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1.The truth is that there is not much information on the early Celephaïs, When was the band? Why they decided to create Celephaïs? What musicians are behind this project?
Celephaïs is basically a musical project I run alone. The intention behind this project is to create a music which provides an audial journey which is enthralling by an emotional and melodic depth and intensity as well as to manifest a certain spirituality into it which I think many of us feel connected to.
I guess the whole project started somewhen 2010, when the first recording attempts became more and more focused and started evolving into something with its own dynamic.

2." Tir n'a N’og” is an EP of two tracks that gives continuity to your album, 2011, how has the writing process of this “Tir n'a N'og "? What differences can we find about "Becoming the Deceased "?
It was, to say the least, pretty intense.
After "Becoming The Deceased" I felt a lack of inspiration and ended up recording a lot of ideas which hadn't had the same feeling of intensity to it. In consequence they all got deleted for Celephaïs is not meant as a platform for ideas which I don't feel a certain vibe to.
The idea of making an overlengthy track struck me quite unexptected when I went outside to have an extended walk and sat down by a river, I started to sense a certain kind of transcendence and had this idea of a music flowing along with the river (which then turned out to become the first section of Tir n'a N'og), so I got my MP3-Player and stood in that river for like 15 minutes to make a field-recording. On the same day I started the recording of the song and finished it in about 3 days.
Sounds quite cheesy, doesn't it?
Wisdom then was created shortly after in order to create an acoustic track to serve as an introductory piece to give the vibe and the feel for the title track. Since Tir n'a n'Og has this very dreamy and otherwordly feel to it, Wisdom serves as a transition from the everyday reality and perception into something more illustrious.
In comparison to Becoming The Deceased Tir n'a n'Og has a more focused approach to it. The music is less centered around specific riffs but more on layering and atmosphere. In consequence this means a step away from the orientation on black metal and and evolution more towards an own an unique approach, I guess. I think I am also still in the process of learning what I can transcend the musical approach to.

3."Tir n'a N’og” refers to a place of Irish mythology similar to Valhalla in Norse mythology, could you explain a little why this concept and has been used to give Ep title? How would you describe the sound of Celephaïs?
Yes, "Tir n'a n'Og" is also referred to as "The Land Of Eternal Youth" or simply the "Otherworld".
It was primarily because of the latter that I applied the title to the song since the journey which the song is intended to go also aims for a dimension which is normally beyond human experience. Since the songs are all instrumental and thereby no lyrical concept is present, the songtitles can mostly be seen as an expression of what the song is to evoke. This also doesn't necessarily mean that the title binds it to the Celtic Mythology but can be primarily seen as a parallelism for the idea of a otherworld beyond worldy dimensions. 

4.What bands and styles of music are the main influences for Celephaïs?
I think in the end there is a lot of music which somehow had an impact on the music of Celephaïs.
The obvious styles would certainly be Black Metal, Post- and Doom Metal and also a lot of Post Rock and Ambient.
I think bands like Wolves In The Throne Room, Altar Of Plagues or Skagos are probably the most important ones when it comes to the Black Metal riffing, whereas bands like Burzum or Velvet Cacoon had an impact when it comes to creating atmosphere.
I think the list is apt to get endless here, but to drop some further bands which influenced me:
Neurosis, Empyrium, Sunn O))), Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tenhi, Tool, Natural Snow Buildings and so on and so on.
I think in the end every music you listen to and enjoy somehow alters the way you understand and thereby create music as you are also simply a sum of all your experiences.

5. Celephaïs group name refers to a story by HP Lovecraft, Why did you choose this name and how Lovecraft literature is present in your music? Did you have any legal issues with other bands with the same name?
Just like Tir n'a n'Og, Celephaïs deals with the idea of dimensions beyond our everyday experience, so it was quite fitting to accompany what the music wants to create, plus I also love Lovecraft's literature. But since I don't see Celephaïs being a Lovecraft-themed band like Thergothon or The Great Old Ones singing about how Cthulhu will enslave humanity this is the only Lovecraftian aspect which can be found until now.
Up to now there haven't been any legal issues with any other Celephaïs and I'm pretty glad they renounced from taking any legal measures so far. 

6.How did you get started in music, first cds you bought, the first concerts you attended? Why did you decide to be a musician?
My musical interest started pretty early as far as I can recall, but when it comes to first concerts I can't really tell. If it had been something special I guess I would have remembered.
I don't think there really was a decision to be a musician. The way I understand music and the desire to create it is something I feel deeply rooted and thereby it just feels natural, but also beyond my will I guess. I can't image living without enjoying and creating music. 

7. With which band would you like to do a split?
Interesting question!
In case of doing a split record I would love to join up with someone who I feel has a similar approach to music as I do. I would like this split more to be a piece of art created by the collectiveness of two entities instead of just being to bands throwing together their leftovers.
Names that spontaneously come to my mind would be: Skagos, Echtra, Fauna or Agalloch. And to be a bit less pretentous: Natural Snow Buildings or Helios would surely also turn out to be an interesting collaboration. 

8." Tir n'a N'og " was self-released and is also available through the Pest Productions, how did the collaboration with the seal? Will you continue working with them in the future?
I guess i can consider myself pretty lucky on this one.
After releasing Tir n'a n'Og as a free downloadable release on the Celephaïs-bandcamp page they contacted me via e-mail and stated they were interesting in releasing it as they themselves liked the record pretty much. So it all went on quite uncomplicated and I'm pretty happy with how things went.
Wether I will continue working with them in the future I can't tell at this point, but I'd definitely be happy to do so. Future will show. 

9. Who designed the album cover? What that meant? How does the content of the Ep?
The cover for the digital release has been made by me. Its a photo taken near to where I live. I find this place has something magical to it and fits the atmosphere of the music very well with its feeling of desertedness created by the decrepit benches and the wilderness surrounding it.
The cover for the CD was designed by Deng from Pest Records in order to make the CD-release something more special with an own approach to it. 

10. What can we expect in the near future Celephaïs about upcoming releases, concerts, collaborations, etc.?
Well, I started working on a full-length album which I think will be done somewhen next year. It's going to be something more conceptual and, so far as I can tell from the recent point, will push the boundaries of Celephaïs a step further. 

11. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Celephais, this is the place.
At first I want to thank you for your interest, your support and your thoughtful questions.
And of course I would like to thank anyone for listening to the music of Celephaïs. It means pretty much to me knowing that there are people who enjoy the music I create and maybe who can even get something out of it they feel they can connect to. Thank you very much! 

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