebular Mystic today. We started Masteriis in 2009, cause it had been many years since we had played together, and we have always like the same style of music, so we wanted to make new material.

2 Masteriis has released a demo in 2010 and the EP "Dodsdom" in 2011, how is your way of composing and creating threads? 
Ramnsvarturh: Yes, we released our first two track demo in 2010. The first demo CD is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. We still have some copies left, if someone are interested in it. You can hear the track “Dødsdom” on youtube here: The debut MCD was released by Ewiges Eis Records. This MCD is hand-numbered to 500 copies. You can listen to the clips on youtube here: Morfahnus usually make all the guitar riffs, and I write the lyrics. The drums we do together. 

3 The sound of the Norwegian black Masteriis recalls the years 90¿cuáles are your main musical influences and how they appreciate in your music? 
Ramnsvarturh: Our main influences are from the 90`s. I think some of the best Black Metal albums was released in the 90`s.For inspiration, and some important Norwegian Black Metal bands: Immortal, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Ulver, Emperor, Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas) Dimmu Borgir(Old) And many others. 

4.What are the lyrics to the songs Masterris considered important and why write about it? 
Ramnsvarturh: The lyrics have always been important for me. Sometimes I Use very long time to write a song, other times I can use very short time. The lyrics from the MCD, deals with Norwegian Mythology and personal sorrows. If you take the song “Into Infiniti Darkness” the lyrics only deals with my personal sorrows. 

5 For mastering the Ep have had the Ex Dimmu Borgir Stian Aarstad how the possibility of having it emerged? Satisfied with the work done? 
Ramnsvarturh: We recorded and mixed everything with Stian Aarstad. For mastering we used a place in Oslo called Oslo Mastering, also many other Metal/Black Metal bands have done the mastering process there. Stian Aarstad has done a really great job for us, so we are very satisfied with all of his work. 

6 For the graphics Kogian Art, what do you want to convey with the album art and how it relates to music? 
Ramnsvarturh:Kogian Art did a great job with the cover art. I really hope we can use him in the future also. Since the MCD is called “Dødsdom”( Death Sentence) I think the cover fits both the lyrics and music very well.

7 Is there the possibility of a concert someday Masteriis? 
Ramnsvarturh: At the moment, we are only two members. But it would of course be interesting to play live with Masteriis in the future. We played gigs with Nebular Mystic, and that was really great. I`m a person that likes studio work best, but as I said live shows are great to. 

8. more than three years ago not editáis nothing new, soon will we see a split or edited album? 
Ramnsvarturh: Since the MCD, we have released 2 new songs, called “På Hedensk Jord” and “Pain In Silence” We have use both of the tracks for the Slowly We Rot Magazine(Compilation CD).

9 How did you get started in music? Is it easier to have a band of black in a country like yours? 
Ramnsvarturh: I think in the early days it was more easy. Especially if you played Black Metal. Now that Black Metal has been so big, I don’t think it is so “important” where you come from any longer. I remember I started to dream about making a band in a very you age, almost when I bought my first metal tapes. 

10 How does the possibility of working with the seal Ewiges Eis Records come about? Satisfied with the work done by the seal? Will you still linked in the future to Ewiges Eis Records? 
Ramnsvarturh: The contract, cooperation with Ewiges Eis has been very good. We are very happy with all the work and promotion they have done for us. We hope to release our future releases on Ewiges Eis.

11 Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Masteriis, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking.
Ramnsvarturh: A big thanks to you also! We still still have Masteriis MCD and T-Shirts for sale. The T-Shirts are limited to 40ex, so act fast. Me and Morfahnus have released a compilation CD called “Mørketid” The CD contains 12 different bands. The two new Masteriis songs are also included. For more info, please contact me
Trades are welcome, but please write first.

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