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1) Deadly Carnage began in 2005 with you and Marco as original members, why they decided to form the band and why they chose the name Deadly Carnage? 
The main reason for which we founded a band is the reason that drives almost all musicians; passion for music and the desire to make something that represents us. The name Deadly Carnage is unusual for our genre, but in the past our musical style was very different. The name was chosen by Nicholas, our lead guitarist. He was inspired by a chapter of a famous Italian novel, which describes the wave of plague that scourged Milano in 1600.

2) Soon began releasing music but maybe your 2008 album "Decadenza" really is the first to call the attention of the public and the media, how was the writing and recording of this album? 
Before "Decadenza" we have released a demo and an EP, but you're right, our 2008 album is the first that has attracted the attention of the public. The ideas were clear in our minds. The composition of the songs for "Decadenza" has been very short, in little more than a year we were ready to go into the studio, we did not stop long to think. We have recorded at Fear Studio with very professional technicians, but to be honest the sound of the album was very different from what we had in mind. Anyway this album has attracted a lot of attention on us.

3) Three years later came the release of "Sentiero II - Ceneri" a somewhat controversial album maybe, what can you tell us recording and sound of this album? 
"Sentiero II" was an album composed and recorded in a very particular period, our guitarist Nicholas had left the band, we had some problems with line-up for a long period of time, until Dave and Alexios have filled the empty, with them we have found new ideas, musical influences were many and varied, we were looking for a new sound…so  "Sentiero II" was a transition album. Even the recordings were carried out in a strange way, we recorded in two different periods, with different ideas of sound. For this reason, "Sentiero II" is an album that sounds strange, but for us it was a fundamental element in our evolution.

4) And now, "Manthe" a more mature and has been well received album, how was the process of writing and recording this album? How is your way to work on your music composition, all contribute ideas or orders continue to be a leader? 
Without a doubt, "Manthe" is our most mature album and we are totally satisfied. When we started writing the songs all had the same idea, all traveling in the same direction, "Manthe" is an album that seems very rational, but for us it was a natural and fluid composition. In the recording studio the work was long and meticulous, we opted for a real and personal sound. We did not use triggers, we did not use samples: all you hear is real. It was not easy to work this way, but for us this recording has become crucial. Now, as in the past, each member of the Deadly Carnage contributes his ideas during the composition, there is no leader from this point of view, many of our songs are born from a jam session.

5) You have always said that do not follow fashions or styles but how Deadly Carnage sound has evolved over the years? 
Deadly Carnage have evolved hand in hand with our personal growth, we are not the same people as 7 or 8 years ago, and the same goes for our music. We want to break new ground, we want to try new experiences, the evolution of Deadly Carnage is guided by this spirit. We know where we are now, but do not know where we come, for sure we will not stop.

6) What are your main musical influences as reflected in the music of Deadly Carnage? 
Our personal musical influences are very different, but not all become part of Deadly Carnage. Probably our most important musical influences in the composition are those deriving from the classic Doom, Post-Rock and Post-Metal, but also, Neo-Folk, Progressive and psychedelic music. We do not have a single direction, but our influences are multiple.

7) Existentialism is the underlying theme in your lyrics, does this have something to do with the philosophical movement of the mid-nineteenth and why you consider these important issues? 
We mean existentialism as a deep look in the inner feelings and thoughts of men. I can remember Schopenhauer, but we don't pretend to teach someone how to think about his own life. I write about my inner feelings, and sometimes I take a look around, in this plain of existence, the horrors of this life, the abominations in our society and I just shout... hoping that someone's listening.

8) How has the public responded concert presentation of "Manthe?" How important it is for Deadly Carnage power a concert? 
At the beginning of our career the concerts were a secondary activity, but now for us is becoming more important. "Manthe" is an album made especially to be played on stage, this thing was not very important in the past. The public is reacting very well during our concerts, for we have great satisfaction, we have worked hard to get this!

9) What feelings pretend you convey the listener with music and how you describe the band's sound to someone who you have not heard yet? 
The feelings and sensations are subjective, every listener is different, each listener has his own mind. Personally, "Manthe" makes me see into the mind abstract images, pictures made of shadows and lights, nothing definite, abstract figures and distorted. I see "Manthe" like a long tunnel, dark and claustrophobic, where sometimes also enters the light.

10) How did you get started in music, cds you bought first, first concerts, etc ... Why did you decide to become a musician and formed a band? Still keeping the same enthusiasm as when you started? 
I started to get interested in music when I was 13 or 14 years old, I do not know why, maybe I felt like a stranger in the world, I wanted to find my place. From that moment when I picked up a bass little time has passed. My brother was a musician and my father too, for me it was a natural thing. My brother made ​​me listen to the music, but the first album I bought with my own money was "Everything Invaded" of Moonspell more than 10 years ago. Is difficult to have the same enthusiasm as 10 years ago, but every time I go into the rehearsal room for me is a challenge and an opportunity to try new sounds. This is a big motivation.

11) I see that you have been part of other bands to a greater or lesser extent, is there a stable extreme metal scene in the area where you live? 
Where I live there are many good bands, there are musical ideas very interesting and valid reality that can compete with the biggest names in the world scene, but despite this, I do not think that there is a real music scene that can be defined as such. There are people who are committed to create a scene very united and active, but this happens on rare occasions, unfortunately.

12) Who designed the cover of Manthe? How music relates to the visual concept of the album? 
The cover of Manthe was created by Luana, a painter, in collaboration with Alexios (guitar) who is also the creator of the concept of vision. He is a graphic designer, his talent is very important for the band. The visual aspect is crucial for us. The images on the artwork are abstract and concrete, their meaning depends on the beholder, just like a “Rorschach’s test”. This was our main idea.

13) Why they decided to head to the album "Manthe" and what it mean? 
The reason for the choice of title is its meaning, but the meaning of the word "Manthe" is hidden. "Manthe" is a mystery word with a precise meaning, but we do not want to reveal it. We hope that some of our listeners are able to discover the mystery and understands the meaning of this word.

14) How does the ability to edit the album via Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum emerged? Satisfied with the work done by the seal? 
We have signed up for ATMF in 2010, before releasing "Sentiero II", we are very pleased with the work that the label is making to our music. ATMF produces very good bands that we admire, is a label that stands for quality and avant-garde sound. It is a very good presentation for us.

15) What are your future plans for Deadly Carnage of upcoming launches, concerts, etc ..? 
Now we are continuing to make concerts to promote "Manthe," but at the same time we are also composing new material, we already have something done but we do not know if this material will be recorded for our next album. Soon will be 10 years anniversary of the foundation of the band and we have a project to commemorate this event. For now I will not reveal too much information, I prefer to keep a bit of mystery.

16) Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Deadly Carnage, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking
Thank you so much for this opportunity, it was nice to be able to answer these questions and present our music. I hope that some of your readers will be able to decipher the mystery that hides behind the word "Manthe".

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