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1. Landvættr was born in 2018 as a one man band of black metal with ambiet influences, why do you decide to create the band for yourself and what is the name of Landvættr and why do you choose it?
The band was created out of an intrinsic need I have to make music, and as an outlet for my beliefs and ideals. There is no need to involve other musicians as the music was always meant to be 100% my own vision. The solitary nature of the music is also best captured when I am creating everything myself, without any external infleunce. “Landvættr” is an Old Norse word that means “land spirit”, a reference to my animistic beliefs and a fitting name for the pagan vision I have for the project. 

2. That same year he edits "Sylvan Shadows", his first demo of six songs, how was the process of composing and recording this demo?
The metal songs begin with writing guitar riffs and everything else comes afterward. Metal should always focus on riffs primarily, everything else is secondary. Vocals are always recorded last. Ambient songs are much more complex and the method of composing them can vary, although I always have a sense of the atmosphere and mood I want to capture prior to writing. 

3. And this same year comes the five tracks of the demo "Solstice Fire", apart from the certain compositional maturity between the two demos, what evolution can the listener appreciate?
Sylvan Shadows contains the first metal songs I ever wrote and recorded. With Solstice Fire, the Ildjarn infuence is basically gone and has been replaced with folk riffs and rhythms played in a metal style. I consider it to be a Folk Metal release, although that genre term is usually attributed to ale-chugging, jig-dancing Power Metal cliches made by atheists who think that “actually believing in Odin” is for children. Folk Metal should be reclaimed by those of us who actually honor Tradition. 

4. Its sound is nourished by influences of nineties bands that move between raw black metal and atmospheric, to name a few Burzum, Forefather, Mithothyn and Elffor (I do not know if you have knowledge of the latter), from their point of view, What bands have been an important influence for you in achieving the Landvættr sound?
Thank you, it is an honor to be compared to all of these bands (I am indeed an Elffor fan, especially the first two albums). I have many influences, the most important for this project being Burzum, Ildjarn, Hades, Isengard, Graveland, Bathory. 

5. A very important aspect when configuring the Landvættr sound is the importance you give to the acoustic section of your music to recreate a medieval, pagan or folk atmosphere as reflected in the theme that closes "Solstice Fire", "Moonshadowed" Journey "with more than fifteen minutes of duration, which contrasts deeply with other aspects of your music, especially in terms of voices, much more visceral and direct, how do you describe the sound of Landvættr? And where do you get the inspiration for these compositions?
Landvættr is my own vision of Pagan Black Metal. Metal, folk, and ambient are all forms of music that can be used to convey a similar atmosphere. Ambient elements have always been a part of black metal, from the very first Bathory album and it’s opening track (which should be considered a stand-alone song in it’s own right, not just an “intro”). The Folk music influence in black metal didn’t really begin until the second wave, but there are plenty of examples of it. These styles of music can cohesively mold together to create an ancient, earthen atmosphere that removes the listener from the civilized digital nihilism of the modern world. The inspiration for my music occurs naturally as it comes what I feel, think, and believe.  

6. Aspects like hatred, paganism, nature or loneliness are treated in your lyrics, at the same time that music also immerses us in them, why do you treat these themes in your music? And why are you moving away from more traditional ones in black like Satanism?
These themes are used in my music because I experience them on a daily basis, and are a part of who I am. My music is my own and simply reflects this. Satanism is completely meaningless to me, it is a product of Abrahamic monotheism and is irrelevant to a polytheist. Using weapons constructed by the enemy which only function within their terms and worldview is not how you fight against those who wish to destroy you. To oppose the poisonous cults that have plagued our world for over a thousand years, you simply need to be yourself – a pagan, which is everyone’s spiritual heritage. 

7. Is California a good place to create a black metal band with pagan tints today? How would you define the local scene of which you are a part?
California is not a good place to create a pagan black metal band, but I would have created this music regardless of where I live, since it comes from inside and not my surroundings. Like anywhere else on this planet where black metal is made, it’s mostly made up of fake misanthropes who use occult symbols on their album covers but are more concerned with getting drunk at shows than with cultivating any kind of real spirituality or ideology. I am not a part of any “scene” and have no desire to be. 

8. Who took care of the artwork on the cover of "Solstice Fire"? And how does it relate to the music of the demo?
The artwork is a painting by Johann Ludwig Lund from 1831 and depicts a sacrifice to Thor. Despite the rather Romanized style of the painting, it’s a fitting image, for obvious reasons. 

9. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts that you attend, first cds you buy, why do you decide to form a band like Landvættr and dedicate yourself to music?
I have been a fan of metal music for about 18 years. The first album I bought was Reign In Blood, and around the same time I discovered Iron Maiden and Morbid Angel. Black Metal was the first subgenre of metal that I became obsessed with, and today is the only subgenre of metal I actively follow (aside from Traditional Heavy Metal, which is just as great, yet has a smaller output of quality releases today). I never actually decided to become a musician, it happened by chance as a result of my love for music in general. 

10. Is there a chance that some day you will take Landvættr to offer a concert with the participation of other musicians?
Landvættr will never perform live. I have no desire to try and make others understand my vision, nor to perform my music to a bunch of drunks who have never listened to Master’s Hammer taking photos of themselves on their phones. Although I appreciate when people enjoy my music, I create music for myself and my own satisfaction, so I don’t see any reason to perform live since I rarely even attend concerts these days. I already have a highly satisfying way of presenting my music, and it is intended to be listened to in solitude, to take in the atmosphere and the message. Belgian legends Lugubrum once said “Concerts are for people who want to have a good time - which we hate”. I completely agree with that sentiment. 

11. For the edition of "Sylvan Shadows" you did it through the Metalstrom Recordings label, however for the second "Solstice Fire", you opted for self-publishing, why this change?
I always try to improve and take things to a new level when I’m working on new music. Since I pride myself on working entirely alone, Solstice Fire was the first profesional tape I released myself. Metalstrom is a great label and I was completely satisfied with the Sylvan Shadows tape, but releasing Solstice Fire myself was a personal goal. The music was written, recorded, and produced by me, and the tape was as well, so a part of my spirit was captured in the release. 

12. Although I suppose it will be still soon since the "Solstice Fire" edition is recent, are you already working on something new for the future? Are you satisfied with the repercussion achieved by the two demos?
The next demo ‘Winterking’s Lament’ is already partially written, and will be another lengthy release (most likely around the same runtime as Solstice Fire). The next demo will have a different atmosphere as I was highly inspired by bands like early Lugubrum, Manes (the demo era), Strid, early Forgotten Woods, etc. I plan to have the demo completed by the end of this year, but only time will tell. The band is still very new and has not received much attention, but I am proud of the music I’ve made on both demos, which is most important to me. 

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Landvættr , this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking
Thank you to all those who support my music and to Black Metal Spirit for allowing me this opportunity, it is much appreciated. Reject modernity and embrace Tradition. 

Professionally printed and duplicated tape edition. Self-released by the band and limited to 99 copies.


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