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Origen: E.E.U.U, Arvada
Formados: 2010
Estilo: Black, doom
Temática: Apoteosis, desesperación, proyección astral y suicidio
Enlaces: Bandcamp, facebookreverbnation y twitter

  • Dave Borrusch Bajo
  • Isaac Faulk Guitarra
  • Kelly Schilling Guitarra
  • Peter Hauschulz Batería
  • Zach Salmans Voces

  • Senium EP 2011
  • Relinquished (A Crumbling Monument Witnessed by None) CD 2012
  • Autochthon CD 2014
  • A Sulfurous Dialectic EP 2016

Como un viaje a la búsqueda de la raíces de nuestra especie se presenta el segundo larga duración de la formación de Colorado, un álbum de atmósferas intensas y asfixiantes, que se encuentra cómodo en sonidos próximos al vanguardismo o al funeral doom y que va sucumbiendo a una ambientación ritualista. Un álbum de solo seis temas pero que a lo largo de sus casi sesenta minutos de duración da buena muestra de la importante evolución que ha sufrido la banda a lo larga de estos último años, hasta acabar por poder ofrecer un sonido denso y pesado en algunas partes incluso primitivo, de largos desarrollos en donde la percusión y las guitarras se sumergen en la creación de una música de atmósfera incluso depresiva. Las voces, salvo en contadas ocasiones, permanecen en un segundo plano, dejando que la música fluya de manera libre y limitándose a oscuros gritos ahogados que suenan lejanos. Buen trabajo de una banda que ha sabido construir un trabajo de black en esencia pero que se apoya en otros estilos como pueden ser el funeral doom, de la siempre emergente escena estadounidense. (7,9).

1. Wolcnum 15:07
  Only to revel But which is to be seen

There is one truth Obscured in the mire of dreams Conquered in aspirations Of ritual esoteric Priests of fallacy

Come soothsayers Beseeching prophets Gilded liars adorned Crowns of ash and a tongue of worms

Wants of disgust Carnal loathing Betraying lust False gathering a wanton fear Fathering nothing

The seer is blind a vessel lost Essence of a dying thought Ravaged flesh and mind Both to will and father another false prophet
2. Weathered Stones 10:01
Discarded Left sentient Known only to the moss Etchings weathered meaningless Hieroglyphs of time from dust Passed and conquered a monolith of sister stones aligned Stellar cairns betrothed in loss Wards scribed to greater strength Gilded stones with sigils revealed Only boughs of ash cast respite Its sole guardians Throngs of blighted being Of a mound wrought in naught To reap of decay Stricken of from shadows brought Begotten to non-life Formed anon to linger anon, twixt anon anon Shroud and mire Beseeching tide as yore staggers adrift yet cast aside Endlessly wandering  
3. A Fevered Grip 08:02
 Unfathomable The grasp of mute eyes Despondent Staring The wrath of distaste and pride

a fetid tongue brought to womb Wrought to encompass Black clouds circling a swirling mist Betraying lull To this time of grace

a vermin's kiss Lichened grip a penny's worth Of a flowers guest ashen birth Of decaying sentinels

Smothered repose Of the hapless Enshrouded in amaranthine display Encased
4. The Father of My Trials 09:40
Regression of my humanity The primal call Instinct and yearning Wary from travel I gather my thoughts as if tired feet Before a warm fire Grappling with defeat a struggle all to familiar at the brink of collapse If only to let them Lull me down Manifold 'twixt a precipice If I step will I fall Will I give up everything Is it failure or defeat an enveloping presence The father of my trials and the call grows stronger The voice of the father of my trials Fleeting before me Faltering strength Lost forever Unfounded by denial Lasting til the last beat of my heart an enveloping presence The father of my trial and the call grows stronger The voice My voice The father of my trials  
5. This Feral Temple 05:52
Come to me a quaking mass with open arms Wretched legion In darkness of mind as wood smoke lingers Gathering amongst the alder and pine a time of yore remembered a time of honor restored The dutiful and selfless Soil rich with pious life Given in pools of reverence This feral temple alive 
6. The Eldritch and the Atavistic 11:12
He comes in many forms His whispers are waves His essence wrought of stone His thoughts are of fire His breath brings the filament of life In his presence there is no honor Grace is sub-servitude or death Primogen sacrificed for his delectation Daughters wilt at his kiss Decaying tryst of kings The greatest of men Succumbed to the grasp of his being Braced with lust incarnate The gleam of his crown Reflection of the throes of naught His thoughts are of fire His breath brings the filament life The myriads congregate An expression of goetia exonerated Anointing his brow The daughters of man The sons of stags An adornment upon his alter Blessed sacrament of which he devours We come before him Humbled, baring tribute Devout wanderers lost His is the spirit in us Yet his body is lost 

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