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Origen: E.E.U.U., Lowell
Formados: 2006
Estilo: Black, progresivo
Temática: Misantropía y muerte
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook.
  • Dave Kaminsky Guitarra
  • Nick Clark Guitarra
  • Patrick Dupras Voces
  • Richard Dixon  Batería
  • Shalin Shah Bajo

  • Chapters 1-4 EP 2008
  • The Black Hours Split 2011   
  • IHF Lost Tracks EP 2012   
  • Earthen Urn CD 2013
  • Northeastern Hymns Split 2015
  • Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I CD 2016
  • III CD 2019
No han perdido el tiempo Nick Clark y su hueste para definir las credenciales de In Human Form y presentarse ya de manera totalmente formal con su primer larga duración bajo el brazo. Lejos queda la época de Chapter 1-4, su primer Ep, que nos mostraba una ligera idea del potencial de la banda, que se ha ido puliendo en estos años para ya por fin, ofrecernos un trabajo de black con numerosa influencias que se van descubriendo en la intensidad de cada tema y que podemos disfrutar, ahora si, gracias a la mayor duración de los mismos lo cual permite más espacio para las mismas. El sonido es bastante agresivo, sobre todo en el aspecto vocal, con unas voces muy rasgadas, por momentos pueden recordar a pasajes próximos al hardcore, mientras que el aspecto meramente musical está presente su faceta black, pero mezclada con una buena dosis de progresivo, bastante presente en los desarrollos de guitarra, pero también beben de influencias del post-metal, así como unos buenos arreglos en las partes más lentas nos ofrecen un trabajo muy cuidado y de aspecto profesional. Todo oyente disfrutará de las composiciones que contiene en este trabajo ya que hay un número importante de influencias y estilo que guardan como nexo común el black y se desplaza de un lugar a otro pasando por terrenos del doom, thrash, heavy, progresivo, etc..., consiguiendo un resultado bastante bueno. Como aspectos no tan convincente, estaría el vocal, ya que parece un tanto alejado del resto del aspecto musical, por el contrario la batería es un punto a su favor, sobre todo en las partes más lentas. (7,9).
1. Cognitive Reconaissance 14:08
The truth I seek is not within me. Yet what I seek is within the light… And in that light, there is an echo, a hollow echo, vibrating surroundings…In what capacity is existence necessary? Is this complexity a human necessity? No other is thought of despair. That it exists is enough to build walls, dig graves, silence as golden as their lies. Confused our tongues, hidden our origins, and buried us in a sea of contempt, for our selves and for the earth. To end the cycle you end the circle. Open the door, open your eyes…Fear enters your veins…A cold caress sweeps through your spine, reverberations. Once again it is made known, this reality…To gather rationale once more…Neither the sun nor the moon, holds sway…ILLUMINATION IS KEY! But at what cost? Is it obsolete to gather information (in formation) Doubt your inner sense (innocence) Doubt your deepest intrigue…Through the slits in the floor, where I once stared through, now through my final existence, I am able to enter…The burden of breath behind me…The consequence long forgotten, In a portal between time, and absence of time. In a place between death and reality…A shadow amongst shadows in a wilderness of mirrors. Pieced together. Making fragments whole once more…And finally I perceived. A retraction of a hundred tongues, I spoke, now take back one thousand proclamations…All doors are open, no doors are locked, I am free to roam about these halls, unabated.  
2. Abdication of an Insidious Existence (MMXII) 07:26
  The power of mind domination is alchemy for wisdom’s chains. We’ll move under the cover of transparency for we are shunned by the altar. We are the sacrifice unfit for gods; we are the void where no one treads. Our blood is that of impurity, our spirits are damned. Though our movements seem ethereal, we are flesh and bones, though our thoughts seem real, we are not of this time…We are abreacting the poems of a ruined existence. We are the link between ghost and grave. We are the remnants of your solitude and grave, through our words we summon the carrion crows…It’s useless to sleep when your dreams are quiescent. This forever you speak of is taking our strength. This endeavor of living is taking our will…When all that’s realized comes crashing down to earth. We’ll see it as conjecture not a sign of a rebirth. When the pillars that have held us for so long come undone. We’ll dance in moonlit bloodbaths for alas the war is won…I dream of a time when all is capsulated in bliss. A time when the mankind we know no longer exists. I feel the awaiting flames, as they flicker and wane, the path towards illumination becomes its own bane…It’s useless to feel when pain and love are not present. This hatred for our selves is crushing the will.
3. Prisms of Now 05:53  instrumental
4. Sad Presentiments of What Must Come to Pass 13:21
Let the ghosts have the first word…For their bones…Lie restless…Erasing years worth of words…That at a time clanged with a chime…That bestowed a meaningful truth…But has since turned pretentious and stagnant…Now I welcome new perspectives to the point of almost yearning…I house within me…Completion…As I manufacture self-destruction…I have been deprived of nirvana…Deeper issues await you…Once, you’ve turned, ghost…All sympathy drained. Losing blood, no hope, to replenish…All of this ends, abruptly…This is not a home. It’s a coffin…Illusions be torn from the walls I’ve constructed…For all I’ve pursued…Hands. Finally, in the position of control…Let the ghosts have the final word…For they don’t rest in peace…Invigorated by the numbness I felt by the conclusion.  
5. The Entity in Identity 12:03
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. So your denial will not make it disappear. This antiquated notion that all the codes of ethics have been replaced. To be the equal is to surrender those liberties…Even the gain will end as a loss. Nor will it dignify a rite of passage. Ignore the paths they laid before us. They lead through impurity…We present our selves as mere relics of nature. Contained in our human cells all awhile we’re suffering…Another canvas sits bare. Awaiting its masterpiece. Desperation within the corruption. Further whitewashing its portrait…A spirit experiencing humanity…Not a human, experiencing, spirituality…I, thee eyes, thee I. Enveloped with mind. Unlocking the gates of illumination. The last one to die, turn out the lights, all remnants of time now buried…And what was learned shall be erased. The eagerest of thoughts will haunt you, you must let them rest you and then you will be healed…Dwelling on the past and how everything went wrong. Then retaining all that’s been destroyed. The machines that dot our landscapes, will soon replace our time… (Soon what we fear will be our only unknown)…I see existence as it rises. Oh, from the flames the phoenix left…And soon we’ll discover the abysmal womb of our climax. An ending unfit for words and a sight unfit for eyes…All the concepts we’ll finally grasp, reveal them selves before us…The greatest strength within: Individual.  
6. Fragmented Reflections Shimmer in the Shards of Shattered Mirrors 15:28
Set free from the prison of not knowing. Animal, manipulated. DNA, evolving. Human becoming. With the sin of knowledge, the will of truth…Is this the I, who reasons with parasites? The I, who looks at life with human objectivity, is this I ambiguous? Or forthright with explanations…I pride myself upon, making puzzles out of perfect pictures…Turning togetherness into a solemn retreat into isolation…So here are fragmented reflections, shimmering in the shards of shattered mirrors. Each one a glimpse into our sub consciousness. The end of light within us. The end of life between us…The weakening of the flame within. My years drown in the decades. My tears drown the memories. Gain insight, then foreknowledge…See the areas of inner self absorb. Into plateaus of outer worth. Scream until throat runs crimson, become the ruin of silence…Burn before their days forgive, bleed before their cups be filled, die before the dawn be met, remember but in time forget…And at this moment in time… Sever your own wings… Approach the door… Unlock the door… Lights go black, pitch black. Open the door; enter the door…open eyes wide, open your eyes…See.   

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