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 1. Wolves of Perdition was born in 2017, why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Wolves of Perdition and what does it refer to?

- The End: The band was created simply from the need to create music. Our music. The name refers to the hellforces.

- Varjo: We wanted to play extreme music and that's what we've always done. We chose the name Wolves Of Perdition, because not only does it sound aggressive, but there's also some violent symbolism within it; wolves as the enemy of man, and that inhuman force of nature has come to drag us all to Hell, and all that will be left is blood and pieces of shredded human flesh. That describes our music well enough. It's an extreme attitude.

2. How was the writing and recording process for “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare”, your first album? What brands of instruments did you use to compose the album?

- The End: Writing happened naturally with guitars. Everyone had songs and ideas on the table, then we arranged them in rehearsals together. Very simple.

- Varjo: The songs on that album were written during some years. Some songs were actually made even before we were Wolves Of Perdition. The recording process was pretty swift, everything went as planned pretty fast when we got to it. We used a couple of brands in the making.

3. “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare” is a direct and aggressive work, with hardly any concessions, where elements of death and black are present, as well as a melancholic aura. How would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? What bands and styles have helped shape the sound of this first album?

- The End: Everyone has their own influences: Deicide, Kreator, Immortal, Hypocrisy, Marduk, the list is endless.

- Varjo: Blackened death metal would be the best description for the sound of that album. As the songs got finished, we just knew the sound has to be strong, striking and clear. Otherwise it wouldn't have worked. Any low quality stuff would have been just an insult to the whole album.

4. Another surprising element of this “Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare” is the quality of the sound offered, as if it were not your debut album. Does the fact of spending three years working on the album have anything to do with this? to produce the album?

- The End: Three years was slowly writing and rehearsing weekly until we were ready to start recording.

- Varjo: After all the songs were ready, the making of this album didn't take that much time in total. We went in knowing what we wanted and what we'll do, so full preparedness made the recordings and the rest very straight forward. On the writing-side, taking our time and not rushing made the songs sound fully complete and we can stand behind them 100%. There's nothing we would change on that album.

5. Your lyrics deal with themes related to anti-religion or Satanism, war and violence, why did you decide to deal with these themes in your lyrics and where did the inspiration come from? Do the lyrics adapt to music or vice versa?

- Varjo: The lyrics and songs go hand in hand completely, so there's no separating them. There isn't any formula on which comes first, lyrics or the music, because they feed each other anyway. Those violent themes came naturally when playing this kind of music. And of course when you go extreme, you'll find some really dark corners you wouldn't want to look in. The world is filled with war, murder, rape, torture, mental and physical abuse and what not. Anything that falls within the concept of evil. We just take that evil and put it in a very understandable (not the same as acceptable) and non-mystical light. There's nothing mysterious about getting beheaded or stabbed in your face by a drug-fueled psychopath. This is the real world and anything can happen, even if you don't want to think about it. Even though these themes are nothing to be happy about, we think it is a more honest approach to primordial aspects and deep questions, than putting a topless woman on some pseudo-artistic music video and have a couple hooded guys drinking strawberry juice around some aroma-candles. Smoke and mirrors look cool, but things like Nanjing massacre (or The Rape of Nanking) really makes one think deeply about who and what we are, and can be. Those aspects are eternal and scarring. Humans are more than capable of building a very real Hell on earth with their bare hands.

6. Who was in charge of the album cover design and how does it relate to the musical content of the album?

- Varjo: Our logo and the Demon Wolf -sign was made by perkeles_art and the band photos and rest of the images were done by us. (We had a graphic designer, who put this all into the booklet etc, but I'm not sure if he wants to be mentioned by name, so instead I'll say it was well done and professional work!) The arts are very expressive about what the album is about. Nothing complicated or shady, just piles of skulls, barbed wire and an aggressive logo. That's a highway to destruction.

7. The album has been released by Folter Records in CD format, how did you come up with the possibility of being able to edit the album with them? Has the reaction of the fans to this first album surprised you a bit?

- Varjo: We got into talks with Folter Records with the finished album and it all went from there. We came prepared. The reactions have been surprisingly good, after all this is our debut album. Reviews have been good, fans have liked it, so can't complain at all.

- The End: Reaction was a positive surprise, but we also knew that we didn't put out shit.

8. This period of restrictions due to Covid-19 has meant for many bands, on the one hand, not being able to offer concerts, however many others have taken the opportunity to bring out new songs, how have you been affected by this situation?

- Varjo: We were making this album when the virus came up, so we just kept going as planned. A few understandable delays came here and there, but there wasn't anything drastical really. After the release of this album we started working on some new songs and proceed with the work, since the opportunities for gigs weren't there. We'll keep the machine rolling, so when it's time to play live again, it will be ferocious.

9. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What did you do in your lives that made you want to be musicians?

- The End: Music was always interesting and at some point had to start playing instruments. First big concert was AD/DC and the first album was Offspring Smash.

- Varjo: The first time I was really impacted was in Simerock 2010 Rovaniemi, when I saw Enochian Crescent performing. I count that as the first concert that mattered to me. The first album I had was the Funeral Album by Sentenced. Still works perfectly. My road to making music came pretty naturally, since I was already expressive with writing and some arts, so it eventually lead to this.

10. Which album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

- The End: Don't know about essence, but Immortal, Marduk, Dimmu Borgir usually find their way into the cd-player. Bought Hypocrisy's Arrival, Virus and Fourth Dimension last week.

- Varjo: For myself I'd say the album Antichrist by Gorgoroth. And specifically the song Gorgoroth in there. The last album I bought was Hugsjá.

11. What future plans do you have for Wolves of Perdition, in terms of concerts, upcoming releases or reissues?

- The End: The plan is to keep going strong, growing in every aspect. Conquer all.

- Varjo: We have some vinyls coming out via Folter Records and the rest will remain as a surprise.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the fans of Wolves of Perdition, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

- Varjo: Thanks for the interview, let's crush some skulls!

- The End: Keep listening to music, folks!


Wyrms / Fhoi Myore - Les Limbes Pourpres/Mehxôhorr-Les IV Dimensions Cosmogoniques 13,99 €

Gatefold 12"LP limited to 300Ex

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Origen: Australia, Brisbane e Ipswich

Formados: ?

Estilo: Black


Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook


  • E Batería y voces
  • O Guitarra

  • Live Promo Tape Demo 2019  
  • Kak Demo 2020
  • Antipodean Triumvirate Split 2020  
  • Iniquitous Foul CD 2021

Primer larga duración para este combo australiano que suena poderoso, directo y por que no irascible. Hinterkaifeck entrega media hora de plena vorágine sónica en forma de un sonido directo que acaba por desgranar un black que no descuida la oportunidad de ofrecer influencias de estilos como el death o por que no también el grind para sembrar el caso allá por donde pasa. Un álbum de sonido denso y muy profundo, construido a golpe de riffs pegajosos y casi que lodosos muchas veces, que logran aún así en ciertos momentos ofrece ciertas dosis de melodía que van asomando por los resquicios que quedan en medio de la muralla de sonido. Podemos apreciar que el sonido se nutre perfectamente del binomio batería vs guitarra, pero siempre desde un prisma poco accesible en donde se prioriza elementos como la gravedad, ciertas disonancias y un gusto por el ritmo elevado que sin embargo también contrasta con secciones instrumentales de desarrollos largos en donde si que la banda se atreve con influencias más melódicas como sucede por ejemplo en "Incessant Arc", tema encargado de cerrar el álbum. Por su parte las voces también tienen un carácter directo, agresivo y visceral, transitando por una delgada linea que podemos situar en un black/death, optando la mayoría de las veces por un carácter rápido y crudo. El conjunto suena compacto y denso, con una primera impresión de caos y violencia que se va enriqueciendo con elementos presentes en un segundo plano que le dan un enfoque más sólido y un regusto a metal extremo de variado pelaje. (7,8).

1. Feigling 01:13  
2. Forebearance and Stench 02:54
 Fused innominates to harbinger of social disease
Waning reveal outspread moral decree
Regressing to clerical-celibacy, notion wither
Kneeling before twat, beckoning idol rearmost cheer

Stench electrifies from ribbed grotto
3. Feign Yonder Flock 02:18
Made to silence all, failed upon most, dressed in white mail, compacted in home Way to silence none, frail and verbose, dressed in white mail, compacted in home Made to silence all, frail and verbose, dressed in white mail, compacted in home All along, silence came undone, humdrum white male // metastatic dome 
4. Circumspect Unto Meat 04:39
Realign endless stagnation For what needs scourging Gonyosoma, repel and abscond Circumspect unto meat In a vain mirror, see ones self In a vain mirror, solace with a facsimile In a vain mirror, ensuing scorn In a vain mirror See ones clutter, sustain See ones self, vain mirror 
5. Temple Prostitutes 02:18
  Temple Prostitutes, ethereal vigour
Temple Prostitute, heat and ubiety
Temple Prostitutes, contaminated
Temple Prostitute, vindicator ----

Trepidatious deep conceited godhead
Thwart above newline strain
Apex alas anointed
Feign yonder flock, command and conquer
Congenital Hopes and course, bitch pit torn asunder
6. To Afflatus 02:51
Fickle of inferno, bastardized formulation
Emerald ring parting black, sightless void, fateful longing

As diminished, inertia tramples, slick grasp, mere conception, prone and failing

An aeon and effigy
Cease and Fragmentary

Will one bear ones dead weight (starve/replace)
Quandary of fruitful spate (embrace/subjugate, starve/replace)
Will one Bear ones dead weight (starve/replace)
Quandary of fruitless spate (Subjugate, replace, starve, embrace)
7. The Mountainous Task of Existence 03:24  
8. Incessant Arc 10:46
 Body of work, undone it will be
In stasis, endless view of demolition
Body of mirth, undone it will be
Life of petty worth, paths grow finite leading to redemption

Weaving a future
Just to swallow it

For relief, carving of skin; a beacon, trifling with no shame

Writhe in hysterics, bask in peril, now or ever, the incessant arc begins again.

Vinyl, LP, White

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 ES GRAUET (2021)

Tercer larga duración para los suizos que sin lugar a dudas será el de su consagración al ser capaz de ofrecer un sonido que se sustenta en el back más tradicional con algunas influencias melódicas al tiempo que ha sabido incorporar de forma perfecta sonidos de procedencia pagan/folk. Ungfell siempre se ha caracterizado por saber undir sus raíces en los sonidos más clásicos del black, sin embargo sus sonido tiene un toque muy personal a la hora de ser capaz de sonar un tanto inclasificable por la simple razón de prácticamente no ofrecer estructuras repetitivas que dejan un tanto desconcertado al oyente al no ofrecer puntos de sustento a los que amarrarse. La incorporación y mayor peso con el paso del tiempo de lo que podemos definir como elementos melódicos y sonidos que recuerdan por ejemplo al heavy clásico han ayudado a configurar un sonido que muchas veces cuando menos nos deja sorprendidos con giros inesperados al tiempo que ofrece un fuerte contraste entre las partes mas accesibles o clásicas enfrentadas con las podemos definir coma de black más puro. Las voces se muestra solidas en una faceta bastante agresiva y directa sin apenas fisuras y que logran completar el álbum de forma majestuosa cundo muestran todo su potencial al atreverse también con estructuras más limpias, casi que corales. "Es grauet" logra ofrecer un sonido que partiendo de elementos reconocibles dentro el sonido clásico dentro del black, sabe enriquecer su propuesta con distintos estilos e influencias que van desde rock clásico, al pagan o al folk, pero que sin embargo por alguna extraña sensación no acaba de manifestarse del todo en todo su potencial. (8).

1. Es grauet überm Dorf (Wie s niemert het chönne ahne) 01:57  
2. Tyfels Antlitz (Wie e Huerä zwei Chind empfanget) 07:23  
3. D Schwarzamslä (Wie us däne Goofe Pfaffä wärdet) 02:12  
4. Mord im Tobel (Wie en hinterhältige Mord begange wird) 06:15  
5. S Chnochelied (Wie e Beschuldigti gfoltered wird und Visione bechunnt) 07:44  
6. Stossgebätt (Wie das Wyb als Häx hygrichtet wird) 03:28  
7. D Unheilspfaffä vom Heinzäbärg (Wie Tod und Verdärbe uf das Dorf iistürzt) 08:10  
8. S Fälsebräche (Wie s Böse begrabe wird) 01:25  

Vinyl, LP

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Origen: Noruega, Bergen

Formados: 2010

Estilo: Black

Temática: ?

Enlaces: Deezerfacebookinstagram y spotify


  • Atyr Bajo y guitarra
  • Ormr Voces
  • Serpentr Guitarra y letras
  • Steinar Aven Guitarra
  • Sveinr Bajo
  • Tybalt Batería

  • Vi vet gud er en løgner CD 2017  
  • Skuggen EP 2019  
  • Hoegt oppe gaar stormen Single 2019  
  • Styggdom CD 2020  
  • Vandring CD 2021

Tercer larga duración para los noruegos que a cada nuevo lanzamiento van afianzando su sonido, dando muestras de mantener un  pie en la tradición del black noventero escandinavo al tiempo que no descuidan una peculiar línea melódica que emerge desde la oscuridad que emana toda la propuesta. Un álbum que se sustenta en una poderosa y contundente base rítmica, bastante dinámica pero sin caer en excesos, todo ello acompañado por un variedad de riffs que dan muestra de ser deudores de la mejor tradición de black clásico, formando un binomio que me atrevería a decir que es difícil de encontrar hoy en día. El conjunto suena compacto, oscuro y frío, al tiempo que trasmite una sensación de rabia contenida a punto de desatarse de la peor de las formas. Por su parte las voces logran trasmitir una sensación entre rabia, dolor y oscuridad perfectamente engarzados con el apartado musical. La atmósfera fría y susurrante, con una delgada línea melódica que acaba por trascender en el álbum, al tiempo que algunos arreglos en voces más corales o épicos, junto con algunas estructuras de riffs pueden ejercer un impacto en el oyente ciertamente destructivo sin llegar a terrenos de bandas más representativas dentro de la escena nórdica, pero sin renunciar a un estilo propio y característico que da muestras de una banda que ha sabido madurar su sonido a lo largo de estos años. (8,4).

1. Det bloer paa alt som spirer 06:34  
2. Martyrer av kristus 04:08  
3. Naar taaken fortaerer alt 05:50  
4. Med rive og lime 04:54  
5. I moerket slumrer ravnen 04:24  
6. Gudsmenn deres svik erkjenn 04:01  
7. Det visker i veggene 04:03  
8. Langt der borte i det fjerne 08:35  

Brown vinyl limited to 100 pieces 

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NOVEDADES 13-9-2021

*The Absence ‎– A Gift For The Obsessed 19,99 € 18,99 € REBAJADO
*Acherontas ‎– Faustian Ethos 23,99 € 22,99 € REBAJADO
*Acrimonious ‎– Sunyata 20,99 €
*Aenaon - Hypnosophy 21,99 € 19,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Antzaat ‎– The Black Hand of the Father 22,99 €
*Arkona - Lvnaris 17,99 € 15,99 € REBAJADO
*Arkona ‎– Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes 17,99 € 16,99 € REBAJADO
*Árstíðir Lífsins – Jötunheima Dolgferð 21,99 €  - 19,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Ars Veneficium ‎– Usurpation Of The Seven 20,99 €
*Anomalie‎– Visions 20,99 € 19,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Black Breath ‎– Heavy Breathing 16,99 € 15,99 € REBAJADO
*Black Cilice ‎– Mysteries 14,99 € 12,99 € REBAJADO
*Blackevil - The Ceremonial Fire 16,99 € 15,99 € REBAJADO
*Black Howling - Return Of Primordial Stillness 18,99 €
*Blackosh – Kurvy, chlast, black metal 14,99 € - 10,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Blakk Old Blood – Greed 13,99 €
*Blaze of Sorrow - Astri 15,99 € 12,99 € REBAJADO
*Bosque ‎– Cleansing 24,99 € 23,99 REBAJADO
*Blut Aus Nord ‎– Deus Salutis Meæ 18,99 € 17,99 € REBAJADO
*Chaos Cascade ‎– Son Of The Void (Chapter I & II) (moon vinyl) 24,99  - 23,99 REBAJADO
*Consummation ‎– The Great Solar Hunter 28,99 € 26,99 € REBAJADO
*Convulse – Evil Prevails 14,99 € 13,99 € REBAJADO
*Cryfemal ‎– Eterna Oscuridad 18,99 €
*Ctulu – Sarkomand 14,99 € 11,99 € REBAJADO
*Damnation - Reborn... 13,99 € - 5,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder 18,99 € 15,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Death Fetishist - Clandestine Sacrament 18,99 € 16,99 € REBAJADO
*Death Like Mass - Kręte Drogi 27,99 - 26,99 REBAJADO
*Decline Of The I ‎– Escape 20,99 € 19,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Dødsengel - Interequinox 20,99 19,99 € REBAJADO
*Dream Death – Back From The Dead (2LP) 19,99 € 17,99 € REBAJADO
*Druadan Forest ‎– Dismal Spells From The Dragonrealm (2LP) 24,99 € 22,99 € REBAJADO
*Dynfari - The Four Doors Of the Mind 21,99 € - 16,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Empty – Eternal Cycle Of Decay 15,99 € - 12,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Enslaved - Vikinglir (red import) 18,99 € 15,99 REBAJADO
*Enslaved - Yggdrasill 18,99 €
*Entartung ‎– Maleficae Artes 18,99 €
*Entrails – Serpent Seed 12,99 €  10,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Ereb Altor ‎– Järtecken 19,99 € 17,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Ereb Altor - Ulfven 18,99 €
*EvnaR – E.V.N.A.R. 14,99 € 10,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Erazor - Dust Monuments 14,00 €  11,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Force Of Darkness – Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness 13,99 € 11,99 € PRECIO
*Fortíð - Völuspá Part III: Fall Of The Ages 19,99 €
*Frostmoon Eclipse ‎– Worse Weather To Come 20,99 €
*Gloam - Death Is The Beginning 15,99 € 14,99 € REBAJADO
*Gnaw Their Tongues ‎– Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent 19,99 € 17,99 €REBAJADO
*Goatblood ‎– Apparition Of Doomsday (Red Splatter - 100 copias ltd) 23,99 € 22,99 REBAJADO
*Goath - Luciferian Goath Ritual 17,99 € 15,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Goatsnake ‎– I + Dog Days 20,99 €
*Ic Rex - Vedernjakaja 19,99 €
*Ilmestys - The Noose Hangs From Heaven 23,99 € - 21,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Insulter ‎– Crypts Of Satan 12,99 11,99 € REBAJADO
*Invocation Spells - The Flame of Hate (Red / Black Splatter) 16,99 € 14,99€ REBAJADO
*Isengard - Vinterskugge 20,99 €
*Karg – Apathie 13,99 € - 9,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Karg ‎– Weltenasche 20,99 €
*Khashm - Asmodeus Rising 20,99 € 19,99 € REBAJADO
*Kosmokrator ‎– First Step Towards Supremacy 16,99 € 13,99 € REBAJADO
*Laster - De verste verte is hier (blanco) 15,99 € 14,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Laster - De verste verte is hier (transparente) 15,99 € 14,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Licht Erlischt... – ...And Below, The Retrograde Disciples 12,99 € 8,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Martire - Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse 15,00 € 12,99 € REBAJADO
*Mayhem - Live In Sarpsborg 21,99 19,99 € REBAJADO
*Mefitic – Woes Of Mortal Devotion (bronze) 23,99 €
*Megiddo – The Holocaust Messiah 15,99   14,99 € REBAJADO
*Morbid Slaughter ‎– A Filthy Orgy Of Horror and death 15,99 €14,99 € REBAJADO
*Morte Incandescente – ... O Mundo Morreu! 15,99 € 14,99 REBAJADO
*Mystruin - Gånget äro ljuset 14,99 € 10,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Necroblood - Colapse of the human race 16,99 € - 14,99 € REBAJADO
*Nevoa ‎– The Absence Of Void 13,99 €
*Nightfell ‎– The Living Ever Mourn 14,99 € 12,99 € REBAJADO
*Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples 19,99 €
*Olde ‎– The Gates Of Dawn 11,99 € 9,99 € REBAJADO
*Ondfødt ‎– Norden (Opaque Cyan Blue) 24,99 €
*Okkultokrati ‎– Raspberry Dawn 15,99 € 14,99 € REBAJADO
*Onirik ‎– Casket Dream Veneration 11,99 € 8,99 € REBAJADO
*Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword Of Understanding (2 LP - Gold) 23,99 € 20,99 € REBAJADO
*Ordinance ‎– In Purge There Is No Remission 20,99 € 18,99 €REBAJADO
*Ossuary Insane - Part II: Demonize The Flesh (White) 18.99 € 16,99 €
*Quintessenz - Back to the Kult of the Tyrants 13,99 €  - 9,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Pantheon – Vargrstrike 12,99 € 11,99 € REBAJADO
*Possession - Exorkizen 14,99 € 11,99 € REBAJADO
*Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night (Blue) 20,99€
*Pyriphlegethon – Night Of Consecration 14,99 € 9,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Rauhnåcht - Urzeitgeist 9,99 €
*Reaper ‎– Unholy Nordic Noise 17,99 €
*Rites Of Thy Degringolade – An Ode To Sin 17,99 €
*Sammath ‎– Across the Rhine Is Only Death 19,99 17,99 REBAJADO
*Sammath - Godless Arrogance 9,99 €
*Satanic Warmaster ‎– Nachzehrer 22,99 €
*Scatmother ‎– Sadotantra (Blue) 24,99
*Se Lusiferin Kannel - Valtakunta 29,99 €  27,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Sicarius ‎– God of Dead Roots 21,99 €
*Stilla - Ensamhetens Andar 16,99 €
*Stygian Temple ‎– In the Sign of the Five Angles 18,99 € - 16,99 REBAJADO
*Stíny Plamenů – Šum v pološerech 15,99 € 14,99 € REBAJADO
*Tengger Cavalry ‎– Die On My Ride 19,99 €
*Thaw - Earth Ground 16,99 €
*Ultha ‎– Converging Sins 16,99 €
*Varathron ‎– Patriarchs Of Evil (Picture disc) 23,99 € 22,99 € REBAJADO
*Varmia ‎– Bal Lada 23,99 €
*Vigilance ‎– Hammer of Satan's Vengeance 13,99  11,99 € REBAJADO
*Voëmmr - Nox Maledictvs 19,99 € 18,99 € REBAJADO
*Vukari ‎– Divination 13,99 € 12,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Wallachia ‎– Monumental Heresy 18,99 € 17,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Warpvomit - Barbaric Triumph Of Evil 13,99 €  12,99 € REBAJADO
*White Nights ‎– Solanaceae 16,99 €
*Witching Hour - Where Pale Winds Take Them High... 13,99 € 11,99 € REBAJADO
*Written In Torment ‎– Maledictus Dies Illa (Black or White vinyl)  20,99 € REBAJADO
*Woe ‎– Hope Attrition 14,99 € 13,99 € REBAJADO
*Wulkanaz ‎– HaglaNaudizEisaz 17,99 €
*Ysengrin – Liber Hermetis (blue) 21,99 € 19,99 €  REBAJADO

*Anti / Mosaic - Landscapes 6.5 € 4,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Blakk Old Blood, Black Devotion – Blakk Old Blood / Black Devotion 7,99 €
*Dämmerfarben, Blaze of Sorrow – Geister Des Winters 19,99 € 15,99 € REBAJADO
*Darvulia / Sektarism - Split 17,99 € - 13,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Demonic Christ / Horna - Demonic Christ / Horna 6,99 €  4,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Dolentia / Serpentfyre – Servo Além-Dor / Kointähti 7,99 € - 3,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Drudkh / Hades Almighty - Той, Хто Говорить З Імлою (One Who Talks With The Fog) / Pyre Era, Black! 17,99 €
*Human Bodies / Leather Chalice - SPLIT 6.99 € 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Intempestus /  Antares / Necrohell / Vent - Black Metal Warfare 4,99 €
*Israthoum / Chalice of blood - "Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death" 8.99 € 6,99 €  REBAJADO
*Kawir / Nergal / Embrace of Thorns / Soulskinner - Emissaries of a Profane Advent 10,99 € 8.99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Malum / Insane Vesper - Luciferian Dimensions 18,99 17,99 € REBAJADO
*Moloch / Gurthang ‎– Moloch / Gurthang 9,99 €
*Moloch / I Shalt Become – Split 9,99 €
*Moloch / Voidstar ‎– Moloch / Voidstar 16,99 € -12,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Nadsvest / Necrobode ‎– Ustolicenje smrti : O triunfo da morte 19,99 € 18,99 € REBAJADO
*Obsidian Grave / Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - Lupine Musings Of A Dying Faith 19,99 18.99 € REBAJADO
*Ordem Satânica / Mons Veneris - Negros Manifestos De Ordem Venusiana 19,99 €
*Psychonaut 4 / Happy Days / Dodsferd – The Great Depression I 15,99 €
*Trono Além Morte / Vetala - Trono Além Morte / Vetala 17,99 € 15,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Vassafor / Temple Nightside – Call Of The Maelstrom 13.99 €
*Whipstriker, War Atrocities – Struck By Warwhip 5,5 € 3,99 € REBAJADO
*Wyrms / Fhoi Myore - Les Limbes Pourpres/Mehxôhorr-Les IV Dimensions Cosmogoniques 13.99€

*Árstíðir Lífsins ‎– Heljarkviða 17,99 €
*Barzabel – Calling the Disembodied Souls of the Wicked 6,99 €
*Celestial Grave - Pvtrefactio 7,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Chalice of Blood - "Helig, Helig, Helig" 15,99 € 11,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Goatkraft - Angel Slaughter (White vinyl) 18,99  16,99 € REBAJADO
*Har  - Visitation 17,99 €
*Heretic - "Alive Uner Satan" 12,95 € 10,99 € REBAJADO
*Hissing – Hissing 6,99 € 5,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Mion's Hill - Torture 13,99 €
*Moloch ‎– Ein Düsterer Winter Kommt 9,99 € - 8,99 € REBAJADO
*Nexul ‎– Scythed Wings Of Poisonous Decay 18,99 17,99 € REBAJADO
*Precambrian - Proarkhe 6,99 € - 5,99 € REBAJADO
*Radioactive Vomit – Ratsflesh 5.99 € 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Swarþ – Veneficivm 6.5 €  5,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*The Ruins Of Beverast ‎– Takitum Tootem! 17,99 € 16.99 € REBAJADO
*Thou Shell Of Death – Cave Hill 15,99 € 14,99 € REBAJADO
*Tyrannic ‎– Exterminating Angel 15,99 €
*Vøidwomb ‎– Altars Of Cosmic Devotion 19,99 €
*Zealot Cult - Karmenian Crypt  14,99 €

*Ascète ‎– Ascète 4,99 3,99 € REBAJADO
*Agazul ‎– The Emperor Returns 5,99 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Beasts Of Torah, Krowos, Cold From Beyond – In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas Vol.II 5,99 € 1,99 € 
*Behalf Fiend - Nossas Homenagens 5,99 € 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Brüja ‎– Polluted Sessions 2020 5,99 3,99 € REBAJADO
*Caterva Runa ‎– Europa Nostra 4,99 1.99 € REBAJADO
*Dark Fury ‎– Vae Victis! 4,99 3,99 € REBAJADO
*Desalmatvs ‎– Manifestvm 6,99 €
*HAGETISSE - The Sinister Flight Of Cursed Souls Through Eternal Night. 5,99 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Haustið - Basking in Reflected Glory 5,99 €
*Kalte Sonne, Desolate - Kalte Sonne / Desolate 4 €
*Kolac - Zauvek Crni 2,99 € REBAJADO
*Landvættr ‎– Solstice Fire 10,99  8,99 € REBAJADO
*Linwe - Linwe 5,99 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Moerasbasterdwederik ‎– Gebaag uit De banmade 5,99 € 2,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Myrknetsferd ‎– En vind af kulde 5,99 € 4,99 € REBAJADO
*Nachts ‎– Frau Brinkmann 5,99 €  3,99 € REBAJADO
*Nakkiga - Dragoiaren Mendia 2,99 € REBAJADO
*Vae Mortis – Promo 2021 5,99 €
*Viharukous ‎– Sota elämää vastaan 5,99 €

*Kaiadas ‎– And The Battles Will Star Aga 13,99 € 12,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Volcanic ‎– Okkult Witch 12,99 €  - 11,99 €  PRECIO REBAJADO

*Hetroertzen - Ain Soph Aur 12,99 €
*Infestus - The Reflecting Void 9,99 €  8,99 REBAJADO
*Ritual Moon ‎– Ritual Moon 5,99 €
*Taake - Stridens Hus 8,99 € 5,99 € PRECIO REBAJADO
*Trollfastheart - What?! An Old Pot For All?! 7,99 €

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Origen: Finlandia, Helsinki

Formados: 1995

Estilo: Black sinfónico

Temática: Anticristianismo, guerra, horror, muerte, oscuridad y Satán

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y youtube


  • Agathon Teclados y voces
  • AstroNuclear Agitator Batería
  • Micko Hell Guitarra
  • Nuklear Tormentörr Bajo
  • Fuck the World, Kill the Jehova! Demo 1996  
  • Friendship Is Friendship, War Is War! Demo 1997  
  • Blood, Monsters, Darkness CD 1998
  • Reborn Through Hate Recopilatorio 1998
  • Born in Fire Video 2000  
  • Life? CD 2000
  • Written in Blood CD 2001
  • The Grand Hammering CD 2004  
  • Promo DVD 2006 Video 2006  
  • Tapetum Lucidum EP 2007  
  • Under the Spell of the Unlight CD 2008  
  • Grim Fate Single 2011  
  • Grimoire Demo 2014  
  • The Age of Aquarius CD 2016  
  • Fuck the World, War Is War! Recopilatorio 2017  
  • Obscure Metamorphosis EP 2018  
  • The Hermit Single 2020  
  • Agathonomicon CD 2021
Séptimo álbum de estudio para os fineses, después de una dilatada carrera que dió comienzo en 1995, en donde dan muestra de sentirse todavía en une estupendo estado de forma. Buena cuenta de ello es la habilidad para ofrecer un trabajo como este "Agathonomicon" en donde saben mantener el pulso con un sonido que logra trasportar al oyente a mediados de los noventa al tiempo que saben ofrecer un black de corte sinfónico que se centra en lograr plasmar un atmósfera sombría, cargada y oscura. Enormes y monumentales riffs se van desgranando en cada uno de los temas que contiene el álbum sabiendo encontrar un acertado equilibrio entra los más afilados y directos cuando la propuesta así lo requiere y desarrollando otros aspectos mucho más comedidos en la partes en las cuales Gloomy se adentra en terrenos más atmosféricos. Los teclados no se encuentran del todo materializados, acompañan y dan sustento a la propuesta pero no entorpecen el discurrir de la música, resultando del todo acertado el enfoque de los temas hacia una vertiente siniestra y oscura. Por otra parte las voces se muestran contundentes, con cierto dinamismo entre las partes más contundentes y graves, con algún inciso en terrenos más accesibles pero perfectamente encuadradas y construidas sobre la triada batería, bajo y teclados. Un álbum perfecto en cuanto a black sinfónico, capaz de recordar a la edad dorada del género, pero con la suficiente personalidad para llevar el sonido hacia terrenos propios repletos de oscuridad y profundidad. (8,4).

1. Invitation 00:31  
2. The Hermit 04:51  
3. Master Inside 04:20  
4. Third Eye Opening 05:31  
5. They Are Waiting 05:29  
6. Conjunction to the Ground 03:42  
7. To the Death I Have Sworn 03:25  
8. Purity, Beauty, Freedom 04:17  
9. Blood, Monsters, Darkness 04:27  
10. Haunting, Hunting, Howling 17:59  

Cassette, Mini-Album