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Cuatro temas conforman este nuevo lanzamiento de los turcos Blliigghhtted, cuatro temas con una considerable duración y que siguen manteniendo el tono irreverente de anteriores ediciones, aspecto que más de un quebradero de cabeza ya le ha dado a la banda en su hasta el momento corta existencia. Su anterior "No Temple" ya  mostraba cierta evolución en su sonido, sobre todo en la inclusión y mejorado aspecto de las guitarras, permitiendo que aunque la música sigue conservando ese atmósfera opresiva y asfixiante al mismo tiempo se acerca y aproxima más al black más underground de comienzos de los noventa. La mayor duración de los temas permite añadir un cierto aspecto épico a la música sin descuidar en ningún momento la carga opresiva de la atmósfera. Por otro lado, otro aspecto que se había comenzado a introducir en su anterior obra, era el cierto aire doom en algunas partes, en " Kosmoskampf" no solo está presente sino que por momentos se adentra en terrenos del funeral doom. Como siempre Blliigghhtted no deja a nadie indeferente con su propuesta musical ni con todo lo que rodea a la banda, ofreciendo otra obra rica en influencias y en contrastes. (8,2).

1. Laughing Siblings 11:41
  His endless laughter echoing in the infinite ever multiplying halls of my mind.

Father do not feed no one else,
Do not give them the fuel you made me from.

You give me and I give back,
Would they ever understand?

You gave me your mistress,
I lick your semen from her bloodstained feet.

A whore gave birth to my mother,
I do not know what to do.

Slaughtered black angel you are.

You will no longer be afraid of anything,

Neither of the dreadful dreams,
Nor the fair child of past failures.
Faith does not matter anymore,
Serenity is forever yours,

For you are the anomaly that did not die.
You can wield every image at will
You can scorch sleep

You have chosed to name your success
As the keeper of the great darkness.
Everything that stung you named order.

And everything that you are chaos.
You give reasons to fight for the hopeless,
As you took it from them.

Even if you fail, you've been touched.
By the everlasting flame,
That unites us all.

No one can understand,
How happiness does not matter anymore.

There is no more fingers to point,
When reunited with the true self.

For he resided in a netherworld

Where you fell from.

The fountain of uncertainty is a mirrored monument.

Sculpted in the borderline of the worlds on high and low.

Sculpted by you and yourself.

Do not tell the self that he is on the wrong side.

Warm is my head when my heart turns east,
Longing for an eternal return to father.

Warm was the heaven's throne when she shone,
Longing for her son in his vast dreams.

Warm is the home of the son,
Longing for terror.

Warmth is never to be abandoned,
Warmth is never to be seeked.

Cold was the mind without the cross,
The cross found its way to the candles.

Cold was waxed out of nightmares,
The candles they are the black light.

Cold was the mind in darkness,
The black light is darkness.

Fertilize I must the pain induced by love,
Love is a face of lesser Evil
The rapist is the true father
In the mind of any woman

The friends of many are different,
Of the same father,
The blood that unites us
Disgusts me blind.
2. In Absu's Absent Presence 10:17
  I am chained to my kind through hate,
The breath I take is gifted upon me by you.
You are all I wish to be

Unless you think better of them.
I am a slave to my ego
As I try to run myself out of spirit
By respiratory fornication.

Father can I not be your most beloved
Until you cast on me your wretched spells.
You think I will never be of virtue
that you ever were.

I shall rule your universe one day
I know if that would be the day,
You think I will be unforgiving
You will only see that I was something beyond

And I will not hide behind false modesty
Like your sister and your mother.
That suffered your own father.
Your soul is a slut, just like them.

In the midst of all trouble you caused me,
I know you aren't a murderer,
But I also know,
You are a torturer.

He who does not submit to the darkness he is made of,
Shall always beget his flesh until he does.

A true warrior of the sealer of time I become,
Through your atrocity.
Forever enslaved I am within the knowledge and feeling of the end.
Therefore I will never deny what evil resides within.

A disease my kind and me were thought to be,
It only makes sense that we were the cause of suffering.
Blighted by the fact that we were so many,
This world spat out the disease.

What evil resides within every human being?
3. And Tiamat's Present Absence 11:26
 A soul can be stilled by force
When a mother walks across what used to be a torture chamber.
Fear stays where it was summoned.
And anyone to invade that space is deemed guilty in divine law.

Strength of charm under your spell,
Paternal lips thicken with venom,
Eating vermin away from maternal cunts is the cure
Drinking menstrual blood from teet of daughters respite

When the power of all lies become mere objects of desire,
I inhale the smoke once again to bring back chaos,
Unto realms untouched by evil spells
The slithery forms my real being

Fire they breath,
Nephesh of atesh
Fire fertilizing the realms
Where flowers float in space.

Grandmaster of all lies bleeding into my guts
I piss into his son’s mouth
As he defecates back in liquid form

Makes me vomit and vomit
The release of terrestrial crisis
The revelation of spiritual awakening
Makes me vomit and vomit

All flows down into a backward castle erected underground
In which all inhabitants became flowers
Rotten semen coming from within cracks of its walls
To meet the wrath of flowers’ cowardly piss

Fear bleeds philosophy from underground
How do you find the will to walk paths to no Temple?
The only true revelation is the living learning from the dead.
As they are drowning in an ocean they've bled.

Power brood
You slay yourself again.
Tempted soul,
You need to torture him.

He is you,
Murder him in yourself.
Murder yourself in him.
Let everyone who knew him forget you.

Breathe under blood
Breathe over space.
Breathe in eternal sleep
If only everyone were to breathe.

There are some, who try to plant this,

If everything you say is the same thing, why keep saying?

If everything you say is not the same thing, why keep saying?

I speak in eleven ways of kingdoms far away.

I am purged when I accept my faith in believing in mirrors in front of my eyes.

You are Him, and you know his spells are too strong.
We are forever all but doing his lonely will in everything we think we do for ourselves.
4. Nephesous 10:15  instrumental

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