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Adabroc is an atmospheric black metal solo project from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, formed in 2010 by Dòmhnall Alasdair MacIlleMhoire.

1. How were the early Adabroc in 2010? Why did you decide to create a band like Adabroc?

I had worked on other projects but I was never very satisfied with the results until I created Adabroc.  I found that the material I was writing was moving towards an atmospheric black metal style so I decided to write and record a song named "Dreamlands", which would become the first ever Adabroc release.  For the first time, I had created a sound that I was truly satisfied with.

2. You are the only member Adabroc, how is the writing process? Do you find it difficult to have to take care of all aspects of music? Are you open to future additions or Adabroc always remain one band member?

I don't have any difficulty taking care of all aspects of the music myself; it allows me freedom to take any direction I please and affords me complete creative control over the finished product.  Adabroc will always remain essentially a solo project; however that is not to say that I would ever rule out guest appearances by other musicians on future releases.  Whether or not anybody else contributes to Adabroc in future, the composition will always remain fully under my control.

3. How was the songwriting process of "Eilean An Fhraoich"? How do you think the sound has evolved Adabroc over the years? How would you describe the sound of the band?

Most of "Eilean An Fhraoich" was composed in a fairly short period of time.  It was in fact originally supposed to contain five tracks - with one additional full song and an instrumental outro track - but I had great difficulty recording the remaining vocal parts and eventually decided to release it in reduced form.

The sound of Adabroc has changed a little over the last few years, but I have never intentionally led it in any new direction.  My method of composition has evolved slightly: I think recent releases are more focused and show a more consistent sound, while the first couple of EPs consisted of a mixture of ideas rather haphazardly thrown together.

4. What bands have inspired you when composing for Adabroc?

It is hard to choose artists that have particularly inspired me, as I draw from a range of influences.  However, it is impossible to deny that some, such as Drudkh (especially early albums) and Burzum (especially "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" era), have had a strong influence on the sound of Adabroc.  Others that I would say inspired me would include Agalloch, Negura Bunget, Alcest etc. but their influence on the sound of Adabroc is less visible.

5. The isle of Lewis is your main source of inspiration for your songs texts. Do you feel much attached to your place of origin? Why did you decide to use Gaelic in the texts?

Although I grew up on the mainland, Lewis is basically my ancestral home and it is where I live now when I am not away at university in England.  "Tùrsa" and "Eilean An Fhraoich" are particularly inspired by the Lewis landscape in winter and summer respectively.  My knowledge of Gaelic is quite limited and I have never written any of my lyrics in Gaelic, but I have used it in several song titles as it is an important part of Lewis heritage.

6. For someone who does not know the isle of Lewis, what places highlight of the island? How do they influence your music?

My music is inspired by the vast expanses of desolate moorland that characterise the landscape of Lewis in general, rather than any individual places in particular.  Of course, there are numerous sites of historical or archaeological importance dotted around the island, such as the famous standing stones at Callanish.

7. Does your area other bands of similar style? Do you find it difficult to be known outside of their home?

I am not aware of any other artists in the Scottish islands who produce music of a style remotely similar to Adabroc.  But I don't think location is particularly important anyway as Adabroc mostly exists online, and therefore my music is accessible to people in all parts of the world.  In fact, it seems to me that the majority of fans of Adabroc live outside the UK.  In any case, I currently spend the majority of my time in Manchester, England, where I study Linguistics at university.

8. His music is offered for free through your page. Is there any label interested in distributing your music or you prefer to have control over the whole process?

So far all of Adabroc's music has been made available for free download.  However, it looks as if there may be a physical release soon.

9. In a review we have defined as the Burzum of Scotland, Are you happy with this comparison?

To be likened to Burzum on a musical level is of course a very flattering comparison.  As I said, some works of Burzum have had a huge influence on my music.  However, I think I would prefer for the comparisons with Varg Vikernes to end there.

10. What can we expect from Adabroc soon about upcoming releases?

There may be a physical release of "Tùrsa" sometime in the relatively near future, but I will release more information about that nearer the time.  As for new material, I have a rough plan for another EP but very little has yet been written and nothing has been recorded.  Its most likely release date would be in the first couple of months of next year.

11. Are you satisfied with response obtained in these three years by fans of the band and the media?

I have been extremely pleased with the response that Adabroc has received, especially following the releases of "Tùrsa" and "Eilean An Fhraoich".  I have received countless positive comments from listeners and consistently good reviews online, so hopefully I will not disappoint with future releases.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Adabroc, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for your interest in my work, and for all those who have listened to Adabroc, thank all for the support!  Slàinte mhòr!

Alba saor.

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