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Origen: Finlandia, Kuopio
Formados: 2007
Estilo: Black, death
Temática: Demonio, infierno y muerte
Enlaces: Facebooklantern y reverbnation
  • Cruciatus Guitarras, bajo, batería
  • J. Poussu Batería
  • Necrophilos Voces
  • St. Belial Guitarra

  • Virgin Taste of Damnation Demo 2008
  • Doom-scrawls Demo 2010   
  • Subterranean Effulgence EP 2011
  • Below CD 2013
  • Rehearsal '14 Demo 2016
  • II: Morphosis CD 2017
  • Lost Paragraphs EP 2019
  • Dimensions CD 2020
BELOW (2013)
Desprendiéndose poco a poco del envoltorio a death metal sueco de la vieja escuela que estaba mucho más presente en sus inicios, se nos presenta este "Below", el primer larga duración de Lantern. En el sonido del grupo sigue habiendo cabida para reminiscencias a sus orígenes como pueden ser algunos riffs de guitarra o las voces que en determinados momentos nadan entre dos aguas y siguen manteniendo cierta esencia death. Destacar el buen trabajo que hay detrás de las guitarras en donde están muy bien marcados los tempos entre las partes más rápidas, también acompañados correctamente detrás de los parches, y las más lentas en donde se contemporiza el tiempo y nos arrastra hacia momentos más agrestes y oscuros. Otro papel clave en el sonido del grupo es la producción un tanto sucia que los acerca al espíritu old school. (7,7)
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1. Rites of Descent 05:46
  "From the vaults and through the rites 
To descend into the light"

A procession drags forth with the strength of six
Escorting a coffin down to its abyss
By evenfall, the sound that silence yields
An autumnal necrology faintly whispered by funereal draughts

Blessings, priests and prayers
Nothing more than just pleasantries for living
Beyond death we thrust, onwards...

...To the only lord, the pantheon face
Whose lust and grace only dead may portray

Rise... from the vestibules of nothingness
Rise... past where mortal eyes see only death
For when the blood and body sleep...
Dawns the hour of the true awakening
When the astral urge defeats the oaken embrace of the coffin

"From the vaults and through the rites 
To descend into the light of which is unborn
Yet which shall be born again"

Rise to descend...
Through absence of time and space
Where darkness prevails - world without end

Rise to descend from the dominance of kings
The lies of your heart and the power of your limbs
Rites of descent... Rise, rise...

As your blood dreams
Oh, the luminance revealed by the blackest deep

"All I own, all my soul
To the only lord; my path winds below"
2. Revenant 05:34
 "A question unto thee: what suffering made you linger?"
You show me Italy in late sixties, winter's time
Catholic belief still struck so deep in your fingers
The priests flogged and conveyed against their thighs, moaning...

Should you attempt to shun and avoid the light, sadism stormed in
Abused, and dry you bled, your dreams in death stayed spawning
Wrath upon the Lord: the son and ghost your lust sees bleed

"Befoul the sabbath of light!"

Force them brightness the way you were forced
Force them the visions you suffered in death; the timelessness since
Expel their god out from your flesh for demons to witness how 
The revenant prays at his church

Sleepless one... Your corpse will house your wandering spirit
When the moon... Is waning gibbous, your remnant's they shall dig:
Sunday dawn... A foul wind will clatter 
The bones lay hidden within the church soil

Evil spirits turned away for centuries shall again be embraced 
To host the cellars, crawl the estates
Join the risen for a sabbath of underworld

"Something's rotten..." the parish may say:
A morbid stench... The draught from cellars swiftly conveys
'cross the halls... The light in the tunnel of darkness shall shed
To divulge the dead spread out at sacrament

...Befoul the sabbath

Falls a sea of light
This space and time
Absorbed by the laws of the other side;
Commence the christenings to the coven of revenant

The wafer and the wine, feces divine, poison healing
Reversed christenings - atone the sins by dying
Confessions of the flesh, intestines and fresh blood
Take one last goodly grasp through the icon glass – 
The light will take you to god

Sheep of god... The light will take you
Sheep of god... The light will take you
Where you're dreaming yet your soul's awake 
For endless nightmares to feed
Yearning, grief, hatred, true inner darkness 
Shall be yours eternally

May your flesh, mind and soul linger for eternities

"Befoul the sabbath of light!"
3. Entrenching Presences 07:38
Unholy deeds performed in secrecy Lay haunting the eve like the reminiscence of the late And when the clouds meander and take forms unlike seen Something stirs in the ether, a presence... Entrenching Soar... Through the abyss, whence the concealed wisdoms are welling forth Like souls dwelt in malice lay hungry for my stifled thoughts The visions in the shadows, in the darkest recess of the mind Which crawl yet to shatter what I once defined as my one true life Behold... Apparitions, unimaginable dreams of space From a closed division of my psyche something escalates: Revelations... From beyond; reborn in gnosis of starlight And the more I know, the more my bonds to this world dissolve The order in which stars align, clarified Archaic times and nameless rites I have come to remember; Taken by a presence old and repugnant Torn out from where my roots lie And my mind altered by alchemy beyond all that is human: "Solve et coagula!" Dissolve to evolve Feels like I am crawling with serpent-forms, feelers, tongues; This hour one with forgotten ages Entrenched in abhorrence you dare not to believe Impregnated by a seed of higher planes Presences spawning in my soul: Now I have seen all in a larger scale Larger than my mind could hold How deep in depths must I linger on? How far in merciless, cold space Until man I am no more? When the dawn breaks, and the hoar falls to dew And with the dew leaves my presence, into death's silver hue How the clouds meander and take forms unlike seen The last pale remainder of what ever lingers of me The order in which stars align... 
4. Manifesting Shambolic Aura 04:30
 have lain growing my force for one last search
Come one with inner demons, given death birth
And my back I shan’t turn
Thrust beyond and make return
Manifesting his aura…

Gliding this cortex I see the dream I choose
My body a mere vessel carrying you through

A clear foresight of a plague and a cure
A glimpse of true light reflecting from the impure

Ave Satan, my lantern in the dark
Through this offer, may our views become one

The unlight meditation shall bear its fruit
Preparing soulless coffins to unfold their truth
Weltering in putrefaction the faceless come born
Devouring nightmares bred deep into your souls

A glimpse of true light, the knives of my mind
With violence I strike, standing tall in your blood

Hear the bells of your doom declare my tide
For an hour of bright calamity
This is the wake of the black seed
The foul incubation complete

The release of the fume of the coffins
The release of the faceless of the deep
The gods which dwell within my church
The chaos in order emerged
Ave Satan...
5. Demons in My Room 04:41
 I am not citing my dreams, and I am not accustomed to lie;
These visions of past nights in flesh epitomised
In flesh yet not mortal, divine yet beyond grace;
Oh, these visions of horror shan't be bestowed a face

If only I could make return from where my journals trespassed the line
Where shadows turn tangible, and might just slip inside
The most desolate of prophecies, spewn out from my own quill
Now this sheet a crossing where my poor mind and the unseen ones would meet

Spectres of humanity, disincarnate...
Remnants of my sanity scattered on membranous wings

"From behind the curtain something has indeed entered
My nightmares mixed into my wake like some fluid
In my room, something constantly watching, unseen but certain
I can tell you, from the chill that went down my spine
Something's there...

Should I be able to break free from these chambers
I could never break free of these demonic memoirs
And eventually my soul, my spirit and my love
They would eviscerate"

I am not citing my dreams, I can only spare you the truth
And advise you avoid me and the demons in my room
6. Below 01:43  instrumental
7. From the Ruins 09:20
The storms' aeon-old chant in countless tongues summoned...
Long... Have the vials lain dusting in thirst
The blood they crave must flow...

In this foul service in which to chant and kiss the goat

For tonight the moon shall be in place, the vials brimmed with crimson fluids
For tonight belongs to witches and incantations from the ruins

By the meadow, oldest stones give radiance
From a circle of black candles' gleam
And in the circle swells a sea of voices
Deathlike waves rising in consecration

...For the ones who roam endlessly
...For virgin blood to run free

The glimmer of a curved dagger in for a kill
Flashing at the virgin's face - in her eyes, death

Hear... The liturgies now said
Sealed and sanctified with death

The chant becomes wilder, in heat they revel
Ecstasy and lust burning for a spell
The dagger raised skyward for a frenzied strike
The maiden fair and pure stabbed like lowly swine
Bleeding dry into vials

Disemboweled... A death devout...

And by dawn all marks lay gone
But the winds bear in mind their songs

In the gleam of fire that from the ruins stems forth
In the otherworldly colour of their songs
From the ruins blood has flown;
Their offal lay carried on

...In regions beyond life
Beyond death and mortal grasp
Beyond future and past

"From the ruins we call to thee!"

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