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Good afternoon, thanks for answering these questions, how is everything going for Mantua?
Hail, here is V.P. Mutilator, drums and vocals. Here is the same everyday hell-hole submerged in fog and hatred!

1. Sadomortuary has been active since 2018 and was created by V. P. Mutilator and I. K. Terrorist, well, why do they create the band and why do they choose the name Sadomortuary? 
The band was created because of the urgent need to realize something brutal, cryptic, obsessive and obscure tormenting death-worship rotten noise of evil, inspired by classic bestialities like VON, old BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, DEAD CHRIST. The name SADOMORTUARY came up very impulsively. It sounds good and it reflect perfectly the image of the sound and the band. I like to think about it as a sadistic crypt in which we are satanic black priests invoking the power of Darkness and breathe the smells of Death to get powerful and godly energies.       

2. It is interesting to know why two musicians like you are immersed in other projects such as Inverno, Necromutilator, Vollmond, Obscuritatem or Radon Trench, bands that to a greater or lesser extent are related to black metal, decide to join forces and create Sadomortuary. What major differences can the listener in Sadomortuary find with respect to the other bands of which you are a part? Is it difficult for you to keep the sound of Sadomortuary away from the sound of the other bands of which you are a part? 
Except for NECROMUTILATOR and RADON TRENCH you named all dead projects/bands. There’s many ways to create dark and evil music actually. SADOMORTUARY just answer to the need of a deep hunger of perveted worship of obscurity and tormenting evil sound. Of course it doesn’t represent a problem or barrier compared to other projects/bands music. It’s just a different way to walk the same path of Darkness and Evil.

3. To let you know you have come to edit your first demo "Sadomortuary" which consists of three themes of black death metal, dark and very rotten, how was the process of composition and recording of this demo?
Well, it was very impulsive actually. It just came by pure dedication and inspiration working on basic but very powerful riffs and minimal but solid drum lines. We recorded the demo in less than 3 hours using only a couple of microfones in the rehearsal room. The vocals were done without effects except for some delay and they consists in 2 different lines put together, but then we decided to use a pedal to recreate the same vocals in the later rehearsals. 

4. Von, the first Beherit, Blasphemy or Dead Christ are bands that throughout their career left us good works of black death and also somehow you notice that they have influenced your music, how are these influences reflected the sound of Sadomortuary?
Those influences don’t reflects SADOMORTUARY sound actually but just reflect a comparable sound maybe. Anyway those names represent a deep inspiration of course, but I think there’s a strong personal position in the making of the whole sound and band structure. There’s anyway a deep dedication and strong will behind every intentions in the way to give a pure identity to the band.

5. An element that transcends and that is completely present once we hear the demo is death, an element around which the lyrics of "Sadomortuary" revolve, why do you consider death a fundamental element to be treated in the demo? 
Death is a classic and important topic that we have always seen worshipped through many bands. SADOMORTUARY treat that topic as a basic element of dark powerful energy. By the way, all the lyrics focus on total horror. We just want to glorify that deep nauseating sensation of that paralyzing primordial “fear of Evil” that we want to put in opposition to the human instinct of survival. SADOMORTUARY is an inhuman entity and it goes beyond every safe-space/happy metal circus that now saturates most of the UG scenes.

6. How were your beginnings in music, first bands that I listen to live, first cds that were bought? What echo in their lives did they want to dedicate themselves to music?
Talking about myself, if I exclude AC/DC,  my very first baptism into heavy music were METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN. Immediately after the further step into brutality was because of SLAYER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM. Of course the echo of all the classic, from the first to the last, is immortal. Personally norwegian black metal has the deepest impact and made me in the way to dedicate all my energies and time to create evil music. There’s a crucial time in the growing path of a metalhead in which everything it’s clear and a true identity take form.

7. Is there any chance that in the future they will be able to offer a Sadomortuary concert with the incorporation, perhaps, of a new member, or is it a possibility that is not contemplated?
Yes, we are going to do a debut live show next June 7th supporting Deiphago in Parma, northern Italy. We will have a third member as bass player for the gig. 

8. The demo has been self-edited on cassette, is it a good option to opt for self-editing in a format like the cassette for a band that is starting? Maybe the essence of black metal may still reside in part on the cassette as a format edition to be known through, for example, the exchange?
I think every demo should be out on cassette format, specially if self-editing. I strongly support tape releases for a demo. Maybe is not one only the essence of black metal, but the essence of all the extreme genres but I must say it’s not just about the kind format. Nowadays the essence is just about any format. The digital world allows younger (but not only) generations to get all the music they want just  through a phone or a pc. It’s not a totally negative situation but you can’t understand the essence of any music without listening it in a pure way. Exchanges are very important too, they are necessary for the growing of scenes and mutual support through bands and labels. 

9. You are in search of a record label, how do you search for the record label and what do you think it can bring you?
It would be good just having the right offer that the next work will deserve. 

10. Although the demo has just been published, what future plans for Sadomortuary, in terms of upcoming releases, editions, etc …?
We are focusing on writing new stuff, maybe an other demo tape for mid-2019, maybe a rehearsal tape, then we’ll see what happens. For sure we have many ideas to realize in term of new tracks.

11. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Sadomortuary, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks a lot for the support and the questions. Hail Darkness!!!

Gatefold sleeve, includes lyrics insert. Limited to 400 copies in white vinyl


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