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1. F41.0 was established in 2007, what led you to create the group? Is it a project of yours, totally personal?

It is. I gave birth to F41.0 because i heavily needed to puke out my inner occupations. Musically and, of course, ideologically! 

2. What gives you F41.0 with respect to the other bands of which you are or were a member? Are you open the group to the incorporation of other musicians and will remain your personal project?

I won´t, of course! The „Project“ enables me to do what the fuck i want to. No discussions, no quarrels, no compromises. But that doesn´t mean I wouldn´t enjoy the creative work  with my brothers of KRATEIN for example. Friction is essential if you want to be able to create great and self-satisfying music.

 3. How was the writing process of this Near Life Experiences? Did you taken nearly six years to have it ready?

I remember that the songs featured on „Near Life Experiences“ were created in a period from 2007 to 2010. Actually, i didn´t really want to release the music i was writing at that time just because i exclusively considered it as an offset to my work in my active bands. But it really did not take too long to get me convinced by a couple of friends, especially my bandmate Frederic and Insomnius (Ex-Signum:Karg) to get my ass up into studio.

4. How referred F41.0 name?. The album's title Near Life Experiences, How did? What do you reflect with your music?

The classification „F41.0“ can be easily googled. No more explanation!  The album title has been chosen to illustrate my thoughts on the overall concept of the songs. They combine my personal near-life experiences like a gallery i access to whenever i want! 

5. F41.0's music conveys sensations of coldness, madness, suicide feelings coming also. How would you define the music of F41.0? What are the main influences on the band, both from other groups as to the time of writing the lyrics?

First  - Seems like I need to destroy all thoughts about me doing any kind of„suicidal“ music. 
F41.0 is NOT (!) meant to be „anti- life“, depressive or any other weepy issues. In fact my music and every single word me or Frederic is writing couldn´t be a heavier counterweight to that. On the one hand, F41.0 is about inner strength, self-exploration and –expression. Furthermore, it is meant to display and glorify fear as one of the driving forces in our world.

6. Can you tell us what are for you the five essential albums of black?

That changes. But i´ll have a little brainstorm for you:
Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Lunar Aurora – Ars Moriendi
Deathspell Omega – Si Monumentum…
Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta
Nagelfar – Srontgorrth

7. The album has gone through Empyre published Music, How did the idea of working with them? Will this partnership in future work F41.0?

Since i´ve been working together with Empyre concerning KRATEIN-merchandise for over a year now it wasn´t that vague to release this maiden-like project hand in hand with ´em. The guys behind were euphoric to be able to release the stuff and so the story got started.

8. How has the response from the media and the public to Near Life Experiences? Are you happy with it?

I can´t discover that many reviews at the moment  . But the few i´ve been able to read were pretty good. I´m more „satisfied“ than „happy“ with a nice echo of my work. Most important thing for me has always been the moment when i´m able to hold a finished record in my own hands. Sounds cheesy, hm?

9. What future plans do you have for the band? Have you thought about recruiting musicians to play live? Maybe it's a bit early yet, but are preparing new material?

Both in fact. I´m willing to get F41.0 on stage - as soon as an interesting and fitting offer  is hitting my mail box. Until that i´m preparing the recordings of the successor of NLE. 

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like F41.0, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Stay tuned via Life 2.0.(1.3.)-
and feel free to let your mephitic mind fucked by NLE!

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