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1.Algor started out as a band in 1998, what are your memories of those early band? What were the principles that I believe and what the band's name refers Algor? 
My memories of the beginnings are mainly very positive. Everything was so spontaneous, full of  enthusiasm and energy, because we were too young then. From time to time I feel a certain nostalgia for this great times. Today, things are quite good too, but the spirit of that period will never come back again. Our band´s name arise somehow obviously. I had a several titles but the latin word „algor“ (which could be translated as „frost“ or „chill“) was the best for our early music, when we started with cold and harsh black metal.                                                             
2.In 2003 after a couple of demos Algor edit "uder Pohanského Hnevu" their first album, What was the composition of that first album What accounted for the band the unanimous recognition of this album? 
I wrote songs for „Úder…“ when I was about 18 – 19 years old. Then I was musically influenced mainly by classic black metal bands of early 90´s such as Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, etc. But regarding compositions, I think that I was able to create some specific atmosphere without copying any of that. We were satisfied, that this stuff was accepted really positive and today it´s still very recognized album, mainly at the Slovak and Czech black metal scene. Also probably for that reason, that we released this CD at time, when black metal becomes slowly more popular in our country and there was not too much bands that played this kind of music.

3.After a couple of splits and a demo last 2013 edit "hierophany", an album that took you a few years to be ready, how was the process of writing and recording of "hierophany?" How is your way of working on the issues? 
The process of songwriting was slowly and in a sense „unmanaged“, because I´m not able to do that under pressure. My way of composing is based on spontaneous expression through music and because of this, I don´t try to do it forcibly. I think, that this is a basic pillar of every truly art  – art which is controlled by emotions, sensibility, dreamy visions… and not by the conscious effort to create. From this perspective, time is not so significant for me. I´m waiting for really strong inspiration and incentives, that I wrap to the music subsequently. As regards recording of „Hierophany“, so this was relatively long process, which took us about four months in recording studio, because we wanted to do album which would be really satisfying for us. I believe that this ambition was fulfilled a we´re glad, that feedback is so positive. 

4."Uder Pohanského Hnevu" and "hierophany" are two albums with a different sound that show a band, Algor, which has evolved over time, how has this evolution in sound between these two albums and remains to-day today in Algor about those early days?
Sound is an essential factor to achieve desired atmosphere of music. And every kind of music needs a specific sound to be able to stand out its power and potential. At the time when we worked on „Úder pohanského hnevu“, our requirements on sound were different as when we recorded „Hierophany“, because at each stuff  we tried to achieve different atmosphere.At the beginning of our performing we wanted to do things more natural and rough, cause we tried to make really orthodox black metal sound. But today, after some years of musical maturation, we work another way. Now we are more open to new options in production an music itself, of course. I think, that entire sound is still harsh enough, but saturated with more emotional, dreamy atmosphere. We are disposed towards multiple musical influences and it´s naturally manifested in our recordings.  

5.Another change is the suffering of the subject, in its pagan beginnings but has recently evolved into more philosophical concepts, can you explain a bit about dealing the lyrics to "hierophany" considered interesting and why write about it? 
Yes, our lyrics was based on slavonic / pagan themes at the beginning, but now I am inspired mainly by works and phenomenological concepts of religion of authors such as Mircea Eliade or Rudolf Otto. The next inspiration are my own, inner spiritual experiences and various abstract and philosophical themes connected mostly with religion. Spirituality is a symbol of  the most intimate nooks of human´s soul and have ever represented well of deep knowledge for me. As I sad, one of the most inspirative author for my lyrics is an important scientist Mircea Eliade – his concept of dialectics of „sacred“ and „profane“, view of so – called „illud tempus“ („mythic time“) - a „time“ of sacred facts, which represents ahistorical sphere of mythical archetypes… Eliade´s ability of comparation, analysis and synthesis of religious phenomenons was really remarkable.

6.As part of the scene black Slovak and former member of bands like Exaltation, Hromovlad o Mysterious Eclipse, How to describe the black Slovak scene? Have current black metal band worth or any past was better?
Well, however Slovakia is a small country, here are some bands, that deserves attention (not only in BM ). If I should mentioned some of my favourites, or bands with whom I´m in friendly contact, it would be the following names: Remmirath, Korium, Aeon Winds, The Last Farewell to Mankind (just a new group, but with members of well – known Slovakian bands such as Hromovlad, Skon, Prarod…), Angel Epilepsia, etc. 

7.What bands have influenced the sound of Algor and which feels more identified? 
At an early stage our sound was influenced by bands of Norwegian black metal scene (especially Darkthrone) and also Slavic pagan/black metal of 90´s. But today, after so many years, it´s a little bit difficult to say which music influences our sound mostly, because we like different kinds of music (simply said: from ambient, through rock to black metal) and we don´t prefer just only one style. Nothing is targeted from us, we are not trying to conform our sound to someone else. It´s a matter of listeners, what they can find in our sound and music itself.

8.As for the concert, do you find it very difficult to capture all the atmosphere live music emanating from Algor What upcoming shows are planned? 
I think that it´s not so difficult, but final effect of live presentation ever depends on various things – concert place, good sound engineering, etc. Actually we have four members for live gigs (only keyboards and samples have to go from playback), so with this assembly we can prove solid atmosphere. It is also testified by feedback from audience, which is mainly very favorable.Yes, some upcoming shows are planned, but only in Slovakia and Czech Republic for the moment. Every concert dates are updated on our web site (www.algor.wbl.sk).
9.How were your beginnings in the world of music and why he decided to become a musician? Still have today the same enthusiasm as when you started? 
I think, that I didn´t choose the music, but the music did choose me.:-) My fascination by this kind of art started in my early childhood. I have never thought about it, if I´ll be a musician, from the beginning it was absolutely inherent way for me. When I was a child I loved to hear rock and metal groups and I dreamed about day when I have my own band. This dream became later true and I started to play in my first band when I was thirteen. My next musical activity was really extensive. I played in many local bands on various positions (as a bass guitarist, guitarist, drummer or vocalist). This gave me a lot of skills and I learned to perceive music more compexly than before and I benefit of it until now. My obsession by music cut across all my life an I know, that it will stay forever.

10.Who designed the cover of "hierophany" and how it relates to the contents of the disc? 
The cover was designed by me and Miroslav (drums). We were trying to find some simple, but strong theme, that would graphically define musical and lyrical content of album. The title photo of tree (made by Miroslav) could symbolize something like „axis mundi“ – a frequent mythological symbol of central vertical object that represents centerpiece of cosmos. In contex of Eliade´s researches, it´s a place with the most concentration of sacred energy, which interconnects three levels of universe – heaven, earth and underworld. And as I sad before, my lyrics are greatly inspired by Eliade´s works, so this was the best choice for us. We had many versions of cover art and booklet as such, but from the beginning of work we knew, that the graphic design must be aesthetic, simple and clear.  

11."Hierophany" was released through the label Slovak Hexencave Productions, how the possibility of working with this label? Do you think the label has done a good job in promoting the album? 
Our cooperation with Mysticus of Hexencave Productions is based on longtime, friendly relations. He always believed in our work and supported us from our very beginnings. Within the realms of possibility, he make a maximum for the group and I´m glad, that our CD could be released through this quality and serious label.

12.What future plans do you have for the band? Are you working on new songs for Algor? 
After the edition of digipack CD and MC version of „Hierophany“ we have plane to release LP version of this stuff (probably next year) through Hexencave Productions. And what about new material, I´m slowly working on new songs, but at the moment it´s ultimely to talk about it, cause everything is just in the bud. Time will tell…

13.Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Algor, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking.
I just want to thank you for your time and support and I also greet all your readers. Join our cosmic pilgrimage of sacredness and timelessness… 

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