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Origen: Finlandia
Formados: 2015
Estilo: Black
Temática: Luciferanismo, ocultismo y oscuridad
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagram y spotify.

  • L.R. Batería
  • M.L. Bajo y guitarra
  • M.S. Voces

  • Promo EP 2017
  • The Womb of Zero CD 2020
Contando entres sus filas con miembros de Horna y Behexen, lo único que pueden ofrecer es un mágnifico álbum de black metal, sin embargo el seguidor de estas dos bandas se llevará una sorpresa por el sonido que emana de "The Womb of Zero". Por un lado este álbum está más orientado hacia el black melódico con muchas más influencias del black sueco en cuanto a sonido; y por otro la atmósfera ocultista y ritualista que surge en el conjunto del álbum. Los nueve temas que conforman el álbum desprende un sonido que no está exento de cierto tecnicismo, logrando sonar espectacular en la faceta que quieren trasmitir que no es otra que lograr un ambiente ocultista de la mano de un black que le debe más al tono melódico y a influencias doom que a partes más directas y crudas dentro del black. El conjunto guitarra y bajo se emplea en crear una atmósfera densa y muy oscura, riffs pesados y un bajo con fuerte presencia manteniendo un ritmo más bien lento, en donde los riffs tornan la musicalidad hacia una suerte de melodía inquietante y sepulcral. La batería suena contundente y se deja mecer por las guitarras, manteniendo un tono entro lo contundente y lo contemplativo que complementa y eleva cuando es necesario la intensidad. El apartado vocal de M.S. se antoja soberbio, ya que los registros y los diferentes tonos ofrecidos que van desde un aporte de gutrurales, a otros más agresivos, pasando por algunos limpios, sin descartar los corales; todo ello sirve para aumentar el tono de profundidad y oscuridad, pero sin lugar a dudas si de este álbum emana un aporte de ritualismo debemos de buscarlo en las voces. Aunque sea el primer lanzamiento de Bythos, no podemos dejar de pensar en que la veteranía es un grado y el echo de contar con una formación tan rodada no hace más que jugar a favor de un trabajo de black melódico de corte ocultista mayúsculo. (8,3).

1. Black Labyrinth 03:58
I call you forth the dragon of Daath Release the magical fire whch has been imprisoned so long The way to the formless side are opening No more are the walls of matter against me Ego! Remove and step aside now Liberate the imprisoned powers and make me one with the outer darkness Guide me O˙flame of formless chaos and show me the stairs to the underworld Help me over his deadly stream where the faces of lost adepts can be seen... Enter the labyrinth of utter darkness where the winds of emptiness blow Which brings out the treasures hidden in the sand of lies Beyond the limitations of life Step forward from the tunnel of death Bring forth your evolution, wisdom and fire My King. My Queen. My Master 
2. When Gold Turns into Lead 04:59
The Night sky stands quiet
Static and heavy silent
Only slowly circling spirits
upon the mouth of bottomless deep

Light touch of the pale hand
of the Divine father of vast eternity
Opens the locks of time
revelations from the endless maze

Old and silent Master
The numinous Fire of the gods
Who rules this world in Darkness
From the throne of truth

Lord of Death, strong and wise!
Show the roots of the underworld
and lift us high to the tree of Death
Strong and ineffable, A blessed End

At the borders of two worlds
when the gold turns into lead
The new path is Manifesting
A journey without flesh

O Darkness open to me your arms
which are the cage of Death
And close the gate without grief
without pain and loss

Old and silent Master
The numinous Fire of gods
Who rules this world in Darkness
From the throne of truth
3. Sorath the Opposer 04:18
 In the dep dark chambers of my soul
Your presence speak with many names
through the black fire I have felt the calling
The sun of forbidden mysteries
In these burning deserts of magic
Under the flaming wheel of your sun
I have given those sweet offerings
which smokes whispered thy name

Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!
Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!

Burn holes in the veil between the two worlds
and let the emanations of Chaos flow free
Burn the man without mercy
And let them meet their spiritless death

Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!
Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!

The sun of apocalypse...
unite with the dragon of Satanic fire in our hearts
Burn, and make way for the wise
O black lion sun

Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!
Sorath - Sorath - The oposer!
4. Omega Dragon 04:30
The void is here... It's moving in the shadows Showing it's nightmarish visions in the dreams Breathing the elixir of life with the lungs of night Smelling the flesh of this dying world Omega Dragon The Shadow faced Queen Omega Dragon The stream of Divine poison Half of Samael, essence of Qliphoth Wake up my sleeping heart with your dark desire I'm ready for your aeon of eternal night O' dark mother of the blood red sea Omega Dragon Spread your black leather wings Omega Dragon Set the night upon these endless lies Open the eyes for the new gray dawn The hope is no longer here But the presence of the mother of anti-cosmos And Her lethal dance of the End
5. Call of the Burning Blood 04:29
O Lord of punishment, brave hearted who drinks from the skulls of the weak merciless, violent and powerful avenger, raise me up from the bloody soul Reveal the secrets of your weapons forged in the house of red flames Teach me their sacred ways, spears and shields engraved with your seals I wash my face with the water which has tempered all blades from your forge And mark my brow with the anvil dust to open my eye to see your glorious light Call of the Burning blood, Call of the Burning blood Call of the Burning blood, Call of the Burning blood Samael-Satan, lead me to strength determination and victory over flesh! You have started wars inside me And challenged me with an iron hand so that I would not drown in vanity, but follow the legacy of your blood Call of the Burning blood, Call of the Burning blood Call of the Burning blood, Call of the Burning blood  
6. Hymn to Lucifer 03:06
Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Lucifer Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Mater Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Magister Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Bythos Tu es Domine huius mundi Chasma profundi es Rex catenatus. Et revelans mendacia Tu es lux nostrae vitae 
7. Legacy of Naamah 05:07
Nights have turned to living prayers
Dreams have taken physical form
Silently stepped out of the tunnel
Thickened night, the perfect shadow...

Dressed in a veil of the stars of night
And the moon shines on her pale skin
You are the first of two keys
The visible face of mother Lilith

Breath stifles before her beauty
the guardian and whore of the night
Let your currents fill the dreams,
vital force of the black moon
Embrace me now with ardour,
bury me beneath your black earth
The poison on your lips tastes sweet,
when flesh and shade becomes one

The golden light rises upon the earth
Only your dark legacy left in my heart
And nothing is like before
Forever dreaming of freedom

8. Destroyer of Illusions 05:11
From the heavenly darkness come through the veils O' Lord Fall like a flaming star, and strike hard in the waters of chaos, which are the heart of mine Let it rise the raging fires, tempest of wisdom and truth So that my eyes will be fully opened... The King who eat the dust of Saturn, and drink the lava of the sun Bring destruction to the false forms of the world of matter Let your unborn spirit awaken and ascend from the hearts of men And strengthen the magical force, the energy beyond limitations... Destroyer of illusions Lantern of forbidden truth Shine through our altars Your gateways on earth Destroyer of illusions The opposer of limitations Set our eyes on holy fire To see the truth beyond The King who eat the dust of Saturn, and drink the lava of the sun Bring destruction to the false forms of the world of matter Let your unborn spirit awaken and ascend from the hearts of men And strengthen the magical force, the energy beyond limitations  
9. Luciferian Dawn 06:35
The brightness of the spirit is hidden Its pure form is lying in the depths Bright intellect found at the end of the path, flanked by the pale flowers of Death Beyond the veils of dark Gods Forever invoking fire Calling the ones of serpent's blood The souls of Thaumiel's realm With love we praise the Lord, the monument of destruction and change Behind the death of matter and form, the bright wisdom can rise Crimson wine for our roots For the jaws of the underworld Gates of Death, open your mouth And swallow this world of false light When the shadow of Death awakens, with the flaming trident in his hand, and dominates the world of clay-borns When the black sun has risen above And the triumph of darkness prevail when all hope is gone... Then that thorch can light up The brightness of Lucifer's flame From the dust(ash) can the new dawn be found To the glory and light of Satan 

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