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1. You formed Tiil Sum in 2011, what inspired you to do it? Was it clear from the very beginning that it would be a one-man band?
The main reason behind Tiil Sum was to find an artistic outlet, a medium to express my emotions and feelings. That was pretty much it, actually. At first I wanted it to be a regular band, but because I couldn’t find the right people I decided to record alone.

2. The name “Tiil Sum” means “last breath” and refers to the Black Speech in Tolkien’s universe. Are you a fan of Tolkien? How did you decide on that name?
I chose the name when I accidentally stumbled across a Black Speech dictionary. Originally, I wanted the name to be in English, but then I realized it sounds more intriguing and mysterious when translated to Black Speech.

3. Can you tell us more about the process of writing and recording for “In Articulo Mortis”? What major differences are there compared to “Nihil”? 
Creating “In Articulo Mortis” took quite a long time, but I wasn’t in a hurry. I picked up my guitar from time to time and tried to compose the parts, though the overall concept was already set in stone. I recorded a demo some time earlier, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I saved the better parts to re-record them for the final release and then discarded the rest. The actual recording of tracks took place between late winter and spring of 2012. By the end of June, the whole instrumental side was ready. I was only lacking vocals, and finding the right person to help me with them turned out to be time consuming. I passed the tracks to Legion around December and he agreed to record the vocals. About half through January the album was all ready for release, which didn’t happen until June 2013. The differences between “In Articulo Mortis” and “Nihil” pretty much boil down to the first being more mature, as well as of higher sound quality. You can hear my voice on “Nihil”, though, so that’s another difference. The tracks for this demo were composed in 2009, a long time before the actual recording, so it didn’t really change much.

4. Do you find it difficult having to deal with all the musical aspect of Tiil Sum? What role does Legion play as a member of Tiil Sum?
The most difficult part for me is composing the drum tracks, as I had completely no experience with this instrument. Other than that, I think it’s even better that I do it alone, because I can express myself the way I want it, 100%. Legion was involved in vocals only, where I gave him a free hand and I’m fully satisfied with the result. Our cooperation came to life really spontaneously and we didn’t plan on him becoming a full-fledged member of Tiil Sum. He’s more of a session singer for the album, although I have high hopes that he’ll continue to participate in my projects.

5. “In Articulo Mortis” has misanthropic and depressive atmosphere. What bands influenced you? What did you try to tell the listener with your music?
I was greatly inspired by bands like Furia, Drudkh and, of course, Burzum. What I tried to tell the listener? I think the flyer couldn’t say it better: “The feeling of ubiquitous death, fading, losing oneself in the murky depths of decadency”. Although I’m still aware that the listeners themselves know best what feelings these sounds inspire in them. 

6. The vocals are excellent as well, with lyrics referring to nature, if I’m not mistaken. What was their origin?
All the lyrics are by poets of Polish decadent movement: Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Stanisław Korab-Brzozowski, Kazimierz Ratoń or Jan Kasprowicz. You’re right, they’re referring to nature and its dark side, to decadence and death.

7. What are the five albums that you think were fundamental in black metal, and why?
There’s no need to repeat the same list over and over again. Everyone knows the fundamental albums of black metal.

8. Polish extreme scene has always been interesting. What important elements do you think caused so many quality bands to emerge in Poland?
We, Poles, always had a lot of venom and hatred in us, rooted in years of history. What more do you need to black metal?

9. What were your beginnings in music and why did you decide to become a musician?
As soon as I started exploring the world of extreme metal, I got the insatiable urge to pick up a guitar. I wanted to let out my emotions in some way, to create. That was the reason why I picked my artist name – Demiurg.
10. The cover of “In Articulo Mortis” goes hand in hand with the lyrics of the album. Who designed the cover?
Both the cover and the booklet contain my private photos taken near the place where I live. I was looking for the right graphic design for quite some time when I finally decided that the simplicity and severity of the forest will perfectly reflect the contents of the album.

11. “In Articulo Mortis” was published by Dark Omens Production, which is a newly created Polish label. What convinced you to go with it?
Actually, it was released in cooperation between the already known Eastside Records and said Dark Omen Productions. DOP was created by Legion, the man behind the vocals. He was planning on starting his own label for quite some time and recording the debut was an opportunity of sorts. Releasing the album with two labels involved allowed the costs to dissipate and made a room for inclusion of a 6-page booklet.

12. Any chances of seeing Tiil Sum live one day? Any plans for future releases?
I don’t think the project is suited for a live performance. Main reason is the lack of musicians, although if an opportunity did arise, I’d probably go for it. As plans for future releases go, I’m working on a 3 track EP, “I nie ma śmierci, I sen jest tylko…” (“And there’s no death, the dream is all there is…”) with poems by Kazimierz Ratoń as lyrics. I’m not ruling out taking part in a split album either.

13. Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Tiil Sum, now is the time. I hope the questions were to your liking.
Thanks a lot for the interview. Drop by on the facebook page:Facebook.

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