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 1. Wolves of Perdition was born in 2017, why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Wolves of Perdition and what does it refer to?

- The End: The band was created simply from the need to create music. Our music. The name refers to the hellforces.

- Varjo: We wanted to play extreme music and that's what we've always done. We chose the name Wolves Of Perdition, because not only does it sound aggressive, but there's also some violent symbolism within it; wolves as the enemy of man, and that inhuman force of nature has come to drag us all to Hell, and all that will be left is blood and pieces of shredded human flesh. That describes our music well enough. It's an extreme attitude.

2. How was the writing and recording process for “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare”, your first album? What brands of instruments did you use to compose the album?

- The End: Writing happened naturally with guitars. Everyone had songs and ideas on the table, then we arranged them in rehearsals together. Very simple.

- Varjo: The songs on that album were written during some years. Some songs were actually made even before we were Wolves Of Perdition. The recording process was pretty swift, everything went as planned pretty fast when we got to it. We used a couple of brands in the making.

3. “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare” is a direct and aggressive work, with hardly any concessions, where elements of death and black are present, as well as a melancholic aura. How would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? What bands and styles have helped shape the sound of this first album?

- The End: Everyone has their own influences: Deicide, Kreator, Immortal, Hypocrisy, Marduk, the list is endless.

- Varjo: Blackened death metal would be the best description for the sound of that album. As the songs got finished, we just knew the sound has to be strong, striking and clear. Otherwise it wouldn't have worked. Any low quality stuff would have been just an insult to the whole album.

4. Another surprising element of this “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare” is the quality of the sound offered, as if it were not your debut album. Does the fact of spending three years working on the album have anything to do with this? to produce the album?

- The End: Three years was slowly writing and rehearsing weekly until we were ready to start recording.

- Varjo: After all the songs were ready, the making of this album didn't take that much time in total. We went in knowing what we wanted and what we'll do, so full preparedness made the recordings and the rest very straight forward. On the writing-side, taking our time and not rushing made the songs sound fully complete and we can stand behind them 100%. There's nothing we would change on that album.

5. Your lyrics deal with themes related to anti-religion or Satanism, war and violence, why did you decide to deal with these themes in your lyrics and where did the inspiration come from? Do the lyrics adapt to music or vice versa?

- Varjo: The lyrics and songs go hand in hand completely, so there's no separating them. There isn't any formula on which comes first, lyrics or the music, because they feed each other anyway. Those violent themes came naturally when playing this kind of music. And of course when you go extreme, you'll find some really dark corners you wouldn't want to look in. The world is filled with war, murder, rape, torture, mental and physical abuse and what not. Anything that falls within the concept of evil. We just take that evil and put it in a very understandable (not the same as acceptable) and non-mystical light. There's nothing mysterious about getting beheaded or stabbed in your face by a drug-fueled psychopath. This is the real world and anything can happen, even if you don't want to think about it. Even though these themes are nothing to be happy about, we think it is a more honest approach to primordial aspects and deep questions, than putting a topless woman on some pseudo-artistic music video and have a couple hooded guys drinking strawberry juice around some aroma-candles. Smoke and mirrors look cool, but things like Nanjing massacre (or The Rape of Nanking) really makes one think deeply about who and what we are, and can be. Those aspects are eternal and scarring. Humans are more than capable of building a very real Hell on earth with their bare hands.

6. Who was in charge of the album cover design and how does it relate to the musical content of the album?

- Varjo: Our logo and the Demon Wolf -sign was made by perkeles_art and the band photos and rest of the images were done by us. (We had a graphic designer, who put this all into the booklet etc, but I'm not sure if he wants to be mentioned by name, so instead I'll say it was well done and professional work!) The arts are very expressive about what the album is about. Nothing complicated or shady, just piles of skulls, barbed wire and an aggressive logo. That's a highway to destruction.

7. The album has been released by Folter Records in CD format, how did you come up with the possibility of being able to edit the album with them? Has the reaction of the fans to this first album surprised you a bit?

- Varjo: We got into talks with Folter Records with the finished album and it all went from there. We came prepared. The reactions have been surprisingly good, after all this is our debut album. Reviews have been good, fans have liked it, so can't complain at all.

- The End: Reaction was a positive surprise, but we also knew that we didn't put out shit.

8. This period of restrictions due to Covid-19 has meant for many bands, on the one hand, not being able to offer concerts, however many others have taken the opportunity to bring out new songs, how have you been affected by this situation?

- Varjo: We were making this album when the virus came up, so we just kept going as planned. A few understandable delays came here and there, but there wasn't anything drastical really. After the release of this album we started working on some new songs and proceed with the work, since the opportunities for gigs weren't there. We'll keep the machine rolling, so when it's time to play live again, it will be ferocious.

9. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What did you do in your lives that made you want to be musicians?

- The End: Music was always interesting and at some point had to start playing instruments. First big concert was AD/DC and the first album was Offspring Smash.

- Varjo: The first time I was really impacted was in Simerock 2010 Rovaniemi, when I saw Enochian Crescent performing. I count that as the first concert that mattered to me. The first album I had was the Funeral Album by Sentenced. Still works perfectly. My road to making music came pretty naturally, since I was already expressive with writing and some arts, so it eventually lead to this.

10. Which album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

- The End: Don't know about essence, but Immortal, Marduk, Dimmu Borgir usually find their way into the cd-player. Bought Hypocrisy's Arrival, Virus and Fourth Dimension last week.

- Varjo: For myself I'd say the album Antichrist by Gorgoroth. And specifically the song Gorgoroth in there. The last album I bought was Hugsjá.

11. What future plans do you have for Wolves of Perdition, in terms of concerts, upcoming releases or reissues?

- The End: The plan is to keep going strong, growing in every aspect. Conquer all.

- Varjo: We have some vinyls coming out via Folter Records and the rest will remain as a surprise.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the fans of Wolves of Perdition, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

- Varjo: Thanks for the interview, let's crush some skulls!

- The End: Keep listening to music, folks!


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