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Slaughter Messiah is born in the Winter of 2008. The Entity was originally formed by two Satan-worshippers: the brothers Rod "Iron Bitch Desecrator" (guitar) and Elliot “Sodomaniak” Spencer (drums, lyrics and vocals) who wanted to play in a black and thrash metal style.
At the dawn of 2011, Slaughter Messiah organizes a jam session with the almighty Lord Sabathan (Horacle, Morbid Death, ex-Enthroned, …) who joined the band as a bassist/vocalist. In June 2012 Slaughter Messiah introduced "Exhumator" (vocals/guitars from Spermafrost) as a second guitar player to complete the band. During its existence, the band recorded a tape called "Deathlike Invasion", an EP "Black Speed Terror", a split with the black thrashers from Evil Shepherd and also appeared on a compilation... They are currently working on another split EP and on their first album.
Slaughter Messiah is gonna make your ears bleed, destroying your minds and reaping your souls!!!
1. Slaughter Messiah , was born in 2008 as a project of Elliot " Sodomaniak " Spencer and Rod "Iron Bitch Desecrator " , then incorporate Sabathan Lord and later still to Thomas " Exhumator " . How were those early days of the band? What brought in the Lord Sabathan and Thomas " Exhumator "?

Sodomaniak: At first, we played thrash metal, but we weren’t “good” musicians as today. It was difficult to find qualitative musicians in our disaster area and we engaged three guys from some local bands, but they were quickly unable to follow us and we “thanked” them after two shows. We made a lot of compromises and it couldn’t continue like this… After that, we started to compose for what would truly become Slaughter Messiah. Sabathan heard about us, and it was like a dream come true… We were searching for a bass guitarist and a singer for the concerts, and you know what happened next! It was quite quick and simple. Exhumator has joined the band one year ago to thicken our sound and so on...

2. How was the recording process and composition of your second demo " Deathlike Invasion" ? How has the sound and how to work with regard to your former demo, 2011?

Sodomaniak: In my opinion, that demo was maybe recorded too quickly. The songs weren’t really finished and we jumped in haste into our cars to record it. I can’t say I like the demo but I don’t wanna go into details. I finally received our EP today and that’s what you must remember about us.

3. How is your way of writing, all of you having no opinion or a leader who imposes his judgment?

Sodomaniak: Iron Bitch Desecrator and myself write and arrange almost everything for our compositions. I wrote a lot of lyrics and sometimes, Sabathan helps me. He rearranges the lyrics at his convenience, ‘cause he’s the main singer as you already know… Despite this, all good ideas are welcome and some killer riffs on our upcoming releases were composed by Sabathan and Exhumator.

4. For better or for worse incorporating the voices of Sabathan Lord , Enthroned exsinger , gives the band a strong personality , do you think Lord Sabathan have been beneficial or detrimental to Slaughter Messiah ?

Sodomaniak: I don’t wanna suck his dick, but Sabathan is one of the most recognizable voices ever in black metal, you can’t deal with it… it gave us a true identity I think! Of course, a lot of people are fans of our band because of his presence into the band, but on the other hand a lot of guys never heard about him before Slaughter Messiah. In my opinion Enthroned was underrated and one of the greatest black metal bands ever, competing with the greatest formations in that style… but his major default was being belgian, and nobody knows about Belgium’s existence sadly. Some people admitted they never liked Enthroned, but they like Slaughter Messiah! I think he’s sometimes bored that people only retain his work in Enthroned, he left the band in 2006 if I remember well, and it would be great that people listen to our music ‘cause that’s nice and not only ‘cause Sabathan is in the band! Anyway, it was beneficial for us obviously. If he wasn’t there for us, we certainly wouldn’t be there to answer at your questions.

5. Slaughter Messiah sound is raw and primitive, what are your main influences? How did the idea of Terrorizer version? With which band will perform a Split?
Sodomaniak: I personally listen to a lot of music in different styles including pop, jazz, prog, hard rock and classical music to name a few… but our influences in Slaughter Messiah are mainly, and I think I talk for the guys, Destroyer 666, Morbid Angel, Venom, Nifelheim, Grotesque, Nihilist and that kind of stuff… For the Terrorizer’s Dead Shall Rise cover, Sabathan brought the idea and we liked it, that’s all! We’ll soon release a four way split with Evil Shepherd, Satanika, Blood Tsunami, and another split will arrive with another promising belgian band called Maleficence.

6. Invasion Deathlike includes two songs whose title in my point of view very assertive sound, Slaughter Messiah 'm talking about the first issue and the second NWOBHM ( Belgian New Wave of Heavy Metal) , could explain a bit the title of these two issues?
Sodomaniak: The song « Slaughter Messiah » will be re-recorded on our album with some modifications. That’s a powerful song which we use to open our concerts. I only composed the song with Iron Bitch Desecrator, not the lyrics (and I don’t know them entirely by heart) but it’s kind of our « Hit the Lights » in its concept. The second one « N.W.O.B.H.M » stands for the belgian metal scene and speaks about it in its lyrics.

7. It seems that in Belgium are emerging a handful of interesting groups of black, what can you tell us the Belgian extreme scene? Are you in contact with other groups?

Sodomaniak: We’re in contact with almost all the bands that deserve our attention, and not only into black metal… For the newcomers, I advise you to listen at Possession, a death/black metal band without compromise, for fans of the good old swedish death metal scene. That band includes members from Dawn of Crucifixion and Jerry Detest, who was the owner of the famous Detest Records label.You’ll hear about these guys in the near future, you can believe me. In brief, true attitude! Another band I discovered some months ago is Bones, they play a death metal that reminds me Darkthrone’s first album « Soulside Journey », really impressive… and with influences as Morbus Chron or the swedish death metal scene in general, they can only do promising things. Maleficence is also a great band, if you like Nifelheim, the old Destruction and the old Kreator, you’ll be conquered! I presently began to play in a band called Sepulchrum (black/death/doom) and if you’re into bands as Teitanblood or Grave Miasma, you’ll probably like it, I hope we’ll talk about it soon, why not… There are too much bands here in Belgium, and I can’t talk about each one sadly…

8. At the sound of Slaughter Messiah brings together many sounds, black, thrash, death, heavy , how would you describe the sound of Slaughter Messiah ? War Satanism and blasphemy; are themes in your lyrics and songs, how you influence and because you treat these issues?

Sodomaniak: I could describe our sound as “black deathrash” even if we sometimes play “different” songs, for example we used to play “Too Old, Too Cold” or “Blitzkrieg Bop” respectively by Darkthrone and The Ramones. We never talked about war in our lyrics, but perhaps one day, I don’t know… but in an intelligent way! We often talk about “satanism” and the lexical field related to this kind of things. Some songs talk about horror movies and/or the Cthulhu mythos, it depends of my inspiration at any given time.

9. How were your beginnings in music, first records you bought you, first concerts? Why did you decide to become musicians dedicate, today you feel as motivated as when you started?

Sodomaniak: I used to listen to my parents’ rock records (AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple for example) but I wasn’t really involved into that music when I was younger… I really began when I was thirteen. I can’t remember, but I think the first album I bought was “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue, or maybe “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden, nothing really original, but I felt so “different” and powerful. And now, thirteen years later (I’m twenty-six), I still cry while listening to Anvil, Riot, Rush, Dissection, Watain or other intense bands… I decided to become a drummer when I began listening to metal, I didn’t had the patience to learn guitar (and I still don’t have it, but I try, haha). But I was poor, my first drum kit was made of metallic biscuit boxes! But before that, I was a singer and my first idols were Glenn Danzig, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford… brief. Today, I feel as motivated as when I started, maybe more… it’s always cool to look back and see what you’ve done of your life, and I hope it will last!

10. What equipment do you use to record and how it differs from that you use at concerts?

Sodomaniak: I use the Sonor brand for the drums and Paiste for the cymbals. Regarding to the pedals, I use Pearl since two or three years and I play on a Joey Jordison (haha) snare drum by Pearl. For the concerts, that’s another story! I often use other drummers material and sometimes, you encounter some surprises… at our last concert, I played on a garden chair, it was “comfortable”.

11. Five fundamental cds in black metal

Sodomaniak: In no particular order: Storm of the Light’s Bane by Dissection, Bathory’s first album, Darkthrone’s A Blaze in the Northern Sky, To Mega Therion by Celtic Frost (my soundtrack for the Apocalypse) and Don’t Break the Oath by Mercyful Fate, but five is not enough, difficult question…

12. How would you describe a concert of Slaughter Messiah? Are you satisfied with the response from the media and fans to the band?

Sodomaniak: I never show it, but I’m satisfied of our faithful audience, they always offer us a great reception. I think they maybe like more our music than myself! We’re also satisfied about the medias.

13. Who designed the cover of " Deathlike Invasion" ? How is the title related to the content of the album?

Sodomaniak: The guy is called Elias Tormentor, I think he’s from Chile… For the title, I don’t know… Sabathan found the idea, we thought it sounded good...

14. Your demos have been self-published and released on tape format, Why did you choose this way to offer your work?

Sodomaniak: I think a tape is a nice format, that’s like a vinyl, it has a special sense, an aura…

15. What awaits your followers in the near future, in terms of upcoming releases , concerts , etc. .. ?

Sodomaniak: We’ll release the split with Evil Shepherd and the other one with Maleficence. We’ll also appear on a compilation with our song « The Lament Configuration » (I’m a huge fan of Hellraiser), this compilation will also feature famous bands as Gospel of the Horns for the example and some great belgian bands. As I already told you, we’re working on our album... if everything goes well, it will be recorded in May 2014. But before that, we’ll release a compilation on CD: « Five years of Terror » including tracks from our demo, our EP, our splits, some live tracks, and unreleased songs.

16. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Slaughter Messiah , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.

Sodomaniak: To end this interview, I’ll quote the master Lovecraft (who was probably drunk at this time): Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn… Your questions were really interessant, thank you. Wishing you all the best, see ya!

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