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Origen: Bélgica, Wervik.

Formados: 2000

Estilo: Black, death atmosférico

Temática: Depresión, fatalidad y oscuridad

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagram y Thurisaz.


  • Kobe Cannière Teclados y voces
  • Mattias Theuwen Guitarra y voces
  • Nick Meganck Bajo
  • Pepijn de Raeymaecker Batería y voces
  • Peter Theuwen Guitara y voces

  • Anno Viroviacum Demo 2002  
  • Scent of a Dream CD 2004
  • Circadian Rhythm CD 2007
  • The Cimmerian Years CD 2011
  • Live & Acoustic Directo 2015
  • The Pulse of Mourning CD 2015  
  • Re-Incentive CD 2020

Nuevo álbum para la veterana banda belga que pone fin a casi cinco años de silencio con un álbum de siete temas cuya duración individual nunca es inferior a los seis minutos. Inmersos en un sonido black/death con influencias atmosféricas a lo largo de su carrera, para esta nueva obra han transitado por nuevos estilos como el doom y un sonido bastante claro, casi que preciosista a veces, del cual a buen seguro tendrá algo que ver el productor Jens Bogren (Dark Tranquillity, Haken, Symphony X, entre otros). Desde el comienzo de este "Re-Incentive" con el tema "In-Balance" vemos que lo elaborado de la propuesta de este nuevo álbum, Thurisaz optan por un sonido claro, limpio y comedido que no es impedimento para que guarde en su interior una furia sumergida en forma de oscuridad. Los riffs suenan melódicos, la música tiene como un carácter hipnótico y muchas veces las influencias doom datan a todo el conjunto de un componente melancólico. Las voces juegan un papel fundamental en el conjunto, explotándose al máximo en su vertiente más limpia y clara, con un peso de la emotividad en las mismas, al tiempo que el oyente también se ve sorprendido por otras de mayor peso death en trasfondo. El apartado musical también nos trae algunos pasajes mucho más rápidos y desenfrenados con un buen hacer en un estilo a medidas entre un black frio y melódico y algunos puntos de death, sin renunciar a abundantes pasajes acústicos en todo el álbum tanto en su vertiente más metal con en otros más acústicos que logran que el conjunto suene sorprendente, lo suficiente latente en cuanto a intensidad para desprender un halo de misterio y digamos que brutalidad, al tiempo que nos regala unas partes mucho más accesibles en donde las influencias de diferentes estilos dentro del metal clásico se encuentran a la orden del día. (8,1).

1. In-Balance 10:21
I’m trying to feel your thoughts It’s never easy I know But trying makes me feel reassured That there is still hope Hope for us being together Hope for this doesn’t end right here I know I shouldn’t But it keeps me going on Going through the day Going through this endless line of downfall Year after year We grow further apart We grow apart I’m really trying Trying to grieve, and to be relieved Trying to start this all over Ready to end this endless deceit End this burden Unveiling the inconvenient truth Exposure is my destiny The silence will lift my disguise Prevents me to hide Deserted by all density You’ll dissolve into thin air, Become what I fear Hope for us being together Hope for this doesn’t end right here I know I shouldn’t But it keeps me going on Going through the day Through this endless line of downfall Year after year We grow further apart We grow apart  
2. The Veil 06:01
   As I turn away
From the many taunting faces
That caused my own decay
I take (a) stand and resist
Put my feet into the soil, tell myself I can exist

Standing straight
Taking my time, put my feelings on the side
Taking back what is mine
As I’ve done enough for others
The moment has come to take back my own life

Into the darkness, searching the pain
I’m hurting myself, it’s the same old refrain
Hiding myself till the harm is done
This only stops when I’ll be gone

Pale is the moon
And dark is the sky
Black is my heart
It’s the final goodbye

There is no more fence around the place where you grew old

The stairway to redemption, before my eyes unfolds


Don’t give in to reason
Don’t give in to eternity
Your internal demons are searching for a way out of here
But don’t give in to reason
Don’t give in to eternity

– I’ll be gone –

The dead end lane guides me to the point
Where thoughts align and visions intertwine
3. Monologue 06:19
Matter is essential Life is consequential Man’s gods align central In the weariness of his mind Behold the perfect kind! I am the dark, that whispers through the solid ground I’m deep within, a silence turns in a rumbling sound I am the lord that guides you to the end of light Now let’s begin, I’ll show you the way inside I’ll show you how you died I am your darkest fear (You’ve got) nowhere to go There’s nothing more, nothing to do I am the dark that holds your light I am the spellbound, that keeps you cold at night And I am the dark That forever holds your light Spellbound by The blackness of the night The night is bright May your light forever shine   
4. Illuminight 08:30
 Absence of time
Every week lasts for years
A seed planted nowhere
Collision, obsession, fear

The voice of no reason
Your aura surrounds it all
Fragments of future
My incomplete soul.

Bear with me now
Ghost of the past
Let the yesteryear forever last
But the once leveling currents now flow in disharmony
A disease ridden cosmos of irreversibility

Change is due to be certain
Change is due to be real
Fusion becomes divided
The veil is set to reveal

Become what is essence
When your world will collapse
Turn your blood into ice
Make the towering anger snap
Because there is no reason to resist the higher call
Give in to the fear, take the step and just fall…

Icy rivers streaming through
The veins of you
Holes with deeply hidden dreams
That never surface, so it seems

Poisoned is my heart
Riddled with defeat
You are destined to lay here
I mourn for you somewhere in time

Scorched be this ground
I am forever incomplete
Clearing all thoughts
Now it’s time to leave this behind

Someday I’ll breach through this wall of silence again
Someday we’ll breach through your wall of silence again…
5. Exemption 06:27
I try not to feel
That redemption seems real
But I anxiously await
What it is that I contemplate

I have been dreaming of the white…
And the dream lingers on tonight

Tonight I saw the dark become the light
And all I felt was sudden relief

I have been dreaming of the white…
And the dream lingers on tonight

I have been dreaming of the white bright light
And the dream lingers on tonight
6. Isle of No-Man 07:42
Behold all of man end in everydayness In order to measure up to perfection Tick tock, tick tock The clock goes on… How about spontaneous combustion? How about whatever makes your world go ‘round, To find the way to your savior Choice is truth or lie, virtue or sin Depression or liberation But not for you Nonexistent is the road paved in front of you, That lightened path towards upheaval Just a shadow cast from the solitary tree On the Isle of No-Man Beloved be the light, but all ways lead towards the dark I forgive you for going astray Life is death-inhaling now and death seems life-defining somehow So let’s just go home… 
7. Eternity Expires 06:21
Never thought to be here where I am now Never thought ‘to be’, could end because of me And it makes you wonder… Doesn’t it make you wonder? It makes me wonder…  

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