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Origen: U.K, Ipswich
Formados: 1991
Estilo: Black sinfónico en su etapa  media.
Temática: Satanismo en sus inicios
  • Ashok Guitarra
  • Dani Filth Voces
  • Daniel Firth Bajo
  • Donny Burbage Guitarra
  • Marthus Batería
  • Zoe Marie Federoff  Teclados y voces

  • Invoking the Unclean Demo 1992
  • Orgiastic Pleasures Foul Demo 1992
  • A Pungent and Sexual Miasma Split 1992  
  • Total Fucking Darkness Demo 1993
  • The Principle of Evil Made Flesh CD 1994
  • V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein EP 1996
  • Dusk and Her Embrace CD 1996
  • Cruelty and the Beast CD 1998
  • Twisted Nails of Faith Single 1998  
  • PanDaemonAeon DVD 1999
  • From the Cradle to Enslave EP 1999
  • Midian CD 2000
  • Bitter Suites to Succubi EP 2001
  • Heavy Left-Handed and Candid DVD 2001
  • Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Recopilatorio 2002
  • Eleven Burial Masses / Live Bait for the Dead Directo 2002
  • Babalon A.D. Single 2003
  • Damnation and a Day CD 2003
  • Mannequin Single 2003  
  • Cradle of Filth Single 2004  
  • Nymphetamine CD 2004
  • Devil Woman Single 2005
  • Peace Through Superior Firepower DVD 2005
  • Thornographic  EP 2006  
  • Thornography CD 2006
  • Limited Edition 4 CD Recopilatorio 2006  
  • Honey and Sulphur Single 2008  
  • Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder CD 2008
  • Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa CD 2010
  • Evermore Darkly Recopilatorio 2011
  • Midnight in the Labyrinth CD 2012
  • The Manticore and Other Horrors CD 2012
  • Hammer of the Witches CD 2015
  • Dusk... and Her Embrace - The Original Sin CD 2016
  • Heartbreak and Seance Single 2017 Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay CD 2017 2 (85%)
  • Live at Dynamo Open Air 1997 Directo 2019
  • Existence Is Futile CD 2021
  • Trouble and Their Double Lives _Directo 2023
Seguramente si en mis manos no hubiera caído haya por el año 1994 una copia en formato tape del debut "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh" jamás se hubiera despertado en mi el interés por le black metal y es por ello que la banda de Dani siempre tendrá para mi un recuerdo especial. Años más tardes llegó también a mis manos "Damnation and a Day", "Nymphetamine" y finalmente "Thornography". álbumes que considero destacables e interesantes, en donde los riffs en algunos temas eran soberbios así como la ambientación, pero había que reconocer que el aura y la ambientación de "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh" jamás se repetiría. "V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein", llega dos años después de "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh" y fué su última obra para Cacophonous Records y pese a quién pese la banda ya comenzaba a emitir signos de cambio. La esencia y las similitudes con su anterior obra son obvias, riffs imposibles, un excelente trabajo de bajo y blast beats en una combinación pocas veces igualada y sobre todo las voces de Dani, mil veces vilipendiado por sus gritos, pero que ya forman parte de la escena muy a pesar de algunos, siempre ofreciendo una calidad es las partes graves en contrapunto con las agudas y la buena incorporación de las partes femeninas, todo ellos regado con unos teclados intensos. Sin embargo el ambiente de su anterior obra era mucho más tétrico, el oyente se encontraba inmerso en una auténtica película de terror y el sonido estaba mucho menos pulido y ese punto más underground solo redundaba en una mayor calidad del conjunto. "V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein", es más refinada, ya se intuye cierto distanciamiento de la oscuridad inicial y a la apertura hacia sonidos más góticos es todo un echo, aún a pesar de ello cuenta de buenos momentos, sobre todo cuando la música se torna rápida y caótica y se vuelve a incidir en un plano misterioso y oculto, conservando la esencia en algunas composiciones. Mi último contacto con ellos fue en 2006 en el ya desaparecido festival de Vilar de Mouros, en un concierto más que aceptable. (8).

1. Ebony Dressed for Sunset 02:49   
Unshadow thyselves children
The reign in flesh begins again... 

V empire
Funereal majesty awake 
Cneajna wreathed in snake
Draconis talons rake... 

So haunted is my silent heart
Dreaming only of the moon
When velvet darkness falls tonight 
The thirst crescends anew... 

Only for you

Inspired to mortal nightmare
Ebony dressed for sunset
In the dulcet whispers of the Damned...
2. The Forest Whispers My Name 04:40
Black candles dance to an overture
But I am drawn past their flickering lure
To the breathing forest that surrounds the room
Where the vigilant trees push out of the womb

I sip the blood-red wine
My thoughts weigh heavy with the burden of time
From knowledge drunk from the fountain of life
From Chaos born out of love and the scythe
The forest beckons with her nocturnal call
To pull me close amid the baying of wolves
Where the bindings of christ are downtrodden with scorn
In the dank, oderiferous earth

We embrace like two lovers at death
A monument to the trapping of breath
As restriction is bled from the veins in my neck
To drop roses on my marbled breast
I lust for the wind and the flurry of leaves
And the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze
To learn from the dark and the voices between

This is my will. .

The forest whispers my name. . again and again

I walk the path
To the land of the Dark Immortals
Where the hungry ones will carry my soul
As the wild hunt careers through the boughs

Come to me, my Pale Enchantress
In the moon of the woods we kiss

Artemis be near me
In the arms of the ancient oak
Where daylight hangs by a lunar noose
And the horned, hidden one is re-invoked

The Principle of Evil
Evolution has been recalled
Beneath the spread of a Magickal Aeon
I stand enthralled. .

. . In the whispering forest
3. Queen of Winter, Throned 10:27
I share Carmilla's mask 
A gaunt mephitic voyeur 
On the black side of the glass 
Peering through the mirror 
Deep dark and ominous 
Consorting themes, demons I weave 
Subservience from thee to lost

I am Corinthian light 
A snake in flowers by night
the last temptation of christ
evil in mortal...

Disguise the guilt
Sharp-eyed, impassive whore 
Burn the asafoetida 
and rank petriachor 
Lure me panthered Faustia 
With cunt and veiled womb 
To prowl thy inner sanctum walls 
In Tirgoviste to resume 

Seduction, my obsessive art 
A pantheon of tragedies inscribed upon the stars 
Like thistled ruin, garbed around thy heart 
Bacchanal Cinderella, desirious midnight passed 
Leaving thee as sacrifice asleep within my arms 
'Midst dreams od robed redemption versed in sexual aftermath 
When we ebb as tides together, carnal souls entwined 
And orgasms expire, come puppet wires and the blind 
Fires work in me 
A lithe supremacy 
I tear asunder heaven as I would all enemies 
Impaler Lord 
Flesh upon the sword 
My lower lusts are sated, the greater herald war 

I am thirst, spearheaded hunger 
Sacrament and pain 
Nails raked in savagery 
When the cruel Countessa came

The Queen of death-white winter enthroned 
Evil resplendent, in dusk red seething skies 
Foam-flecked nightmares drag a moon 
Of Draconian design

A love that never dies 
Nefarious as her winds
Stirring silhouettes to rise

When stars fall pale 
And to drown back in Her eyes 
Is to madden ghosts within 
To unhinge a thousand sins 
From Death's dark vale

"Blessed be these spells of winter 
Unto us that wait with patience in 
This secret garden 
To storm our way into another 
As yes undone"


Desert claims Eden 
And Hyperborean 
Visions of Utopia are driven from the sun 
Before thee angels clasped 
In nakedness their ochre flesh 
Shall yield to thy advance

She is all to me 
Mysterious, alive 
The howling in the deep woods 
When cold festal stars aligned

A lurid moon looms; phosphorent, evil 
Yesod vested in despotic upheaval 
Silvering wolves that scarlet forest snow 
Forgotten ones ebter as above, so below

The trees groan aghast as ghostly pallored clouds are rent 
When the drunken earth heaves, sweep aside seas to ascend 
From Sheol's dank haunted wilderness 
Thy seal upon Nuit's starry vault to incense the sleepers, dead

Queen of Winter, throned 
The murderess lurked in vulgar caresses 
Vestal masturbation 
(Purity) Overthrown

In raven feathered dress 
Sides with Death at chess 
Their pawns are many and the enemy 
When the miscreants fell dead 
She took to conjuring spells in the cusp of the night 
And the bestial floor shook with terrible life 
I rise before thee Queen 
To feed our lusts on the blood of the weak 
To rule heaven and worlds crawling beneath 
Satanic Tyranny
4. Nocturnal Supremacy 05:53
 Weak midnight promises of love 
Were wept upon Her grave 
And shunned by stars above 
In mortal life lurks my dismay 
An Angel stole my heart 
and Death took Her away

She sleeps beyond the grace of god 
A dreaming beauty 
If wishes could only fray that bond 
The dead would sing for me...

Twelth moon arose with ghostly voice 
A poet's serenade 
Her name a whisper 'pon my lips 
And lo, Rorasa came

Fear me not my grieving King 
Funereal in breath 
The secrets of the dark I know 
And thus, we shall cheat Death"

My promises wrought though despondence that night 
Have delivered me gifts from the grave 
Rorasa enshadowed and eternal life 
Never a Devil so vain 
The Angel is fallen, for I thought her lost 
And no heaven would silence the pain 
Teach me these secrets, the sensual frost 
Desire for warm blood again

Princess lay down thy florid cheek 
In drunken splendour 
Tonight rare regal fate has cast 
The wolves among the sheep

Dark nature clasp my soul 
Around Her throat mine arms enfold 
To sleep, perchance to dream 
And then... 
To dusk and flesh ascend

The Sun descends, magenta spirits fill the skies 
and wreak erotic maladies where sex and Death abide 
From writhing tides where gothick siren weave their song to shore 
Through the ashes of the battlefields where ravens and angels war 
As phantoms we have fled the basilisk of day 
To rise as phoenix taloned, nightly taking prey

We rule like the red and risen moon upon the sea 
The stars of judgement silent, for we share joyous 
Stigmata plague

The wine of Bacchus flows 
Listen to the thunder rage

Deceivers dragged before their cross 
I am He that vanquished Death 
And bore the sting of loss 
What vulgar christ will unprise my grasp? 
His temple, ruined, burns 
And sweet Rorasa laughs

I am enamoured and imparadised 
To catch the fires dancing profanely in her eyes 
"I will crush them all 
If this holds thy delight" 
Rather dead forever than to lose her 
Nymph-lascivious Aphrodite
5. She Mourns a Lengthening Shadow 03:42
Hasten to the bridal bed - 
Underneath the grave 'tis spread: 
In darkness may our love be hid, 
Oblivion be our coverlid - 
We may rest, and nione forbid.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
6. The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosannas in Extremis) 08:52
 Hosannas in Extremis 
Invading tempestuous skies 
When Inanna rose, bringing angels repose 
And Narcissus' date as their prize 
Blinded by Diana's mirror 
Wherein coffined truth struggles, forlorn 
And covetous stars out their eyes to deceive 
The horrors performed on Her shores 
As jewelled Ishtar, in darker Aeons 
Trespassed Ereshkigal's grasp 
Her ravening twin, wreathed in whispers and wind 
Now inspires Catharsis to dance 
Through the weave of white vaults 
Where the shadows revolt 
At the incest of spiritual love 
Castrata choirs, bereft of such lusts 
Spatter virginal breasts with their blood

The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve
(Thirst-ridden) Wolves serenade a moon 
Who seems no mistress of Herself 
And heavens pour forth vast casualties 
Thy host given up for me 
Thou which wert once and then ceased to be 
Art now ensconced to chapters 
Of a lengthening tragedy

Whilst we scream free

Deep forests impale the sinister mist 
Their sorcery taught to the clouds 
Who muster like mountains, a fountainous wish 
To vex the sweet dead from silk odious shrouds

Storm-woken sisters of Judas unfurl 
As Psyche to Sapphic lament 
Wrapt in thy tresses and taloned caresses 
Whisper me secrets beheld beyond Death

I was loath to lose 
To the virgin-bloodied priests 
Whose lord fantasied on Magdalene 
And sought to savour Her as a beast

Her aching sex 
A rose undone 
As mine in tears and spasms wrung"

Ebon Nemesis, slain Jericho's stone 
has built thee a marbled stair 
By candlelight to Eden abd Serpentine throne 
Where ravens rape the tenanting angels there

Hurry, else Death may spy us here 
And quicken the pulse of dawn 
Embering flames writhe to life again 
The starry brow threshed with poisonous thorn

Huntress, draw back the silvered bow 
Thy dogs set upon the manger 
The enemyy in throes...

Whilst drifting fogs devour 
All Hallows witching hour 
On this long, dark seance for the soul

Through malevolent Scylla, Charybdis graves 
Our conquesting spirits pour forth, unassuaged 
Occultnesses watch us and Seraph, afraid 
Like fireflies plunge to Her maw, midst crashing black waves

"Remember with pride what thou art 
Lest we forget in awe of our terrible past" 

When Dark royalties drank of despair 
Idols hewed down 'neath a desert god's stare 
In thrall to revenges sworn there 
What dreams could we father, when farther we fell 
To nightmare... ?

"Well versed in misery 
We have lain naked in darkest ravines 
Now the sun has set in slumber, We delight 
Like serpents in arousal 
Coiled to strike at the light"

Now abyssed Lucifers master the earth 
Uncloister jaded harlots once served 
Enthralled by cruel raptures, rehearsed 
Kiss slumbered beauty and weapon our thousand year curse

The laughter of Khaos 
Gatekeepers flee the onslaught

A World enslaved to flame 
Bondage in Phallustine 
Pleasure temples for my bride 
Nubian grace swiftly seize 
Thieves blood-divine 
Empires thrive on sacrifice

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