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 Bilwis starts operating around the year 2020, did the covid-19 pandemic influence in any way that you decided to create Bilwis or were there other reasons? Why did you choose the name Bilwis and what does it refer to?

Bilwis: The Covid pandemic was the green light for BILWIS. The idea for that band was in my head for a really long time. You must know, that I have a few other bands and my time schedule was full till the end of the year. So than the first lockdown came right here in Germany and everything was canceled. I started with the idea and songwriting for BILWIS and everything grows really fast. I was searching around for a good name and found BILWIS. It`s a german demon who destroys the grain of the farmers. 

Your first Ep is released in September 2020, which receives a good reception from the public and specialized media, did you expect this good reception from this first Ep and what did it mean for you when moving forward with the project?

BILWIS: I know that the EP was good, but the reaction blews my mind away and give me the motivation to continue very fast. People from all over the world write me and send me some feedback. Or see all the coments on the Black Metal Promotion page on Youtube. Fantastic.

At the beginning of this 2022 this first EP has had continuity in the form of the album "Pan", how did you face the composition of this first album and what is your way of recording and composing Bilwis's music having to face the entire process?

BILWIS:I write songs and collect ideas all over the time. So when I finished the EP I directly start with the songwriting for the full length. I start always with the music. Sometimes I have a melody in my head, or I just start with a riff and build the melodys around it. It´s like a puzzle that you finished step by step. When the music is done, I start to write the lyrics. I put down the music to my Iphone and go to a place where I have my silence. But I know from the start which song is for which theme. 

The sound of “Pan” could be described as atmospheric black, with folk or pagan elements, however it is no less true that the sound of the album is reminiscent of a black with a raw and classic sound, often away from unnecessary fillers or sections. precious, how would you describe the sound of the album for those who haven't heard it yet? And what bands or sounds have influenced you when composing this album?

BILWIS: I think the EP was a little bit thicker from the atmosphere than the full length. PAN has more melodies and ideas, but I try to reach a brutal and cold atmosphere. For me it´s important, that the listener have the feeling to be a part or inside the song. Like that you have the feeling to walk around in the forest where the giant can lurk behind every corner you know…..a record that is always in my mind is Dissections “Storm of the Lights Bane”- I know, im not Dan Swanö, but this record is the perfection of a hunt in an ice cold forest. 

The lyrics of “Pan” deal with themes of fairy tales and mythology, why do you decide to deal with these themes in your lyrics? Is there any relationship between the mythological themes and the region you come from? Does the music adapt to the letters or vice versa?

BILWIS: With BILWIS I try something different than the “classical” BM or Death Metal Lyrics. Don`t understand me wrong, I like this stuff, but not for BILWIS. Since I was a child, I love fairytales and the old myth storys. Or horror movies like Dracula or Frankenstein. And the fund for that storys is endless. Sure, every region has it`s own storys and legends where I found the inspiration for my lyrics. Sometimes I pick up a famous story like “Pan” or “Rübezahl” and sometimes I choose an unknown stoy from my region. Same goes for the cover and booklet artwork. The pictures are coloured so much, but it`fits better to the lyrics than some black and white stuff. Like a fairytale book. 

You have counted on Melina to collaborate on the song “Der Mond am Himmel”, at what point did you decide to carry out this collaboration? And what do you think Melina has contributed to the final result of the album?

BILWIS: Melina is my girlfriend and a really good singer, so it lies on the hand to have her on this song. I know it`s really catchy, but children songs have always a catchy melody or? Her voice fits perfect to the song and is always mentioned in reviews. She upgrade the song or record a lot with this part. 

You have returned to work with the Gates of Neverland to carry out the mixing, recording and mastering of the album, what can you tell us about these studios and why do you decide to work with them to carry out the album?

BILWIS: It`s my own studio and I did always by myself. I love the freedom to work on the songs whenever I like it. There is no producer or any other band member who told me what to do. And I have the vision how BILWIS sound like. It`s difficult sometimes to find an end, but I have the feeling and I know when a song is finished or not.

Just as in the sound of the album there are certain medieval elements, the covers of your releases also follow medieval and fantastic paths, what does the cover of “Pan” represent and why do you think it fits with the content of the album?

BILWIS: Yes, it`s like I said before. It was important for me, that the cover artwork and style of the EP and PAN have not that typical black and white style. The colours fit`s so much better to the music of BILWIS. A lot of people write me, that they discovered BILWIS when they see it on Youtube cause the cover artwork of the EP. A friend of me paint the cover and all the pictures inside the booklet by hand. It`s in the style of an fairytale book and I think it looks really awesome. Northern Silence did a great job right here and they put always out something special. 

Unlike the Ep “Sagenwelt” that was self-released first and then reissued by Northern Silence Productions, for “Pan” you have already counted from the beginning for the edition with Northern Silence Productions, how does the contact take place to work together to this label for the editions?

BILWIS: Yes. After I finished the production of the EP I put it on bandcamp and just burn a few copys for some friends. After a few days I get an mail from Lee, who works for NS and get me the offer to get signed by them. Sure, that I don`t must think about that very long. Like lottery win. They all did an awesome job and more important is, that we are good friends and talk more about Shisha smoking than BILWIS 😊 

Although the sound of Bilwis has nothing to do with pagan, in some way we could relate it, what is your opinion today of black metal with pagan influences compared to a past, let's say more glorious?

 BILWIS: When I write a song, I don`t think about if it sounds like Pagan or whatever. When I like it, I`ll take it.Today there ar so many bands with so many styles, so everyone can take the freedom to do what they want. Maybee it was more glorious back in the days, cause the time was totally different.More magic...... 

How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What happened in your lives pushed you to want to be musicians?

BILWIS: When I was 14 I start to visit the first local shows. My older sister have some musicians as friends, so they take me with to the shows. Most of the time it was Metal, Punk or Hardcore. In Essen, they have the “Zeche Carl” a really famous club. KREATOR rehearsal right there in the basement. Back in the days you can visit 4-5 shows there in a week. So I see all the Metal Bands there like Morbid Angel, Marduk, Vomitory, COB,COF and so on. So I grab the guitar and try to learn from this bands. I watch all the time what the guitar players to on ther fretboard.And I try this at home later. First metal records where NAPALM DEATH “FETO”, DEATH “Human”, DEICIDE “LEGION” and MALEVOLENT CREATION. I love the Florida stuff. MARDUK`s “Those of the Unlight” and DISSECTION “Storm of the Lights Bane” really change my life and music horizon. 

What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What recent albums have you bought?

MARDUK – “Those of the Unlight” / DISSECTION – “Storm of the Lights Bane” / - EMPEROR – “In the Nightside Eclipse” and CRADLE OF FILTH “Dusk and her EMBRACE”.

At the moment I listen to CALADAN BROOD, SUMMONING and try to discover some new stuff all the time. 

What future plans do you have for Bilwis in terms of upcoming releases or reissues? Do you contemplate the possibility of adding a musician to Bilwis in the future with a view to being able to offer a concert?

BILWIS: I always write songs for BILWIS and work on the next record. About concerts.A lot of people and bookers ask me, if it`s possible to go on stage with BILWIS. My other bands beside BILWIS take a lot of time. So when I will bring BILWIS on stage, I will to everything right for 100%. From the music to the stage look.And not between some other things. When the time is right,i will do it. But on the other hand, it is possible, that BILWIS will always been a studio project.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Bilwis fans, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Awesome questions, thank you!!!! And thank you to all the BILWIS supporters out there and to the hard working crew from NORTHERN SILENCE. Support extrem music!!!!


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