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1.      Although the band was created in 2010 the process to achieve a stable line seems to have been laborious, because until the release of your first album there were a lot of changes within the group, why did you decide to create the band and why choose Mysteria Mortis name?
Band birth is December, 2010. We was decide to create the band because we dream about to make music, make good music. We love the mythology and value the traditions and knowledge of our ancestors. We understand that it is very important - to transfer this to music. Mysteria Mortis name it mean that only Death have ancient knowledge’s, and it mean that these knowledge it’s big Mystery for people in our real life. It’s mystic name for band.

2.      What so many comings and goings was due to the members of the band in its early? Today Mysteria Mortis already has a training guarantees?
I think that it just was time when we are get up from knees, took our first steps. In such a small town as ours it was very difficult to find good musicians. But this time absolutely behind. Now we have in group are excellent musicians, and we was already plays in two music metal tours, was play in China with Scorpions, Artillery bands in one scene. It was great for us!) It was Chinese tour in April-may 2015 and Russian metal tour in Jule and August 2015.

3.      In 2013 you edit your first album "Воды Тунд", how was the process of writing and recording? What is your way of working in the studio?
Yes, it’s right. In may 2013 we are released our first debut album «Tund’s water». It was hard but interesting process for us. It was first experience of recording. Every member was to criticize his work, but we was should to do it. we didn't have drummer and have a small money for make first album… that’s why you can hear electron drums in first album. It’s very cheap album but this album made with our hearts, love and souls.

4.      What are your main musical influences when composing as reflected in your music?
I think that our music now it like a mixture of black, pagan, folk, melodic death metal, epic metal and speed metal with clean and extremely female voice, extremely male voice and folklorist texts. So many fans told that we have a new folk style of music, something like «speed melodic folk» or just “new folk metal”.

5.      The texts revolve around the Nordic and Slavic mythology and paganism, why you chose this subject and that issues are what you are most interested in Norse mythology?
We very like mythology because we think that it’s really interesting. Mythology told us about tradition and legends of our ancestors. I think that there is no lies, because this is just a history, really great history passed from generation to generation. This is amazing stories and we should to know and save it. All of this dear to our hearts… we should to talk about it to all people.

6.      Do you think your geographical origin may be a handicap when it comes to reaching your audience? Is there an extreme scene in your town and bands recommend?
It really big handicap for all bands from our town, but it not problem for us. we are very stubborn, that’s why we don’t scared long way to big towns. We have a small extreme scene in our town and all band is such beginning… no more. We cannot recommend band from our town, but we can recommend folk band «Волколак» from Blagoveshensk.

7.      Anette Olzon or Angela Gonssow, to name a few, have you been a reference for you to decide to you to get started as a vocalist in a band?
I am very love Anette Olzon and Angela Gossow! Anette Olzon is mezzo soprano and 2.5 octaves, I am too have mezzo soprano and 3 octaves but only 2,5 octaves which I used in Mysteria Mortis now. And I am very love Elisa Martin (ex Dark Moor), she is like my teacher! All of these vocalist it like good example for me. But, besides I am very love Kimberly from Sinergy band. She was amazing singer! And when I was small girl my mom bought me Nightwish first album «Angel fall first». It was something new for me! Tarja Turunens voice sounds like something majestic…it was day when I starts to want to be a singer in metal band. I dreamed told to Nightwish musician and Sinergy’s musician for my childhood. I think that Finnish metal scene  had an impact on me and on our guitar player and to keyboardist.

8.      Maybe your musical affinity has more to do with bands like Tengger Cavalry, with other western bands?
Maybe you right. Maybe affinity more with Falcenbach, Nightwish, Amon Amarth, Enciferum… I don’t know….

9.      Recently the band has to do two tours one for Russia and another for China, how was this experience? Is it important the issue of giving concerts to promote the band?
Yes, it was great experience for us! It was really nice time which our musicians can spend together like one family! Yes, it is very important giving concerts for promote the band. We have a more fans now than it was without tours. Our team is preparing new tours for our band. We will never stop. Our fans waiting us again and again!) And we happy be in tours.

10.     Tell us a bit were your beginnings as the music, first concerts, first cds and I miss you guessed that dedicarais to be musicians?
First concerts was in another towns which situated not far from our home like Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. First cd it’s our first album… I was go to school choir, our keyboardist was student in musical school. Our drummers start to play in his first metal bands, and our guitar player start to play in guitar in 14 or 15 years old…

11.     What other activities outside mysteria Mortis occupy your time?
I write books of other genres and teach vocal, Nikita (guitar player) is university’s student. Our keyboardist Sema is end college, Roman – drummer is teaches another metal heads to play in drums.

12.     Both your logo as the album contains the figure of a dragon, who is the design that mean to you?
This logo made by girl from Vladivostok – Svetlana Corf. She was our designer for first album’s logo. But now we have a talented painter in our band – Dark Crusader (Maxim) from Novosibirsk. He was already made a new beautiful logo! Dragon it’s a very clever and great sky kings of ancient time, it mean divine wisdom for us.

13.     "Воды Тунд" was released on CD by Russian label More Hate Productions, how the possibility of this issue arose? Satisfied with the work done by More Hate Productions?
I want to say that More hate Producitions is really good and kind label for metal bands. they did not ask money from us, like many another Russian’s labels. They are was interested to work with us. We are very pleasure to this label and very glad to work with them. Alex Kantemirov – is really good guy! Because he is understand metal musician and he is very loyalty.  They are sale all copies of our first album, they are glad to work with us too.

14.     You are already lowering a new song that will surely be published next year, what do we tell you about the new songs, editing, etc?
It will something new from Mysteria Mortis. It was really good work for us, we spend many time for this. It will live drums, good mastering, all 2,5 octaves of my voice, choirs, interesting and hard guitars and epic keyboards! It will interesting booklet with illustrations for all songs. It will new true metal merch, and new tours for helped album. It will like new interesting page in bands history. This will be no the creativity of children who take their first steps. It will new art from really good musicians which have a so many ideas for came to people and make a big gift for our fans.

15.     Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Mysteria Mortis, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you so much, Black metal spirit! It was nice interview!
We want to tell that we are love our fans! We very like to see their smiles in our concerts! We like to hear and read their helped words...We make unpossible things for meet all of them again and again., With all of them we can make music in shit time. They are- amazing, all of them really cool guys!
You should be true and STAY METAL!

Anna "Annabell Ignis" Shvetsova

"Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" is a conceptual split release, based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey of the "sun" from death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance. Featuring two excruciating rituals from each NIGHTBRINGER & DØDSENGEL and stunning artwork by Cold Poison


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