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Origen: Polonia.
Formados: 2014
Estilo: Black, death
Temática: Mitológía y muerte
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  • Hyperborean Guitarra y voces
  • Oblivion Bajo

  • I Am the Scourge of Eternity CD 2015
  • Become Seekers for Death CD 2022
Siete años han trascurrido desde la edición del primer álbum de este combo, siete años que han servido para acabar de definir un sonido que le debe mucho a un black mtal de corte asfixiante y caótico sin renunciar a un sonido deudor de elementos de procedencia death. Un trabajo que desde el comienzo ofrece una buena descarga de putrefactos riffs que no renuncian a diversas influencias que van por un lado por terrenos death si hablamos de la carga y la densidad del sonido, mientras que la parte más meramente black se emplea a fondo en ofrecer un sonido asfixiante, denso y profundo con un elemento definitorio como puede ser secciones disonantes en donde una vertiente caótica cobra especial protagonismo llevando a terrenos mucho más oscuros el sonido del álbum, logrando en medio de todo este nutrido grupo de influencias en cuanto a sonido, conjugar una atmosfera oscura y decadente, del todo infecta. El ritmo en líneas generales es alto, con un sonido de batería enfocado a crear un muro de sonido, con cambios de ritmos espontáneos que nutren de cierta complejidad el sonido del álbum, más si sumamos los diferentes estilos de riffs presentes a lo largo del mismo, así como unas voces que se mecen en terrenos black/death, es decir, profundas, agresivas y llenas de oscuridad. Un trabajo que acaba por atrapar al oyente en la profundidad de su propuesta. (7,9).

Fallen Angel Distro

1. Ironclad Nemesis 05:07
  Behold the burning
Behold the crimson skies
The marching in darkness
The demise

Behold the fall
Behold the burning skies
The trembling in darkness
As the world dies

The trembling
As the world dies
The burning
As your world dies

She is the howling
She is the wounds
She is the scorched earth
She is the terror

She is the frigid gleam of the falling sword
She is the blood that stains the marble
She is the final breath by a poisoned well
The smoke and the screams borne on the wind

Her hand is the iron spearhead
Her breath is the incineration of the dead

The scourge of the fates
Ironclad Nemesis
Skies turn blood red
As she awakens

With poison gas
With explosions
With flames
With razor wire
Tread her feet

Her hand is the iron spearhead
Her breath is the incineration of the dead

The scourge of the fates
Ironclad Nemesis
Skies turn blood red
As she awakens

Demise of the world
She is dormant no more
Demise of the world
A violent sunrise

Descent of the world
In the dead of dawn
Descent of the world
In fire
2. On the Wings of Drought 03:42
Where the white of the temple’s marble Meets the leaden rock of the land In the dark behind the iron gates Seething breath of anger lurks The skies are torn from the seas By the unrelenting sun On the arid flesh of the earth Waves of conflagration beat down The lifeless lands The incandescent skies Death draws near With the flutter of the wings of drought In the sodden dark of the underworld The daughter of the goddess is raped Again and again – imprisoned forever By the venom of a putrid fruit The light of torches is drowned In waves of subterranean unlight The searcher lingers in vain The flicker of torches dies The eternal cycle is born of Rape, wrath, and hate The eternal light is forever Born of the dark The turn of the wheel is born of Rape, wrath, and hate The eternal cycle of life Is driven by death Through suffocations of darkness The sounds of the harp meander The sounds of the harp spiral Through suffocations of the underworld On the wings of drought  
3. The Thunder Spoke to the Spirit 03:45
The gaze of lightning My prayer The howling depths My prayer Claws of the sea My prayer The trembling shores When hordes of slaves broke their backs To raise the walls of the pyramids When the kings lay in their demise The thunder spoke to the spirit Thereupon came he Who is all death And he created The serpent in the river And he created winter And the fly on the festering wound When the winds of war in their rage Tore down the temple walls When in place of stone there stood Pillars of fire and smoke The thunder spoke to the spirit The blessing on streams of blood I have known And the waves of flames spat forth When the spirit sacrificed itself to rise When the womb of the earth was torn asunder The eyes of the prophets turned To the sacred mountain Beneath a cloak of clouds Beneath the thunder I shall burn I shall arise As the spirit enters The pillar of blood As all eyes turn To the sacred mountain Beneath a cloak of clouds Beneath the thunder 
4. When the Ancients Speak 07:39
I Stench of death in the throne room Stench of disease in the air The fate of the kingdom lies stricken Pale shadow writhing in pain A sage come across the desert Raises his hand Terrible words are spoken Terrible words are heard The words fail Before the iron sceptre Before the laws cast in stone Mouldy fingers of sickness Touch the eyes as they close A sage come across the desert Lowers his hand Terrible words were spoken Terrible words were heard The words failed The ancients drive the hand And the tongue of the Magi The ancients cast the sentence The sage is led to die The ancients drive the hand And the tongue of the Magi When the ancients speak Worlds abide II The walls of the city Crack in the ruthless sun The teeth of the crouching towers Against the radiant sky Below the limestone lions Brooding and winged The mouth of the iron gates Spreads open yawning Into the desert Into the scorching Into the death The twin spirit has turned away Now and forever idle Unhealing Unhealed A great and vast nothing A body transmuted Hangs above Eyes of straw Lids of leather Shells of limbs in the wind A body transfigured Frozen above Mouth of straw Face of leather Stench of death on the wind III The kingdom of earth Is like unto flesh Rotting in the sun Slowly dripping off the bones Soaking into scorching sand The kingdom of earth Is like unto a harvest Of bones and ashes Filth in the sepulchre Drowning in scorching sand Words are like leaves on the wind Withered and torn away In the shadow of the iron sceptre The laws cast in stone Remain Matter is weaved of shadows Life is a festering wound 
5. Become Seekers for Death 03:12
Burning the altars The temples of fertile gods Their statues drowned In cesspools of shit and blood We spit in the face of the sun As rivers run with bile We spit in the face of the sun As rivers run with fire Curse the day Curse the night The worms! The worms! The vermin and the plague! Out of dead black windows They spill over Into dead black streets Hordes of lice march up From fetid cellars Become seekers for death Like the dead who seek for life  
6. In the Seventh Hour 04:37
And in the seventh hour he divided Light from the light And he made the depths rise Above the mountains And the forests rise through their mists And as he saw he did sneer And in the third hour took he the flesh And he divided the flesh back Into the mud and the filth Which it had been And them spread he across the land And in the black of the end of times Took he the heavens With their moons and their stars aflame And he sent them whirling down Into the rising oceans Roaring And as he heard he did tremble The universe enveloped In flames of sacrifice The universe enveloped In flames of uncreation Per raptum absorptae Per raptum suspensae Flesh to filth Light to darkness Blood to fire All to nothing And in the eon before time Took he the spirit And he divided the spirit Into the light And into the darkness Which it had been And as he looked on he shivered Then built he a gallows From the ruins of the tree of life Which he had torn down And there he stood And he looked on Down Unto the cold vastness Of the still universe  
7. Crimson Streams of Sacrifice 06:34
  Black blood runs with crimson earth
As the sun is extinguished in the west
Mountains lurk at the edge of the desert

The frigid air reeks of iron
Cavernous wounds and yawning chasms
Are cut into the earth

And then it feeds

Winding flow of crimson streams
Blood-red tide of sacrifice
Satiate gods of the underworld
Shiver in rapture

Winding flow of crimson streams
Blood-red tide of sacrifice
Black gods of the underworld
Tremble with exaltation

The night sky turns to red
As flames lick the black monolith
The sacrifice writhes in chains
Her screams pierce the heavens

The gods of the moon are singing
The gods of the moon wail

Black blood runs with crimson snow
As the rays of the sun die in the west
The forests lurk behind the ice

The pain is illuminating
Stars explode behind my eyes
The world trembles in the light
As I am cleansed

As I receive the great seal
I am pure again
As in the times before time

Blood trails in the snow
8. The Hunt of the Light-Bearer 04:43
 The north wind rushes down
The ice-covered peaks
And swirls between the firs
With the wisps of the mist
Like a withered leaf it carries
The scent

The hounds bay
As the hunt begins

The hunter turned to prey
By the light-bearing hand
The deadly crime of hubris
The downfall in blood
Lungs ruptured in flight
And in fear

A vibrating wail
As teeth tear flesh

The hounds lick their paws
As sleepily they seem to listen
To the silver drifting sounds
Of the song of the daughters of Okeanos
The hand which wields the bow
And the spear
Rests now
In the calmness of the light
Of the ever-vigilant guardian
The moon

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