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Good evening, How are things in Germany?, Thank you very much for agreeingto answer these questions

1. If I'm not mistaken were part of Mogh. What memories do you keep of thatstage? Why did you decide to form Cold Cry? What find in Cold Cry that youhad in Mogh? Tell us a little as was the whole process of creating thegroup?

Mogh:Good evening,it has been an honor for both of us to been invited to this dialouge Mogh and cold cry are independent projects with different concepts ,in fact we are good old friends with the same persian roots which are expressing extreme music there was a mistake in metal archive description about cold cry being a part of mogh project which is now been corrected. Mogh 's been created at 06.06.2006 in pagan land (India) where is the tomb of first zurvan volunteers called Moghs in order to accomplish and regenerate their vanished wisdom.I decoded the mystic patterns according to cabalistic numerology to the themes and scales of music with ritualistic performances.
Cold Cry:hatred beneath the ashes..cold cry Is Not Creating For Getting Popular & Being Famous Or Some Stupid Things Like This, All I Wanna Do Is Just Make my Songs Kinda Heart- Made And Pain-Made For Audience Masterstroke Of Cold Cry Is To Find Position Of Human At This World That Portrays The Dark Reality Of Mankind...!

2. Do not know if it's a topic you want to try, but I guess for a group of extreme metal will not be easy in a country like Iran. Does this have to do with your late relocation to Germany? Did you have problems with your lyrics?

Yes indeed ,as you are aware of system ruling in religious countries there is no chance to be active in your own way otherwise you have to accept the death and execution penalties like the spanish medieval inquisitions.

3. After two demos, comes this Split with Mogh, I guess that collaboration between groups would be easy, how was the recording process of it, from the moment the idea and it that you have to work at it, until the election of cover, for example?

Cold Cry:I used some of my old tracks which have been never released in this split Mogh:I selected the most anti-islamic tracks from albums - Allaho Asghar (2009) & BLACK MAGICK ME(n)TAL (2008)- for this split.

4. Both Cold Cry and Mogh, you add to your songs a lot of ambient sounds, keyboards, traditional instruments, which create an atmosphere of melancholy and despair. In your case that you deal with all instruments, is it very difficult to record all the parts? How is the process of writing and recording ?

Mogh: traditional and folkish instruments and melodies are carrying and identifying the ancient wisdom in our ritual. Normally I prefer raw, live ,one-take and low quality recording process for the songs. The logic behind it:the first announcement of the song,contains the original soul of the composition and act.and every song is unique, once you perform and record it ,shouldn't be any other edition of it by cutting and correcting the pieces. And for live performing process ,each time, we have the same notes and tones but with different moods playing, so every time is an new experimental creation of the song, as in our vision,this is called magical matrix.
Cold Cry:my philosophy in music is based on revealing the dark side of the reality and this representation is an example of human rebellion behavior which is not awkward.

5. As for the lyrics, Where do you find inspiration for them? What aspects of depression and suicide, find interesting when writing?

Mogh:our inspiration comes from the forbidden ,forgotten parts of the embarrassing indecent human history and it is total order in chaos, deconception of the universe with systematic vision in cybernetic war.
Cold Cry:I am not inspired by anything ,my lyrics are expressions of my present feelings.

6. Your vision of the human being is also quite negative, do you think that religions, society, human beings are leading to a dead end?

Mogh: of course we have passed the boundaries of catastrophic end. human is a wrong idea to be created and so obvious are their gatherings ,called society ,and more stupid is their ideology dictation ,called religion.
Cold Cry:this topic needs days to discuss I don;t want to get to this discussion.whatever religion is fake or real it came to limit human begins,I believe whatever limits you is by itself a block.

7. What can you tell us about the label "Rigorism Production", you still bound to it for future publications?, By the way, are you working on new material for your projects?

Cold Cry: recording process is restricted and individual for me,right now I am running the variation art studio so i can not specify time for future project but there will be news.
Mogh:yes we can not stand in a swamp.we have to move forward in order not to sink.after traveling half of the world we reached to the conjunction of a music genres and currently we are working on full length album 2013 called "sacrifice the symbols" that is combination of symphonic-folk-black metal. And as you know Mogh has published some albums with these record labels:Cvlminis(Rigorism Production) Russia & Satanic Frost Records(Ink Records,Throne Winter Records) USA & Homo Homini Lupus Records (germany) and we are running our record label and productions in germany as well ,by the names of: 
1/Asyl production (is a crushed result of the human manipulator system on earth), we support & promote Anti-anti-art globally.
2/thelemicartrecords (Underground Black Metal Label formed by the Legion of the Black Arts) 3/zurvan production (was created in 2006 with exclusive aim of support and promotion of the pure ideas of underground Black metal art )

8. Have you thought at some time playing live? Would it be very difficult to find musicians that respond to your concept?

Mogh:Yes indeed, we had 3 live shows in Germany with extraordinary guest musicians it was the same in India and we are planning to develop the concept with more professional classical and folk musicians for live gigs and recording album.
Cold Cry:Cold Cry is a one member band project so no live and no more members,but I might have other members and also lives in future different projects.

9. Did you encounter any problems reported Split the title "Islam is dead" and song titles like "Be Afraid of Aryan Blood"? What do you think of mixing politics with extreme music?

Mogh: No hope No fear and,according to the oriental occultism we follow ,we have to cross the human limits by breaking paradigms of life and existence.
Cold Cry:no there were no problems.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Cold Cry and mogh, this is it, thanks. I hope the questions are for you. 

Mogh:we recall for any extreme minded musicians ,film makers,directors for live shows,photographers,theatrical/butoh performers,orchestral and choral conductors ,sponsors,producers which are interested in collaboration and also we are honored to support and distribute any abnormal art with our productions.
Cold Cry:thank you.

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