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1. Stiriah was formed in 2007, why did you decide to create the band? What does Stiriah's name refer to and why did you decide to use it?

We always enjoyed visiting concerts and getting wasted with friends in front of the stage – so our next step was to do that on stage, haha. The name is a creation of Ortoks pervert mind. Only he knows the true meaning. To me it sounds very cold and that fits the sound of our music very great.

2. Although the beginnings of Stiriah go back to 2007, it was not until 2015 that they released their first EP, which happened in these eight years in which the band was practically unpublished? Maybe Stiriah was created with other claims and the album edition did not was it a priority?

As said before, these were wild years of trying and freaking out on stage. We focused on writing songs for the live performance, which ended in them missing something, that would make them work on an album. In the end they were never released and we were worn out after a couple of years of live terror and put Stiriah to rest until 2015.

3. Both the previous “Aurora” (2017) and the most recent “Into the Depths” (2020) contain five extensive songs, why is this decision regarding the duration and similar extension of the songs between both albums?

45 minutes seem to be the perfect duration for an album with complex stuctures. Shorter songs would not leave enough space for atmosphere and everything longer just would be annoying, haha.

4. “Into the Depths” (2020) shows the band facing a much more mature proposal than with previous works. How has the composition and recording process of the new album been like and how do you think your sound has evolved with respect to previous releases? What brand of instruments have you used for recording and composition?

Glad to hear that, haha. Yes, we actually put a lot more time and arguments into the songwriting process, and came up with new ideas almost weekly as the recordings were proceeding. I think, thanks to the album concept, everyone had a clearer vision of how the final album should sound like and could direct his playing skills and songwriting to this direction. So to say it´s the better album because we all were heading in the same direction.

For the gear nerds – we used Spector basses, Washburn and Ibanez guitars and Tama drums plus some guest vocals- for further information check out our social media.

Also there will be a “making of” to some upcoming material, so stay tuned!

5. You define your sound as harmonic black metal and somewhere there has been a comparison of your sound with the band Emperor, is Emperor an influence for you and what do you think of this comparison? How would you describe the sound of your album for whom? still not heard today?

Especially since Ortok and I are such Emperor fan boys, we are honored by this comparison, haha.

Emperor have created something very unique, especially in these early days of the genre. The scene grew and was heading into different directions, which led us into having so many great subgenres within the scene, but it also made it more challenging to stand out with your band. We'll be glad, if we do and put some fresh wood into black metal's ongoing flame.

6. Unlike “Night Falls” (2015) and “Aurora” (2017) that showed an artwork more related to nature, for “Into the Depths” (2020) you use an illustration that shows a half-human, half-corpse figure Who has taken care of the design of the cover and how does it relate to the theme of the album?

The previous designs were more nature related, because the lyrics were. But this album has a different theme so the artwork  by our pal poisondust shows the evil, that dwells under mankind's clear surface. So it fits perfectly to the concept of the trip into the depths of the filthy human habits.

7. Returning a little to the previous point, if it is true that the titles of the songs do maintain, in a certain way, that relationship with nature, what theme do you cover in the lyrics of the new album? write the texts and how do you adapt them to music?

This time the lyrics were written along with the instrument lines to fit the concept. The elements work as metaphors to certain human behaviors. People can be very crooked, so the offered warmth, symbolized by the sun, might burn you and a guiding light can also blind someone. So the album is about how fucked up people can be.

8. You just edited a promotional video for the song “The Sun” a few weeks ago, why did you decide to edit this video, is it a way to keep your fans expectant due to the lack of concerts due to Covid-19? of video editing and production?

Yeah, exactly! It is a great song to make a video to, because of its speed variations and changes in the musical motive, which could be easily transformed into the story telling of the video. When you can´t get on stage, you have to give something to the black metal crowd to look at. We really enjoyed making it and you can be sure, there will be more!

9. Another noteworthy aspect that is maintained throughout your entire career is the fact that you have decided to self-publish all the material, what is the reason for this decision, is it a way to have greater control over your work or there has simply been no interest by any record label?

So far it has always felt great to be in complete control. All decisions were made by the four of us, but this album and especially its promotion were a lot of work and sometimes really frustrating and full of night shifts. We realised, that you can´t control and manage everything by yourself, so we came to the conclusion that a label support for the next album wouldn´t necessary mean to lose control, but to gain more time for being a musician instead of a salesman, haha.

10. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts that you attend, first albums that you buy? What did you do in your lives or did you want to dedicate yourself to music?

Since we grew up in the decade of mix tapes and mp3 CDs later, which you got from someone and gave it on to another, we dragged each other into the extreme metal scene. It was always like:

“Have you heard this band? They gonna rip off your nutsack-here is a mixtape, listen to this, but I´m not sure if I rewound it!” Great times which led us into trying ourselves as musicians with shitty instruments, rehearsing in the basement of our town's church. It was and is great and I think the fact that we don´t have to write our music for a living keeps it more creative, but what do I know…maybe a label gives you the extra push forward.

11. How would you describe the black metal scene in a city like Berlin or Dresden? Do you consider that the German black metal scene is on a par with the Scandinavian, the Polish, the French or the Greek?

The scene really grew a lot in the last five years and you can get your dose of live black metal almost daily, but I think it´s hard to compare the national scenes with each other. They all have their own style, which keeps it interesting. So there is a lot of great avantgarde stuff from France and on the other hand great high technical stuff from Germany or Poland. I just recommend you check out new bands without branding them by their heritage or origin.

12. Which album defends for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

Odraza – Rzeczom and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom are pretty different but both on steady repeat. Odraza have a great complex songwriting, representing the new direction of black metal, while DNS have their own oldschool style, which I admire as well. 

Check them out!

13. As previously comented the concerts have been canceled as a result of the Covid-19 irruption, however in your case you are already beginning to plan some shows for the future, what can you tell us about these concerts? feasible that they will be carried out?

We are trying not to make promises we can´t keep. So we are waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel before we announce further concert plans.

Still, we are very excited to play at the Walpurgis Rites 2022 in Berlin which had to be postponed from 2020. Great support here by De Mortem Et Diabolum, who keeps the scene alive through this pandemic shit!

14. “Into the Depths” (2020) has already been released for a few months and it is still early, but are you already working on new songs? Will there be a reissue of your discography?

Every album has been written in a certain time for a certain reason, you can´t recreate this properly in a reissue. We are looking forward and as said before, since there are no shows to play, we are actually pretty busy working on something big! So keep your ears and eyes open and stay tuned by checking out our social media platforms.

15. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Stiriah fans this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking

I really appreciated it - keep on doing what you do and keep up the support for the scene!

And to all you guys out there, check out our album and eat your cereals, haha!


Limited to 100 copies. Hand-numbered

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