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1. The band was born in 2015, How and why did you decide to create the band and why choose the name Scath na Déithe?
ST: Cathal and I knew each other from gigging with our other bands (Nautilus and Astralnaut) but I’ve more recently discovered Dúnmharú. Cathal has been consistently releasing EPS with Dúnmharú over the years and once I discovered them I knew I had to work with him.
Initially we had planned to get together to write and record one song purely for fun however that quickly turned into what we have now.
CH: We wanted a name in the Irish language that would reflect some of the themes in our music, we chose Scáth Na Déithe, which roughly translates as “The Shadow of the Gods.”

2. At this time you have released your first EP, "The Horrors of Old", how was the process of writing and recording the songs? What is your way of working in the studio?
CH: The songs for this EP came together very naturally, we had all the songs written and recorded within the space of a couple of months.
The EP recording session was done like most recordings now days, we recorded the drums first and then laid down all the other instruments one by one on top of the drums.

3. You are not newcomers, both are in other projects, that if one more related to her black and one with the rock, stoner, however Scath na Déithe offers a sound that has a black hand, but also a strong component doom or even funeral, how you will define the band's sound and what are your musical references?
CH: It is difficult to try to properly define the sound of a project you are involved in, as different people hear different things in your music. For me the core of our sound consists of black and death metal, with some of the melodic aspects of doom and an atmospheric element added in to the sound.

4. Another miss important in your compositions is the atmosphere, that time may recall pagan elements, similar to bands like Drudkh line, is it something intentional, I had made any comment on this?
CH: Being from Ireland that sort of atmosphere does tend to seep into your music, even though it’s not our intention to sound “pagan” or be a pagan metal band. There is a lot of sadness in traditional Irish music and folklore that for me can have an influence on the music I create.

5. I think the theme of the album revolves around death and everything around you arrive, why you choose to treat this topic in your lyrics?
CH: The lyrics on the EP do deal with death, they are based on two stories from Irish folklore, one is based on the story of mothers that have died that return nightly to try to steal away their children and the other is An Sluagh, the spirits of people who committed great sins when they were alive, who return to collect the souls of the dying.
I chose these stories to base the lyrics on because the dark side of Irish folklore and storytelling has always interested and influenced me.

6. The EP has had a good impact and both media and public do not hesitate to recognize the enormous potential of the band, satisfied with the repercussion?
ST: It’s great to see what people think of the music however we are keen to see how people react to the songs in a live setting. We have had some very positive reviews and feedback sent our way so we are very happy with the response so far.
CH: We are very satisfied with the attention we have gotten so far. We didn’t expect to receive as much positive feedback or attention, as we released the EP without having played any live shows or releasing anything prior to this. 

7. It surprised however that no record label interested in her edition of "The Horrors of Old," will there be any reissue in the future?
ST: We actually have had a little bit of interest from various labels, both local and not so local. We will be releasing “The Horrors of Old” on tape via Sarlacc Productions in the new year. We might also look at doing a CD release later in the year. Sarlacc have been putting out some great stuff recently, definitely worth checking out.

8. How were your beginnings in music: first cds, concerts, etc. Why decide to be a musician?
ST: I’ve been into metal from a young age however I have played in some very non-metal projects over the years. Piano and Clarinet were my first instruments. I took lessons in piano and clarinet for a few years but I was more interested in metal drumming than sitting in front of a piano. A double kick pedal soon followed.
CH: I’ve listened to hard rock and heavy metal as long as I can remember and over time I kept seeking out heavier and more extreme music. I would consider myself a songwriter more so than a fully developed musician, and learning the guitar was the way I chose to create the music I wanted to make.

9. What can you tell us about the scene black Irish?
CH: The Irish underground scene is very strong at the moment, there are a lot of bands who are making amazing metal; Altar Of Plagues, Slidhr, Malthusian, Vircolac, ZOM, Corr Mhóna, From The Bogs Of Aughiska, Oh Daith, and of course the bigger bands like Primordial and Mourning Beloveth.

10. The cover design was entrusted to Manum Diaboli Art, what do you want to represent with this cover and how it relates to the content of the album?
CH: I had worked with Manum Diaboli Art before on other projects and I can’t recommend him highly enough. The cover art depicts an old woman clinging on to old books and scraps of paper, this represents the old stories and folklore that our lyrical themes are based on. 

11. The recording was made in veterans Balbriggan Station Studios in operation since 1960, why did you choose these studies for recording?
CH: We chose to record here as the studio is extremely well equipped and suited to capturing the type of sound we wanted for this EP.

12. What future plans do you have for the band? Are you working on new songs?
ST: Cathal is working on new material right now so we hope to release a full length at some stage in 2016. I feel that The Horrors of Old was a suitable introduction however a full length seems more appropriate this time round.
CH: Early 2016 we will begin rehearsing new material that we hope to record soon after and release during the year as a full length, live shows are also a possibility in the new year.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Scath na Déithe, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
CH: Thank you for taking the time to interview us and thanks to everyone who has checked out our music, sláinte!

1. Kawir - Prometheus 06:56
2. Nergal - Flegethon 04:47
3. Embrace of Thorns - Dismal Augur of Hierophant Mass 04:49
4. Soulskinner - 44 Caliber Killer 04:47


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