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1.Phantasmal compose Wraith and Psychopomp, where are the origins of the band? Why did you decide to form it and why choose Phantasmal as name?
Psychopomp: Phantasmal started in 2012 when Wraith (a long time comrade of mine) approached me proposing that we do a band that would combine our individual views on black / thrash / speed / heavy metal. Here we are in 2015 and we have our debut demo released and a lot of material waiting to be unleashed! As for the name, there were a few names on our list when we were brainstorming band names, but Phantasmal stood out at me as being very representative of our morbid and aggressive style of metal; AND it had not already been claimed by another band (to my knowledge).

2.What brings you Phantasmal regarding other projects and bands in which you estuvierais involved?
P: Wraith and I both have been and are currently involved with other bands, but those are not important to discuss at this time.

3.What is your way of working on issues of Phantasmal and preceso as was the writing and recording of the demo "The Reaper's Forge"?
P: All tracking took place in 2014, but the process of writing and recording began in late 2012. Wraith and I live some distance from eachother, so our general working procedure involves us bouncing demo tracks back and forth to eachother until the time comes to do the final recording, which happens in Wraith's home studio.

4.I think define your music as black-thrash metal is a mistake, because in it we also find elements of speed or NWOBHM, how you define your music?
P: We are both massive fans of all of those styles, and a little of all of them makes its way into the music of Phantasmal. Pretty much anything goes as long as it's catchy, aggressive, and evil!

5.Following a bit with the above bands like Venom, Desaster and Bewitched are clear influences your sound, bands born in the eighties or nineties and lived its golden age by that time, what are your main musical influences? What do you value bands of that era and you think it has been asked today?
P: Yes, bands like those and many others are very important to us and to our music. A person's musical preferences will obviously inform the style of music that they choose to play. We exalt old and morbid metal, so we also play it.

6.Have you considered the possibility of offering a concert, if you completarías and the band for the concert?
P: As the band is currently just myself and Wraith, we have yet to play any shows and do not have any current plans to. If any reasonable and interesting offers come our way, we would put together a live lineup of other likeminded foul spirits and we'd be glad to play anywhere that would have us.

7.What matters in the letters try the demo and why you think interesting to talk about it?
P: The lyrics are about life and death, light and dark, here and the hereafter...possibly the most interesting of all subjects to discuss.

8.Is there an interesting extreme metal scene in your area of ??origin? What can you tell us about her?
P: Throughout the midwest USA there are lots of great bands from places like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and many other cities. Most places have good metal scenes if you know where to look.

9."The Reaper's Forge" has just been recently reissued by the label Hellforced Records, how possibility of this edition come from?
P: The crew at Hellforced contacted us expressing their appreciation of demo and offered to do an "expanded" rerelease of it once we had sold out of it (which happened pretty quickly). They will also be doing the cassette version of our next release.

10.Who designed the cover of "The Reaper's Forge" as it refers?
P: Our long time comrade Seth Bennett is responsible for both the artwork and our logo. He is also currently working on the art for the next release. If you enjoy his work, also see the work he has done with bands like Ares Kingdom, Faustcoven, Deathammer and lots more.

11.The cassette reminds beginnings of music, like vinyl, which one of these two formats are identify yourself more?
P: Wraith and I are both of the age where some of our first interactions with heavy metal came in the form of cassettes, so doing releases on cassette is sort of intended to invoke feelings of nostalgia in headbangers who first experienced heavy metal in the same way.

12.If I am not mistaken in this 2015 editareis a new EP, how will the process of writing and recording? Do you have title and record? What date will be published?
P: The next release is titled "Ectoplasmic Thrash". It will consist of 6 originals and a Bathory cover. We are recording it now, and it will be released sometime in the summer on CD by Legion Canada Records. Hellforced Records will again handle the cassette release. If any who read this would be interested in doing a vinyl release, feel free to contact us.

13.Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Phantasmal, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
P: Thanks & cheers for the interview, and be sure to keep an ear to the gravestone and listen for "Ectoplasmic Thrash" this summer!

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