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Origen: E.E.U.U., San Diego
Formados: 2013
Estilo: Black, death
Temática: Demonología, diablo y ocultismo
Enlaces: Facebook
  • AC Guitarra y voces
  • KA Voces
  • NB Batería y voces

  • Rehearsal Demo 2013  
  • Altarcunt CD 2015
  • Rotting Manifestations CD 2021
Puesta de largo para Seraphic Disgust, banda que ofrece un death metal con tendencia al war de corte violento y agresivo y con claras referencias a un sonido old school. Blast beats brutales, buenos riffs, en la mayoría de los casos agresivos y rápidos y unas voces que también se decantan por la versión más brutal del género. Todo ellos viene rodeado de una ambientación repleta de ocultismo y por algunas partes más ambient, de la mano de algunas pausas de sonido más limpio que traen una mayor presencia de un sonido black a su música, tal vez con un fuerte regusto a thrash también en ciertas partes. Un álbum que recrea un ambientación muy oscura y brutal, impreganda de guiños al ocultimso y a la demonología y que sigue el cauce del sonido más clásico dentro del death-black metal. (7,8).

1. Stagnation (And Ethereal Malice) Among Lowly Spirits  
2. Seventh Knight  
3. Crematory Waste  
4. Prelude to Oblivion  
5. Vehement Disgust  
6. Stygias Dominii  
7. Altarcunt  
8. Outro

Nuclear War Now! Productions ‎– ANTI-GOTH 032
Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
Single-pocket jacket with insert.


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Desde Murcia nos llega esta banda formada el pasado año por Cerebro Ácido, Podredumbre, Sacrilegio y Sexual Morbus que podemos encuadrar en un black death metal oldschool. Acaban de editar su primer lanzamiento que consta de cinco temas entro los que hay un revisión del tema "Infierno verde" de los bolivianos Difunter. El su página de Bandcamp podemos escuchar un par de temas del Ep en donde apreciamos también la influencia en su música del thrash y algo de punk y que viene de ser editado por el sello Bomber Recs en edición tape limitada a 150 copias.

This masterpiece contains four tracks filled with negativity and raw energy. The superior composition which always stay true to black metal despite their atmosphere enthrall and inspire you every time you listen to them. This is a milestone of the Dutch style!

Powerful, yet full of pain; furious, yet mourning; technically and atmospherically crafted, this album will immediately satisfy you. LASTER write enthralling songs in perfect balance between superior composition, a harsh mood and Black Metal, which they live to the fullest. A Masterpiece!

First 100 copies in white color, second 100 in transparent and 300 in black color.


1. Alles wat mij bevalt, ontvalt me 13:37
2. Tot de tocht ons verlicht 10:03
3. Ik - mijn masker 15:03
4. De verste verte is hier 6:05

Total: 44:50


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Cuatro temas conforman este nuevo lanzamiento de los turcos Blliigghhtted, cuatro temas con una considerable duración y que siguen manteniendo el tono irreverente de anteriores ediciones, aspecto que más de un quebradero de cabeza ya le ha dado a la banda en su hasta el momento corta existencia. Su anterior "No Temple" ya  mostraba cierta evolución en su sonido, sobre todo en la inclusión y mejorado aspecto de las guitarras, permitiendo que aunque la música sigue conservando ese atmósfera opresiva y asfixiante al mismo tiempo se acerca y aproxima más al black más underground de comienzos de los noventa. La mayor duración de los temas permite añadir un cierto aspecto épico a la música sin descuidar en ningún momento la carga opresiva de la atmósfera. Por otro lado, otro aspecto que se había comenzado a introducir en su anterior obra, era el cierto aire doom en algunas partes, en " Kosmoskampf" no solo está presente sino que por momentos se adentra en terrenos del funeral doom. Como siempre Blliigghhtted no deja a nadie indeferente con su propuesta musical ni con todo lo que rodea a la banda, ofreciendo otra obra rica en influencias y en contrastes. (8,2).

1. Laughing Siblings 11:41
  His endless laughter echoing in the infinite ever multiplying halls of my mind.

Father do not feed no one else,
Do not give them the fuel you made me from.

You give me and I give back,
Would they ever understand?

You gave me your mistress,
I lick your semen from her bloodstained feet.

A whore gave birth to my mother,
I do not know what to do.

Slaughtered black angel you are.

You will no longer be afraid of anything,

Neither of the dreadful dreams,
Nor the fair child of past failures.
Faith does not matter anymore,
Serenity is forever yours,

For you are the anomaly that did not die.
You can wield every image at will
You can scorch sleep

You have chosed to name your success
As the keeper of the great darkness.
Everything that stung you named order.

And everything that you are chaos.
You give reasons to fight for the hopeless,
As you took it from them.

Even if you fail, you've been touched.
By the everlasting flame,
That unites us all.

No one can understand,
How happiness does not matter anymore.

There is no more fingers to point,
When reunited with the true self.

For he resided in a netherworld

Where you fell from.

The fountain of uncertainty is a mirrored monument.

Sculpted in the borderline of the worlds on high and low.

Sculpted by you and yourself.

Do not tell the self that he is on the wrong side.

Warm is my head when my heart turns east,
Longing for an eternal return to father.

Warm was the heaven's throne when she shone,
Longing for her son in his vast dreams.

Warm is the home of the son,
Longing for terror.

Warmth is never to be abandoned,
Warmth is never to be seeked.

Cold was the mind without the cross,
The cross found its way to the candles.

Cold was waxed out of nightmares,
The candles they are the black light.

Cold was the mind in darkness,
The black light is darkness.

Fertilize I must the pain induced by love,
Love is a face of lesser Evil
The rapist is the true father
In the mind of any woman

The friends of many are different,
Of the same father,
The blood that unites us
Disgusts me blind.
2. In Absu's Absent Presence 10:17
  I am chained to my kind through hate,
The breath I take is gifted upon me by you.
You are all I wish to be

Unless you think better of them.
I am a slave to my ego
As I try to run myself out of spirit
By respiratory fornication.

Father can I not be your most beloved
Until you cast on me your wretched spells.
You think I will never be of virtue
that you ever were.

I shall rule your universe one day
I know if that would be the day,
You think I will be unforgiving
You will only see that I was something beyond

And I will not hide behind false modesty
Like your sister and your mother.
That suffered your own father.
Your soul is a slut, just like them.

In the midst of all trouble you caused me,
I know you aren't a murderer,
But I also know,
You are a torturer.

He who does not submit to the darkness he is made of,
Shall always beget his flesh until he does.

A true warrior of the sealer of time I become,
Through your atrocity.
Forever enslaved I am within the knowledge and feeling of the end.
Therefore I will never deny what evil resides within.

A disease my kind and me were thought to be,
It only makes sense that we were the cause of suffering.
Blighted by the fact that we were so many,
This world spat out the disease.

What evil resides within every human being?
3. And Tiamat's Present Absence 11:26
 A soul can be stilled by force
When a mother walks across what used to be a torture chamber.
Fear stays where it was summoned.
And anyone to invade that space is deemed guilty in divine law.

Strength of charm under your spell,
Paternal lips thicken with venom,
Eating vermin away from maternal cunts is the cure
Drinking menstrual blood from teet of daughters respite

When the power of all lies become mere objects of desire,
I inhale the smoke once again to bring back chaos,
Unto realms untouched by evil spells
The slithery forms my real being

Fire they breath,
Nephesh of atesh
Fire fertilizing the realms
Where flowers float in space.

Grandmaster of all lies bleeding into my guts
I piss into his son’s mouth
As he defecates back in liquid form

Makes me vomit and vomit
The release of terrestrial crisis
The revelation of spiritual awakening
Makes me vomit and vomit

All flows down into a backward castle erected underground
In which all inhabitants became flowers
Rotten semen coming from within cracks of its walls
To meet the wrath of flowers’ cowardly piss

Fear bleeds philosophy from underground
How do you find the will to walk paths to no Temple?
The only true revelation is the living learning from the dead.
As they are drowning in an ocean they've bled.

Power brood
You slay yourself again.
Tempted soul,
You need to torture him.

He is you,
Murder him in yourself.
Murder yourself in him.
Let everyone who knew him forget you.

Breathe under blood
Breathe over space.
Breathe in eternal sleep
If only everyone were to breathe.

There are some, who try to plant this,

If everything you say is the same thing, why keep saying?

If everything you say is not the same thing, why keep saying?

I speak in eleven ways of kingdoms far away.

I am purged when I accept my faith in believing in mirrors in front of my eyes.

You are Him, and you know his spells are too strong.
We are forever all but doing his lonely will in everything we think we do for ourselves.
4. Nephesous 10:15  instrumental

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1. The band was born in 2015, How and why did you decide to create the band and why choose the name Scath na Déithe?
ST: Cathal and I knew each other from gigging with our other bands (Nautilus and Astralnaut) but I’ve more recently discovered Dúnmharú. Cathal has been consistently releasing EPS with Dúnmharú over the years and once I discovered them I knew I had to work with him.
Initially we had planned to get together to write and record one song purely for fun however that quickly turned into what we have now.
CH: We wanted a name in the Irish language that would reflect some of the themes in our music, we chose Scáth Na Déithe, which roughly translates as “The Shadow of the Gods.”

2. At this time you have released your first EP, "The Horrors of Old", how was the process of writing and recording the songs? What is your way of working in the studio?
CH: The songs for this EP came together very naturally, we had all the songs written and recorded within the space of a couple of months.
The EP recording session was done like most recordings now days, we recorded the drums first and then laid down all the other instruments one by one on top of the drums.

3. You are not newcomers, both are in other projects, that if one more related to her black and one with the rock, stoner, however Scath na Déithe offers a sound that has a black hand, but also a strong component doom or even funeral, how you will define the band's sound and what are your musical references?
CH: It is difficult to try to properly define the sound of a project you are involved in, as different people hear different things in your music. For me the core of our sound consists of black and death metal, with some of the melodic aspects of doom and an atmospheric element added in to the sound.

4. Another miss important in your compositions is the atmosphere, that time may recall pagan elements, similar to bands like Drudkh line, is it something intentional, I had made any comment on this?
CH: Being from Ireland that sort of atmosphere does tend to seep into your music, even though it’s not our intention to sound “pagan” or be a pagan metal band. There is a lot of sadness in traditional Irish music and folklore that for me can have an influence on the music I create.

5. I think the theme of the album revolves around death and everything around you arrive, why you choose to treat this topic in your lyrics?
CH: The lyrics on the EP do deal with death, they are based on two stories from Irish folklore, one is based on the story of mothers that have died that return nightly to try to steal away their children and the other is An Sluagh, the spirits of people who committed great sins when they were alive, who return to collect the souls of the dying.
I chose these stories to base the lyrics on because the dark side of Irish folklore and storytelling has always interested and influenced me.

6. The EP has had a good impact and both media and public do not hesitate to recognize the enormous potential of the band, satisfied with the repercussion?
ST: It’s great to see what people think of the music however we are keen to see how people react to the songs in a live setting. We have had some very positive reviews and feedback sent our way so we are very happy with the response so far.
CH: We are very satisfied with the attention we have gotten so far. We didn’t expect to receive as much positive feedback or attention, as we released the EP without having played any live shows or releasing anything prior to this. 

7. It surprised however that no record label interested in her edition of "The Horrors of Old," will there be any reissue in the future?
ST: We actually have had a little bit of interest from various labels, both local and not so local. We will be releasing “The Horrors of Old” on tape via Sarlacc Productions in the new year. We might also look at doing a CD release later in the year. Sarlacc have been putting out some great stuff recently, definitely worth checking out.

8. How were your beginnings in music: first cds, concerts, etc. Why decide to be a musician?
ST: I’ve been into metal from a young age however I have played in some very non-metal projects over the years. Piano and Clarinet were my first instruments. I took lessons in piano and clarinet for a few years but I was more interested in metal drumming than sitting in front of a piano. A double kick pedal soon followed.
CH: I’ve listened to hard rock and heavy metal as long as I can remember and over time I kept seeking out heavier and more extreme music. I would consider myself a songwriter more so than a fully developed musician, and learning the guitar was the way I chose to create the music I wanted to make.

9. What can you tell us about the scene black Irish?
CH: The Irish underground scene is very strong at the moment, there are a lot of bands who are making amazing metal; Altar Of Plagues, Slidhr, Malthusian, Vircolac, ZOM, Corr Mhóna, From The Bogs Of Aughiska, Oh Daith, and of course the bigger bands like Primordial and Mourning Beloveth.

10. The cover design was entrusted to Manum Diaboli Art, what do you want to represent with this cover and how it relates to the content of the album?
CH: I had worked with Manum Diaboli Art before on other projects and I can’t recommend him highly enough. The cover art depicts an old woman clinging on to old books and scraps of paper, this represents the old stories and folklore that our lyrical themes are based on. 

11. The recording was made in veterans Balbriggan Station Studios in operation since 1960, why did you choose these studies for recording?
CH: We chose to record here as the studio is extremely well equipped and suited to capturing the type of sound we wanted for this EP.

12. What future plans do you have for the band? Are you working on new songs?
ST: Cathal is working on new material right now so we hope to release a full length at some stage in 2016. I feel that The Horrors of Old was a suitable introduction however a full length seems more appropriate this time round.
CH: Early 2016 we will begin rehearsing new material that we hope to record soon after and release during the year as a full length, live shows are also a possibility in the new year.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Scath na Déithe, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
CH: Thank you for taking the time to interview us and thanks to everyone who has checked out our music, sláinte!

1. Kawir - Prometheus 06:56
2. Nergal - Flegethon 04:47
3. Embrace of Thorns - Dismal Augur of Hierophant Mass 04:49
4. Soulskinner - 44 Caliber Killer 04:47


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Unholy Black Crucifixion es una nueva formación a camino entre Madrid y Tenerife. Recientemente vienen de editar el split "The True Anti-System Hatred Against Jewish Parasites!!!" junto a formaciones como Nokturnal Poetry, Satan 88 y Impallus Mortiis. Unholy Black Crucifixion son los encargados de abrir esta colaboración con tres temas de violento y brutal black metal en la línea del War Black Metal, composiciones repletas de odio y violencia y con un marcado carácter bélico. Detrás de Unholy Black Crucifixion podemos encontrar a Atroz (Funeror, Suicide Movement) ocupándose de todo la instrumentación, mientras que las voces corren a cargo de A.Z.T.T.S.S (Heretical Warlust). para más información podéis consultar el facebook de la banda.

Iron Bonehead Productions ‎– IBP 228
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition

Limited to 500 copies. 140g black vinyl housed in a 300gsm jacket with matte varnish, flooded black inside. Includes a 250gsm cardstock inser


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Origen: Alemania
Formados: 2010
Estilo: Black progresivo
Temática: Enfermedad mental e influencia del cosmos en el mente
Enlaces: Facebook y Ekstasis

  • Ægror                    ?
  • Chironex               ?
  • Elias                       ?
  • Philmriz                 ?
  • Schynderhannes     ?


  • Wirklichkeitsraster CD 2015
Álbum debut para la formación germana Ekstasis, que recoge cinco temas que podríamos encuadrar de un primer vistazo dentro del black progresivo, aunque considero que la riqueza musical que encierra este "Wirklichkeitsraster" va un paso más allá y su complejidad es un punto a su favor. Hablo de complejidad de sonido, ya que esta obra destaca por los diferentes estados que transmite su música, por un lado tenemos unos componentes muy agresivos como son las voces y la brutalidad y velocidad de ciertos momentos de blast beats, en claro enfrentamiento con las buenas melodías de guitarras que acompañan a todas las composiciones. Un álbum que sabe enfocar cada tema de manera que sea un ser en si mismo, que se va construyendo desde casi la nada hasta medrar y sobre todo poder ofrecer una variedad de estilos y formas que convergen de una manera correcta en un black progresivo repleto de momentos agresivos, enfrentados a otros más pausados, sin perder de vista la melodía y sin dejar de ofrecer una atmósfera casi que psicótica, sobre todo de abandono da la realidad, donde el equilibrio entre las partes es su mayor virtud. Buena carta de presentación para una banda que se pod´ria encuadrar dentro de la línea innovadora del black metal, casi que rozando el vanguardismo y que acaba en conjunto por sonar como un álbum muy solido y completo. (8).

1. Angstzustände 06:48  

2. Kontrolle 04:13  
3. Farbenblind 06:27  
4. Gedankenort 07:00  
5. Realitätsverlust 07:12  

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Nueva entrega para la one man banda islandesa que como en su anterior entrega se adentra en terrenos del black metal con diferentes y variadas influencias. Este nuevo lanzamiento sigue ofreciendo un visión del black alejada de convencionalismos, Hörður Lúðvíksson vuelve a la carga con un sonido que por momentos resulta casi que agobiante y en donde los riffs pesados y brutales se antojan como elemento representativo del sonido. Hörður se vuelve a destapar como una mente inquieta, y las influencias de su música son variadas, pero a destacar esos aportes de metalcore que se van colando en las composiciones y que lo acercan a bandas experimentales vanguardistas, sin descuidar tampoco la intensidad y virulencia de la faceta más hardcore de su sonido. Las voces desgarradas y crudas siguen estando presentes, la producción se ha acrecentado y permite disfrutar de un álbum mucho más maduro y completo en donde la inclusión de algunos arreglos de teclado le permite respirar hacia una atmósfera más lúgubre. Un álbum de contrastes, capaz de transitar de la melodía a la disonancia, o de la pausa a la brutalidad en un breve intervalo de tiempo, pero que muestra el buen hacer de Hörður como elemento a tener en cuenta dentro de las nuevas corrientes dentro del género. (8,2).

1. Birth (Intro) 01:43  instrumental
2. Tabula Rasa 05:53  
3. Mother 06:34  
4. Exit the Realm of the Living 04:28  
5. Transparent Figures 03:49  
6. Gates in the Shadow 06:35  
7. Downfall 05:11  
8. The World They Took Over 03:20  

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Nueva entrega en la prolífica carrera de la banda que como principal novedad con anteriores obras intenta abandonar un tanto el tono depresivo para adentrarse en terrenos más épicos y medievales, pero sin perder un ápice de crudeza y oscuridad. "From the Abyss" es un álbum extenso, más de una hora de duración, que permite a Azgorh adentrarse en terrenos más progresivos en su música e ir evolucionando los temas de forma distinta. Las guitarras afiladas y crudas siguen estando presentes, así como las voces gélidas y rasgadas como marca personal de la banda, pero la inclusión de unos sutiles teclados, presentes en mayor o menor medida en casi todos los temas, logran dotar a la música de una mayor épica y enfoque medieval, sin lugar a dudas en clara referencia a bandas como Satyricon en sus inicios, aunque el tono depresivo que siempre a caracterizado a Drowning the Light no se a perdido del todo. Estamos ante un álbum extenso, que muestra a una banda en proceso de cierta evolución, un álbum que merece ser apreciado como un todo y que en cuanto a sonido se adentra en el sonido medieval y crudo del black escnadinavo de comienzos de los noventa. (8,1).

1. From Old Mountains to Lost Seas 02:41  instrumental
2. Drink the Blood of the Sun (Varcolaci Awakens) 04:18   
As a thread is spun in the darkness by a forgotten witch
a bridge between planes and a portal through the cosmos unfolds!

In the skin of a wolf
On the wings of a ghost
Drain the essence of the moon
Drink the blood of the sun

As the heavenly bodies drip from the crimson thirst
and through the severed astral veil the Varcolaci returns!

Light a red candle before they close
Inhale the jasmine smoke
Let it all melt away and take flight, to their dismay
Absorb the feeling of pride inside, before leaving your earthly side
Whether in the form of a beautiful flowing phantom
or a ghastly wraith
Open your wolvish maw and drain the world of it's cursed soul!
3. Below the Horizon He Stalks 05:38
Injecting venom into the stream where the well thinking pigs drink As a serpent coiled around its prey Filling the blood stream with deathly toxin Tightening, restricting as the veins blacken Yet entranced by Apeps eyes To swallow the river of life and to bring chaos and strife Just below the horizon he stalks Waiting at dusk his whispers forked Then come dawn to strike the sun again Encircling the world in an eternal flame And in the end, our destiny like scales to be shed As the tail is released and we fall towards oblivion The light dies as worlds collide enraptured by the forbidden As the tale is told the strong crawl out from the darkest hole The serpent once again locks its jaws regeneration to behold. 
4. From the Abyss 06:48
A swirling tempest above
tearing asunder the clouds

The fabric of existence
torn and ripped yet immortal

As i stood at the edge of time
I watched a world in decline
Creating light through Lucifers eye
and to escape from deaths reaping scythe

And from the abyss we emerge
Heavy hearted and yearning
For that dawn that will never come
We are the nocturnal children, nights unholy sons

A new uprising of dark power
For we have tasted the end
But a Promethean flame
is lit in the heart and mind
To embrace the new tide.
5. Secrets of the Darkest Spells 04:43
A starry endless night of grief
An eternal sea of mindless sheep
A void in life one can't deny
Longing for the heavens to cry

A spirit corroded and corrupted
Not bound to your morals and codes
Sleepless nights studying the dark arts

To forge a path in hate and death
To know the secrets of the darkest spells
To master the knowledge of the ancient ones
To embrace the curse of endless nights

To spit in the face of god
and to set the heavens ablaze
Turning their light to ashes
The only phoenix from these ruins - death!

A now reborn world free and unfettered
A once lost beauty returns and flourishes
Religious heads on pikes
Their fall will not be mourned.
6. Cursed Voyage 06:22
  Through the morning fog
leaving the port behind
A cursed voyage sets sail

Across the seven seas she goes
towards the unknown
Through mist and tidal fury
A watery tomb enthroned

Those on deck
yearn for promised shores
In gallows below
Exhausted to the core

And from the rocks a melody mocks as they hear the sirens call
Luring sailors to their deaths are these angelic whores
The captain screams as the harpies gleam proud of their devilish work
A dozen men, drowned and submerged, and then a dozen more

Escaping one peril only leads to another
and soon they became one with the fog
Lost, forgotten,and cursed for eternity.
7. Apparitions in the Distant Woodlands 01:06  instrumental
8. Rise! Under Satans Mighty Horns 05:38
  And from a ruined kingdom we RISE!

As disciples of the shadows - we rise
Storming the gates of religious filth - their demise
Like an epidemic of utter darkness - we rise
Being swept away by holocaust winds - their holy lies

And through darkness we find enlightenment

Like an epidemic of utter darkness - we rise
Being swept away in black smoke - their holy lies

A plague of blackness

In desert sands
filth of the land
and nailed to the cross
The king of lies
whom we despise
his end is not a loss
For its never to late
to change our fate
and rise above the rest
For on this hour
this empires ours
to pass our final test
In the darkest night
we see true light
Under Satans mighty horns
the power of our plight.
9. The Return of Medieval Sorrow 06:01
  In a crumbled city
of forgotten dreams and lost hope
Overgrown ruins
gilded in shadow and cloaked
This decaying glory
A once prosperous land
To the dead hearted
They were never my clan

The return of medieval sorrow

Fortify your own soul
Know the power of the flesh
Expand your deepest thoughts
and drown the weakness

We bleed our own path - unto glory
We cut the ley lines of the new millennium

Fill them from your veins
and let the sanguine
feed the earth
It is now ours! And they will lament!

The return of medieval sorrow.
10. Despoiler of the World We Know 03:55
I am the spear in the side of christ
I am all you fear and spite
The flame that ignites your feeble church
The crushing defeat that you makes you hurt

I am the black smoke in the air
I am death and despair
The immortal spirit of the past
The one who makes you the last

Heresy! Bringer of the old cold
Heresy! Despoiler of the world we know.
11. Sic Itur ad Astra 05:42
Cloaked in the shadows of the dead and robed in the skin of damnation Black sun and black moon The power of will, the power of flesh Ordo ater anguis Luceat lux vestra Sine metu Sic itur ad astra Lux ex tenebris Mors omnibus The standard bearer of plague and lust The illuminated eye opens Luciferi Lux Mea Est Sic itur ad astra
12. The Inverted Ascension 08:55
The absolute absence of light
is not to be found above but below.
In a world hidden from our sight
beneath the calm surface of the sea.

With awe does man look upward
to the myriad of stars in the sky.
While he trembles in silent fear
of the horrors lurking under his feet.

Maelstroms in the bottomless depths
echo with murmurs of the Ancient Ones.
From deep down they call your name
tempting you to join them in their realm.

Be baptized with the primordial waters
let them wash off the stench of humanity.
Ascend deeper, and rise farther down,
until the darkness and you become One.
13. Sinking into the Void 03:20  instrumental