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Origen: Italia, Roma
Formados: 2001
Estilo: Black
Temática: ?
  • Borius The King Voces
  • Lord Trevius Bajo, batería programa y guitarra
  • Trukus Trukulentus Guitarra

  • Demo-Niako Demo 2002  
  • In Absentia Domini Demo 2003  
  • Let the Evil Arise Demo 2006  
  • Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua CD 2014
  • Cycles of Primal Chaos CD 2022
Veterana banda italiana que llevaba unos cuantos años de silencio después de la publicación de sus tres primeras demos, pero que ha regresado este año con su primer larga duración "Orietur in Tenebris Lux Tua", un álbum que recoge influencias del metal escandinavo de losaa años noventa, sobre todo en cuanto a agresividad y sinfonismo. Las composiciones están muy bien elaboradas, riffs majestuoso que en ciertos momentos llegan a ser melódicos y épicos impregnando toda la música de una sensación de frialdad Los detalles están muy cuidados y en el transcurso de los temas podemos apreciar en un segundo plano por momentos aunque en otros más presente elementos sinfónicos en la línea de las bandas de black metal escandinavas de los años noventa como antes mencionaba. Pero esto solo es un pequeño aspecto de su música, suficientemente variada y llena de matices para tener entretenido al oyente a lo largo del álbum, manteniendo constantes cambios de ritmo de unos más rápidos a otros más lentos y graves, eso si manteniendo el pulso en las voces de Borius es su faceta más agresiva y rasgada. Con un nombre inspirado en la obra de JR Tolkien, Nazgul Rising nos ofrecen su primera puesta de largo, un álbum conciso y correcto. ((8,1).

1. Intro 02:04  
2. Battlefields of Desolation 06:09
  When the black wind whispers war
Like voices of dead

The storm screams revenge
a black light eclipsed the deadline
Crewing thorns field unbounded
the frozen kingdom

Dark legions rise from the abyss of torments
and march to their doom
The messiah uncrowned
made last dream of blood
and screams into the obscure sacrarium

Malefic symphonies suffocate the last hope
while evil hordes begin the extirpation of the servants

When the black wind whispers war
Only an heart full of hatred
can hear lamentations
of the mourning souls

Disembodied voices
Darkness within me
only emptiness inside

A darkness worse than any void
where the dream is not of the sleeper.
And the black wind still blows
And incinerates the trees

And the moon is the same one

that spent so many years ago
that the delight passed over.

And stepping over the pain
that lights those who live and die.

Battlefields of desolation
Where the godless dead lies
Souls who have no memory or oblivion

Battlefields of desolation
where they are waiting for whom
remember or forget

of vile and heroes
fate chooses in blindness fake

The dark one
weaver of a new era
3. The Serpent Cult 05:48
  Chthonic subterranean forces
emanate from the bowels of the earth
Lord of the Tree of Truth
that wrap the sick in sleep
vanquish evil with the power of earth
Moon mistress of tides.

Serpent lord of rotten waters.
Dwelling in the land

between the black roots flows quietly
and blooding branches,
hangs dead fruits

Lightning from his forked tongue
and its venom is deadly.
archaic cosmologies surround
the ancient guardian
coiled on the trunk.

Divinity in human form
on his throne plague
the serpent cult

The burnt offering on the altar
decays till dusk
Moon, source of living water,
suspended over the chalice raised
from the hand of God,
The knowledge to immortality
Oh moon stripped of your shadow,
oh serpent change your skin.
4. Awake the Ancient Hordes of the Black Twilight 05:14
Sky threatens a storm wrapped in the arms of death the realm of undead where evil drained every essence of life. Shadows over the graves awake the ancient horde of the black twilight Darkness scourging my soul malevolence burning my hopes . Thorns grow in my mind as venomous black essence ripped from my body flesh it heals. riborn under the 13th sign The silence is broken by scream in cold grimness devouring fire dominated by evil worshiper of the unlight Before the last eclipse with cosmic lifeforce the black sun rise again to dominate the world. Let darkness triumph over light and the curse will begin walk with your enemy when dusk fades beyond the black sea all light shall perish in the astral abyss deathlike silence mesmerized by darkened skies. Corpses lay coldly on the ground my spirit can fly and rise to the throne  
5. Damnatio ad Bestias 06:19
Hoarse cries and screaming Suffocated in terror. Visions. The voice was off In a stretch of dungeon. Darkness waiting the fate Heavychains Lacerating flesh Hora venta est Sententia promulgata Horror manifestum Excruciat Animae Silent Darkness Death sing a mournful dirge echoes Earth - blood – soaked Evocate sign of the past wrapped in a dismembered corpses Where sacrifice - was to be done Mors Sanguis Bestia Nigra Damnatio ad bestias Mors Sanguis Bestia Nigra Wraiths cloaked in black animating sinister presences They bring a funeral drape And behind fell the growling - beast. Foaming drool blood, Held by mighty chains Buried alive with the beast Light is a vanishing point The stone will never be removed satisfy the beast At last human feeds. Only the mind can escape See the land where shadows sleep eternally. clauduntur membra sepulchro (mors sepultus vivus cum cruentae sanguis bestiae bestia aeternum nigra) clauduntur lumina noctem sacrificium consummatum est  
6. Hymn of Decay 04:59
Guardian of the 7th gate stay on the throne of Evil Keeper of the dark region the caged dead awaits the black dawn. Beyond the abyss where desolation rule, the serpent awakes from the slumber. From the deepest of the earth, where chaos unleashed winds of plague The chains will be broken by the creature who scream revenge. Flying in the red sky, piercing human shadows by black locust. Approach the beast. Faceless. Pregnant women cry for unfinished labor sacrifice for the birth of a new world with open wounds and rusty sores. Wounded moon and dying sun by fear. Wounded moon and dying sun by evil. Hymn to decay traces of men went vanished women lost childrens. Were not enough thousands graves to hide pettiness Man Beast Master even depths hell no want to stench it. Dirty hands trembling sweaty faces of the torments seal without mercy and roam in that round. Ethereal souls of Elysian Fields this is the punishment No more suffering no pain just ... dust ... only dust given to us to remember
7. Throne of Eblis 04:40
The diabolical deal with evil. Get immense power of disturbing dreams Abjure the faith to accomplish great wickedness Sacrifice of 666 souls. walking throught the subterranean palace fire. Phantasmagorical journey that blows and contaminates everything it meets. Up to thin out to leave him in loniless in front of doors to the dark abyss. Only a wicked deception, the world awaits Eblis. Living dead with a heart tormented in flames that burn for revenge For the one who bore the greed and lack of true faith. There is no hope for the dark world. Disease is related to the condemnation The tension abjure the faith Torn from the clutches of demons for the pact Mephisto is the deception. Sarcasm creation destruction of illusions pessimism Evocation of the horrible fate catastrophic. Ballad spectral knowledge of the tyrant loneliness, sarcasm and cynicism realism inexhaustible capacity for subordination to the divine plan concrete and real sense of loss. Sacrifice of 666 souls. for the throne of Eblis
8. Beyond the Abyss 06:17
 I seek a reason to go on
Than will help me breathe
A pulse that makes me bleed
I seek a wing that keeps me up
I keep on falling down, no one can hold me up
And help me fix my mistakes.
Life flees from me while death pulls me away
I’m lost in a storm of thoughts
Trapped in a vortex made of shadows
Slowly, as a dying candle, my life fades away
Just the wax of my ideas still remains

The abyss triumphs in this life
I drown, alone, in my desperation
I ride on the wings of solitude,
Towards the last dawn of my days
I scream my sorrow in silence
Blinded by agony, poisoning my flesh
The bloody tide that floods the world
Shall take me below, among hate, wrath and violence!
I embrace the tears of falling angels
And I raise my horn to the end of world!
I shall burn among the hellish flames
And fall from my last safe haven
I greet you Death, I shall serve you
I’ll stand beside you till the Abyss will rise triumphant. 


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