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1. Big Boss, Entrails, ABBand, Root, Crux, War for War, is bands of which you are a member or has been, how did the idea of joining Cales? What were the beginnings of the group?

I have never been a member of the BigBoss band, ABband and definitely not WFW. Yes, as a guest and producer, with some of the projects. Together with BigBoss I started ROOT in 1986 and then founded CRUX as side project in 1989.I guess there is no need to mention the projects I was involved in. The only one worth mention was  ENTRAILS, that released the album Serpent Seed in 1999.CALES came to being shortly after CRUX ended. There are no fundamental links between the projects, the goal was to start something different.CALES started about 1993, when we recorded the song Last Key for Necrometal compilation. In 1995 we recorded debut Bonds of Togetherness, released 2 years later by Tentamen Records.

2. Cales today is his personal project, which offers with respect to the other groups in which you are involved? How has Cales along these 20 year career?What today are still valid the reasons that prompted him to join Cales?

I have never deliberately built any career, it is just my free time activity, for over twenty years. I am not a professional and I never want to rely on money from playing.CALES has 6 albums out, of which the last two were released on vinyl. Some titles were sold out several times, others are still in sale. I was quite intensively devoted to CALES, but in between I have collaborated on many other recordings. Now the project is taking its time to rest, because what I create now is more black metal directed. I cannot invent any new name, or revive the dead ones, so I work simply under my own nickname Blackosh.

3. How does the songwriting process in Cales? Are you willing to accept new members in the group for both recording sessions to concerts, or you continue to be responsible for everything?

I always have some great drummers around and it is quite likely that some of them will continue to work with me because they can actually do a killer job quickly and drum programming is not such a fun. We occasionally go out for a drink with other musicians , but everyone does his job and we have little time for anything else. If anyone has the need to make noise at rehearsal rooms, fine. I do not. I assign them what they are supposed to learn and deadline to send me the result. That’s all.I can do without other composers and players on other instruments. When it comes to playing live, we consider an offer supply (although very attractive) that came from the planet Yuggoth ... we'll see.So far, we are just lying back in the recording sectors of our flying vessels, where we have a garden outside the window, plenty of loot from the time of apocalyptic raids and even a room full of empty bottles.

4. How the contact did Sorts for Split? Why chose the theme "The Golden Walls of Heaven" from Bathory? Bathory what does it mean for you?

I had a recording for my own use and I guess it just got on the Internet, so the people from these Estonian band got in touch and suggested we put together a split with CALES...Why not.BATHORY meant a lot to us, almighty BATHORY. R.I.P. Quorthon.

5. How you approach the subject to approach recording, I mean if you took the elements of the song that you liked and played your way or as a karaoke version to approach pretending you're in the band?

I just turned one old Marshall preamp all the way up and recorded the song as it is. No experiments. Well, I had to set up a tempo it lacked, this is why it is unique.I originally recorded it for myself, shortly after Quothon left for Vallhalla, and I had absolutely no plans to release it.

6. Five fundamental cds for you in the black

They say, that we also released some fundamental albums in the black (not for us) ourselves long ago, but saying that we still highly esteem the first records by SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, BULLDOZER or IDIOT CRUSOE..

7. What are the main influences on the band's sound, as far as bands are concerned? What were your beginnings in the black?

Above all, our own involvement in the production, creating everything by ourselves. But everything we listened to and loved, affected us in some way and there is an ever-present impact.

8. What elements of celtism, mysticism and paganism, important to consider when writing the lyrics of the songs?

The fact these influences are reflected in my music is something I take as a matter of course, there is no special intention behind it.I come from central Europe, which is an area of strong concentrations of these genes. Every day I stand directly on the soil or move close to places that were inhabited by Celts, Germans, Slavs, etc. in the time of their expansions

9. What future plans do you have for Cales, in terms of new releases, reissues concerts, etc. ..?

We don’t pick what happens. Events pick us and plans are here to make them come to life. I took a 2 year break, composing nothing, almost did not touch guitar during that time.I just did a couple of masterings and productions for some bands. I also aided with some re-releases of our older albums by Dark Symhonies, Paragon recs, Gothoom prods, Monster Nation, etc.And in the meantime, I did the everyday boring activities or just relaxed. And now, like a badger coming out of his hole, I am starting to scratch into the black soil around.
Several things are in the process, one of them together with an excellent drummer Zdeněk Čepička is already finished and should be out on a vinyl 7SP split with MASTERS HAMMER, by a new label Jihosound records.
We started the whole project recently together with František Štorm, to have fun in the summer and had reasons to celebrate and drink to our success.Afterwards, I will slowly go ahead with other songs, mainly performing the specific feeling of Black Metal.No concerts planned for now.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Cales, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Some things you never get tired of. thanks 

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