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Segunda entrega para los canadienses? que llevan su sonido a terrenos más personales que en su anterior entrega. Estamos ante un trabajo de black metal de ritmo pausado muchas veces, agresivo y crudo, pero que no destaca por lo abultado de su velocidad. Si en anteriores sobras comentábamos sus influencias con respecto a black escandinavo, en el caso que nos ocupa su música ha ganado en mucho matices y así podemos encontrar un aumento en al importancia de las disonancias y de elementos que los aproximan a una faceta casi que vanguardista o cuando menos experimental. Tal vez elementos progresivos o incluso épicos pueblen el sonido de esta álbum enriqueciéndolo. En su música siguen colándose algunas melodías de tinto oriental pero inmersas en medio del sonido de guitarras, con menos protagonismo casi que con un papel marginal. El sonido muchas veces parece que encuentra una clara dirección hacia donde fluir, pero sin embargo pronto cambia de ritmo en forma de disonancias y un ambiente mucho más asfixiante, dando paso el tono melódico a otro más inquietante. La voces también se fusionan de manera perfecta en un estilo que mantiene un tono agresivo pero sin desplegarse en toda su intensidad, eso si hay que reconocer algunas incursiones en una faceta más limpia, sobre todo en cuanto a segundas voces que si logran abrir su sonido hacia terrenos más ambientales. (8).

Doomsday Elite

1. The Hadith of Divine Hallucinations 06:23
With the visions at their peak Caught between distant orbs of energy Crystalline structures of a mind’s creation Controlling the paths of sound’s migration Lost in the depths of the mind’s caverns Inducing hallucinogenic delusions For 23 years, Seeking the angel and the tome of divine mysteries Harvesting wisdom from a dead tree No fruit was bore in years Lacking the mental enginery Feigning literacy, conjuring no figures Sacred webs are woven in the name of Islam Dehydration and abuse of substance Guiding the Arabian masquerade Never would he gaze upon his own written Qur'an... ...Absent hands in the final revelation 
2. Shahada 04:13
From where the air and the dust of war are one Peasants of the slums, bombed into despair The filth-flood of migrants comes with guns in hand Registered no-ones, “Shahada” their only names Now sirens ring through your streets again Who could have seen racial holy war coming? Bombed cathedrals, parades, monuments and trains Whose Palestinian escapades are to blame for their coming? Now welcome the Black Standard! Your support was given for Death’s Head Outside the eruvs are scenes of enrichment Where innocents fight among themselves Invisible puppeteers unscathed in the conflicts Pulling strings of those engage in inter-Gentile warfare Now welcome the Black Standard Welcome the foreign banner of Death's Hea d  
3. Sewer Migrants 02:15   instrumental
4. The Exonerated 05:33
At nightfall, Another was with the Mother of Believers Riding shamefully on his steed With his seed in her clam Galloping down the mountain, guilty Ravaged Blushing In ecstasy Aisha, the exonerated whore Forever draped in black robes Thy shall covet not his curtained subject of adultery Our mother of infidelity: Progenitor of the veil  
5. Judenhove-Kalergi 05:30
The product of race mixing, With conflicting identities Branches of your family tree are but kindling in his blaze New World plots of the mystery meat Bestial mish-mash of gene Injecting red venom through the aristocracy Forcing miscegenation Create the race of subhuman Spawning a slave class for the ruling elite New World Goyim will interbreed Mandates of the ministry Fusing first and third world Our beige originless entity The purveyors of the Multicult degenerate society Pawns of the Jew regime are the mongrels of Kalergi Concerted destruction Multicult destabilization Engineered socially Judenhove Kalergi! Chosenites create chattel through their history Weaponizing altruistic tendencies Concerted destruction Multicult destabilization Engineered socially Judenhove Kalergi! No reason for ejection from 109 countries The poisonous minority, guided by fearful neuroses   
6. The Beast's Mercenaries 07:06
As with the farmer and the viper Weakness will bring a dark fate... At the fool’s bosom, warmth revives the snake At the fool’s bosom are fangs from which the poison enters Diluted blood, our forced impurity Savages breach the defenses kikes decayed To end all Gentile sovereignty And now millions march, incentivized to invade And now millions march through the Elder Gateway Through the Elder Gateway, coloured proles and slaves Through the Elder Gateway Subvert and displace Through the Elder Gateway The Beast’s Mercenaries Subvert and displace! Dark hordes of the lowest grade Subvert and displace! The Beast’s Mercenaries Enter the falling state! Dark hordes of the lowest grade Enter the fallen state! At the highest point of moral attrition, Will the world beg for tyranny? Under conditions of treachery, Will the world beg for the despot Jew King?  
7. Severed Tentacles of Zion 07:07
 Ensnared by the Elders
Where the rot began
Enlisting the dark inbreds
Thus ends...

The slumber of Europa,
The era of ignorance
She hath awoken in chains

Awaken Europa
Cast away the vermin
She hath awoken in chains
The shackles of hibernation

In the Goyim-owning cattle culture,
Gunpoint-enforce equity
Gas-worthy specimens broke their puppet strings
And brought

The new dawn of Europa
The era of awakening
Of vengeance, of bloodlust, of reckoning
Uniting under Sun!

New dawn of Europa,
Deprived no longer
Of nurturing, of rebirth, of reunion
Our unity of Sons!

Sever the tentacles of Zion
Slay the Symbolic Snake

Sons of Europa, rise again!
Historic truths, revealed in the light
In the new era will be heard echoed across the land
“The Symbolic Snake has been slain!”

Sons of Europa, rise again!
Return to glory, with ancestors in the light
In the new era will be heard, roaring in the wind
“The tentacles of Zion have fallen!”

Cassette, Single Sided, Mini-Album
Limitation to 100 copies

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