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Hi good afternoon, how about all of Wrocław?, Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.

Thanks, things looks going ok.

1. How did the idea of forming Sytris in 2007? What do you name refers Sytris?

Main idea was to express things from mind into sounds. I started to create my own music and with time it was becoming clearer shapes. Sytris is the name one of demons.

2. Being only two members, how is the process of composition Sytris? What kind of equipment do you use?

It is hard to name it process. I just sit and record what I actually feel and what nest in my head. It is how demo versions are done. Than I collect all music and record it in final way. Equipment is typical for this kind of music plus some samples.

3. How has the sound of the demo group from 2009 until this "Confessions of the Fall"?

With time you get know more things better. It means you can do more things in the way you want. This is technically, but the most important is atmosphere around the sound, but this is unpredictable.

4. Xaos Oblivion, what gives you Sytris that do not offer or do not find in the other projects we're involved?

X. O.: Music of Sytris has for me unique atmosphere, remarkable emotional charge which I personally feel very much and it fits me as a way to express inner demons. I think Systris is one of the few bands which refers to the cold and melancholic atmosphere of Scandinavian bands in 90s. For me it is the best in black metal music.

5. What bands inspire you when composing? How were your beginnings in the black?

To be clear, it does not work this way: listen to something, think its sounds nice and trying to do something similar. It is dead end, does not make any sense and kill true spirit of this music. Beginnings in black: some recorded tapes with Burzum, Mayhem etc. songs.

6. Five fundamental cds in black.

Everything from Burzum. Plus ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanass’

7. What topics you treat in your lyrics? Is there any connection between the cover and the theme of the album? Whose is design?

The same as with music. There is connection between ALL pieces of complete recording: music, lyrics, graphics. It is something like monograph of some vision or state of mind. It may come from book, movie, night walk…. Cover idea came by me and Perversor made it in the right way.

8. How do you see the black metal scene worldwide and particularly in a country with so much tradition as is Poland? What groups would you recommend us?

I do not especially follow present black metal scene. I prefer to listen to old records but sometime there is something worth paying attention. Last years in Poland, in my opinion, were released quiet a lot great albums. Check Plaga, Deus Mortem and positions from Let The World Burn org.

9. How is it being received "Confessions of the Fall", by the media and the press? Are you happy with the answers and criticism? What do you have planned for next actions Sytris?

Generally reception is favourable. It is nice to hear that someone appreciate your work but it does not have any influence on my work. Criticism is always welcome. Now we finished work with EP called “Koszmar” (nightmare in Polish). More details soon.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Sytris, this is the place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Downwards Oblivion.

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