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1. At what time do you decide to create a band like Orek? Why do you choose the name of Orek and what does it refer to?
Orek as a name has no meaning. As somebody that created art in form of drawings I have used that name before.

2. The creation of Orek can be traced back to 2011 but it is not until 2017 that you publish your first demo, what happened in all this time from the start-up of Orek to the release of the first demo?
I startet this project in 2011, to the same time as i started with the first steps of home recording. I was searching for the right sound that should define my style of Black Metal.

3 The edition of the first Orek demo is set in 2017, a demo of seven themes of primitive sound, dark and dense, where the underground takes shape and there is not much space for experimentation, beyond certain attempts to create some atmospheres in certain places, with a sound that could be called purely German, a definition that will accompany from here to Orek, meanwhile, how was the recording process and composition of this demo and how would you define the music it contains?
I would not say purely German, because I listen to so many different Black Metal bands from different countries all over the world.  Honestly the musical side of Orek is just recording the songs and riffs I hear in my head. The most time taking part was to find the sound I that would fit the songs. First of all the lyrics and topics in the lyrics should fit to the instrumental part and the lyrical content is pretty much the same with all the bands I grew up with. The themes of the lyrics deal with everything and nothing.

4. "Garten der Lüste" is the second demo of Orek, comes six months after the initial demo, with so little time in between, return to show a cold, raw and underground sound, that although it does not show much evolution, if It serves to define and make clear the proposal of Orek as a black metal band with a defined style, how does this definition fit to what you think about "Garten der Lüste"?
Of the lyrical content. „Garten der Lüste“ is a three piece painting or to describe it more precisely a triptychon from Hieronymus Bosch. The left part represents „garden of eden“ the middle part shows „the creation of the world“ and on the right side „HELL“. The lyrical content describes the right side of this piece of art.

5. In mid-2018 comes the shared with Ashtavakra where Orek brings the three songs that make up the B-side of the cassette, keeping the identity of its sound, although letting glimpse certain influences of the Scandinavian black sound of bands like Burzum, how did it arise the opportunity to make this shared with Ashtavakra? Do you think that in this work you can talk about a certain evolution in the sound of Orek with respect to the past, even preserving the identity of the sound of the band?
I know Ashtavakra (Greetings!!!) for a long time and we like the same style of Black Metal so that we chose to make a split release. The Scandinavian sound I didn’t really notice at first. When I was done recording and looked back I recognized that too that It has some Scandinavian influences soundwise, which is a difference to my first two demos. I would say that this sound still represents what I had in mind when creating this project. Mangy German Black Metal so to speak. ;-)

6. And at the beginning of 2019 comes the third demo edition "Kirchentag", six sound tracks if it fits more raw, direct and underground, forgetting if there are certain epic elements from previous works and including a version of "Tanz auf Deinem Grab" from Böhse Onkelz, well, what was inspired for the composition of the music and the lyrics of "Kirchentag"? And why do you decide to include the version of "Tanz auf Deinem Grab" by Böhse Onkelz?
That Song I liked since my childhood and just because it is no Black Metal song I thought it would be a misfitting and good song to put on my record. 

7. After three demos and one shared, how would you define Orek's music? And what are your main musical influences in terms of bands that serve as a reference when composing, as well as where do you get inspiration from the texts of the songs?
The lyrics just serve the music they have no big relevance in my opinion they are needed for the vocals to fit the music. My focus is the sound I create with my songs. Mostly there are no deep thoughts I did put into my lyrics. They are just existing because of the musical invoicing and to make the song complete. My influences right now come mostly from Finnish and German Black Metal. 

8. All Orek editions have been self-edited in a cassette format taking care of the details, do you consider self-publishing and a format like cassette as the best way to start for a new band? Has there been any record label interested in editing the music of Orek? in some other format?
I do not have any experiences with record labels and when I started to send them my first demo at the time I never received an answer so that’s why I chose to do It my own way and distribute it on my own. Wolfmond Production (Greetings!!!) are interested in releasing the Ashtavakra / Orek Split as a A5 Digi CD package and this release should come out in May 2019. This is a one man band and so far I have no plans to

9. Is there a possibility that some moment could offer a concert by Orek through the collaboration of other musicians?
Right now as I said before there are no live shows planned so far. 

10. What type and brand of instruments do you use for the recording and composition of Orek's music?
My main guitar is my Ibanez RG on which I composed and recorded all my songs. The bass I recorded with the cheapest bass guitar I could find in a music store. On the first demo there isn’t even a bass to have a really cold sound.

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first CDs you bought? What echo in your life did you want to form a band and be a musician?
Since I can remember I have been listening to music and my taste of music always stood out. As a little kid I listened to Metallica and Motörhead and to a lot of Punk bands. I always had older friends that listened to Death- and Thrash Metal or German Punk music. The first Black Metal CD I bought was „Urga Karma“ from Impaled Nazarene and this record which I bought in 1994 was without pre listening. When I came home and put it in the CD-Player I thought something is wrong with the CD player but soon realized that this was the true music. That’s how it compelled me, hail Satan!! Black Metal was and will always be a part of my life.  My first concert I attended was a Böhse Onkelz gig in the late 90ies. A friend of mine left his guitar at my house and I just grabbed it and tried to play Six Feet Under songs while learning power chords.

12. Are you satisfied with the repercussion that you have had in the press and I publish the music of Orek so far?
It depends if somebody understands my music or if he can relate to it. I received so many different reviews but at the end of the day the musician has to like his own art. Your review I did like as far as what Google translator wrote.

13. What future plans do you have for Orek as future editions? Are you already composing new themes?
Right now there is a CD release for Kirchentag in the making. Right now I have no topic or conept for my 4th release. I need time to get some inspiration.  Another project I am working on with a friend (Goatkiller A.D.) is called „Kinder des Zorns“ (KDZ) and we are busy writing songs and when it is finished the possibility to play live could be pretty    realistic. 

14. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something more for the followers of Orek this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.
Thank you all very much for your support .

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