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1. How were the beginnings of the band? What led you to create a band like Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult? Over the years there were some lineup changes, how affected the structure and sound of the band? Were these changes absolutely necessary for the continuity of the band?

DNS: The history of D. N. Slaughtercult dates back to 1997. Onielar and I, Velnias, have been part of the Cult since the very first days. Our first drummer Ariovist left us after releasing the first chapter entitled The Pest Called Humanity. He has been replaced by Horrn who has been drumming for the band for the last twelve years. There were merely two full time bass players namely Emporonorr, who has recorded Nocturnal March as well as Hora Nocturna with us and Adversarius who has been on our side for a few years by now. The current album Nercovision is also the first album featuring him on bass. Every now and then for instance on the albums Follow the Calls for Battle and Saldorian Spell Grigorr has supported us as a session member on bass guitar. Both Ariovist and Emporonorr decided for themselves to leave the band, so obviously these changes were absolutely necessary. Of course each musician has his or her own style of writing music, but as long as the main people stay within a band everything will be fine.

2. How was the recording process Necrovision? How is your way to work when composing and contribute ideas? Can we find differences from Saldorian Spell your previous work?

DNS: Slaughtercult has never been a solo project or in general a single person ego trip. Each member is allowed to bring in ideas. Usually we are discarding a lot of ideas, simply because the entire band has to approve of it. Each band member should be able to completely identify him- or herself with new material. Halfheartedness will lead to a split up sooner or later. As the band has been active for over 15 years we’ve also gone through different technology stages. In the early days we’ve worked on new material by playing new ideas to the rest of the band in the rehearsal room. So all you could hear was a single guitar riff or perhaps a four track recording with two guitars. Nowadays we’re still using the same four track equipment to do our pre-studio recordings, but new compositions are created in a more modern way. It has become much easier for a musician to work out entire band arrangements with all instruments, so why not take advantage of it? This way the band can hear the entire song and already get a better idea of what it could be like with a real studio sound. The studio recording process has more or less stayed the same through all the years. We’ve been working with the same producer since the very first release. Armin Rave has recorded all of our releases. Of course the recording techniques and equipment were improved from album to album, but basically we’re still following the same recording patterns.

3. Your lyrics revolve around satanism, occultism, darkness, death, evil. What can you tell us of Satanism and the occult for example, that inspire you when composing?

DNS: Your perception of the lyrical content is not entirely correct. We are praising the individual and thus follow the individual path of spiritual enlightenment. Thus, a general term as “Occult” would be more than enough to label our lyrical content. All it implies is that the lyrics deal with an arcanum - something not directly obvious. Of course “Satanism, darkness, death and evil” as you say are part of us as individuals, but by acknowledging these aspects of our live we must balance them with opposing forces. Each individual should walk the heavens and the hells in order to become a complete man. Therefore you will also find thoughts of light in the sense of primeval religion within our written words. For example, terms such as “life” and “death” are closely related. One doesn’t simply mean “the beginning” and the other “the end”. Life equals death, as death marks the end of one condition it also means the beginning of a different condition. Even though we’re painting our musical canvas with black and crimson colors there is the need to add brighter nuances to it. How can we perceive “darkness” without an understanding of “light”. “Good” and “evil” is in the eye of the beholder. Inspiration is expressed in the here and now. Inspiration can’t and should not be forced. It will manifest itself whenever it feels the need to do so. Most often it is silently impregnated. The unborn thought emanates from nothingness – where nothingness merely means a condition that our limited human understanding can’t grasp. An unborn thought is nourished by a pure will and thus slowly steps through different stages. Once it has received  a “heart and soul and body” it will manifest itself as an inspiration. In our case this inspiration is expressed in music. It may as well be channeled in a multitude of other ways.

4. What type of instruments used in the recording sessions and which at concerts?

DNS: We’re using the same instruments for recordings and concerts. Merely the amps and effects are different. For instance, an all high end tube sound was not the right thing for Necrovision. Thus we used “old school” stompboxes and older worn out amps for that album. Guitar wise we’re using solely ES Guitars for all purposes.

5. Who has dealt with the design of the cover in this latest album? His latest cover differs somewhat from the more traditional, but apparently has some symbolism, could you tell us a little more about this aspect?

DNS: Our inspiration of the album cover is based on a hexagram created by a renown occultist. As Necrovision is also dealing with different cosmos it seemed more than suitable to transpose the former artwork into a direction that is more suitable for our work. Thus we delegated the basic concept as well as a vivid description of our own vision to a very capable artist operating under the name of Thorny Thoughts Artwork.  She did an excellent job of bringing our vision down to paper. The cover doesn’t just include some symbolism, it includes a whole lot of it! We’ve always taken great care of not just including a piece of art for the sake of having it. In general we pay close attention to every single detail. Symbolism can be used for secrecy or to depict a very personal aspect in more general “language”. Either way in order to understand the meaning of obscured “words” it is necessary to take the greater apart into the lesser. This simply means that we must take all aspects and resolve them one by one. For instance there are two chalices. What does the chalice stand for? What is its Occult meaning? What is the meaning of “two” in numerology? The chalices and the grimace are aligned as an apex down triangle. What does a triangle symbolize? What is the correlation between the two (the Chalices), the three (Triangle) and perhaps the one (Grimace)? It is a rewarding sisyphean challenge which unfolds primarily for the persistent. 

6. What prompted them initially wants to be musicians and later dedicated to black metal? Onielar, has been particularly difficult for you to break into a scene so masculine?

DNS: This question is phrased a bit incomprehensible. Assuming that you’re asking why we’ve decided to form D. N. Slaughtercult the answer is simple. Our individual characters were already molded by personal experiences. Compared to the ordinary human rank and file a molded character is not degenerating in somnolence. A molded character comes into being. It awakens and begins to thrive in its own unique way. Thus, music was not more than an appropriate path for “the interior” to express itself. Such an awakened self will find one way or another to channel its energies. If it weren’t music it would have been something different.

7. What does it mean for you the black metal? How do you transmit this meaning through your music? How do you see the black scene today compared to when you started?

DNS: We’re simply being ourselves. If that’s what is accepted as “Black Metal” fine, if not, oh well so what. The important thing is that as an individual there is no need to explain or to justify yourself. It only matters that each individual is utmost loyal to him or herself. By following this simple rule it is guaranteed to live up to the true and honest will. By living this sincerity and honesty for ourselves a strong authentic feeling is delivered by the music. That’s most likely a fact that many followers of the band appreciate.

8. Which groups is your source of inspiration? 'Five cds that you consider essential in the black?

DNS: Some years ago that would have been an easy question. However, our musical interest is not just focusing on black metal. Of course metal in general but also ambience, neo folk, etc. All this means is that the old albums of Immortal, Satyricon, Enslaved, Emperor, Ancient, Ulver and so on are still considered essential to us – but certainly not a strong source of inspiration anymore.

9. After more than ten years of career, I guess you'll have enough concerts behind you, how is a Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult concert? Is there a special connection to the public at some point? What you consider to be the best concert or festival in which you were able to participate?

DNS: In all these years D. N. Slaughtercult was able to gain experience on stages in fifteen or sixteen different countries. As we’re considering every live performance a unique and important event we are emphasizing quality and not quantity. We have played in small venues as well as at major open air festivals. It is simply not possible to say which concert or festival was the best one. For instance performing at an open air festival with ten thousand people in the audience is overwhelming but a show with a hundred dedicated fans in New York is equally remarkable. Every concert contains a spark of “magic” so to say. We regard our concerts as a ritual. Which means it is a form of energy exchange. Thus there is always the offer to connect with us for those willing to accept that music can appeal to more than just the auditory sense. Of course this spiritual stimulus threshold is more likely to be surpassed at smaller venues as such places are densest in regards of channeling energies and the lack of focal spreading.

10. From Spell Saldorian editing, desktop publishing and now you abandoned you publish through War Anthem Records, how did this collaboration? Are you satisfied with the work done by the seal? Will you continue in the future related to the stamp?

DNS: At the end of the nineties Onielar and I financed our very first release The Pest Called Humanity all on our own. From there on the band was capable of taking care of its own due to record and merchandise sales. Thus the second chapter Follow the Calls for Battle was once more self-released and financed. Although there were record deal offers we decided to stay independent and published the third chapter Nocturnal March on our own. As there was more and more work to be done for the band and less and less time for personal interests something had to be changed. Thus, we signed a distribution deal for Nocturnal March and the next album Hora Nocturna. But even with this help we soon reached a point where the next step had to be taken in order to obtain some spare time for ourselves. Managing a band all on your own while working full time in a daily job is not really possible. Thus, Saldorian Spell and Necrovision have been released by a label of our choice – namely War Anthem Records. At the moment there is nothing to complain about. 

11. What are your plans now for the band in terms of concert, upcoming releases, etc..

DNS: We’re not making any real plans. As usual we are taking one step at a time. We’re working on new material without any pressure due to deadlines.

12. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

DNS: Please note that due to modern times there are many fraudulent morons around. Whoever wants to get in touch with us or seek information on the band do so only via our official website at We’re not part of any social online communities. Any profiles or contacts not belonging to our official domain are fake. A massive fuck you to those imbeciles showing no respect for the work and privacy of others. You’re truly groveling underneath the throne. 

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