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Origen: E.E.U.U.
Formados: 1998
Estilo: Ambient, black
Temática: Depresión, misantropía, oscuridad y suicidio.
Enlaces: Bandcamp.
  • Wrest Todo

  • Three (Demo 3) Demo 1998  
  • Time End  Demo 1998  
  • MisanthropicNecroBlasphemy Demo 2000
  • Seven & Slaveship Demo 2000
  • Shadow of No Light Demo 2000  
  • V (Demo 5) Demo 2000
  • Video Brolo (Demo 8) Demo 2000  
  • Howl Mockery at the Cross Demo 2001  
  • Intolerance (XI) Demo 2001  
  • Nine (Inclement Derision) Demo 2001  
  • Ten Demo 2001
  • Sacrifice Love at the Altar of War Recopilatorio 2001  
  • The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide Demo 2002  
  • White Devil, Black Metal Demo 2002
  • XV Demo 2002  
  • Verräter Recopilatorio 2002
  • Live in Eternal Sin / The Speed of Darkness Split 2003
  • The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide CD 2003
  • Crebain / Leviathan  Split 2004
  • Tentacles of Whorror CD 2004
  • Black Metal Against the World Split  2004
  • Xasthur / Leviathan  Split 2004
  • Demos Two Thousand Recopilatorio 2005
  • A Silhouette in Splinters  CD 2005
  • Totentanz II / Portrait in Scars Split  2005
  • Howl Mockery at the Cross Recopilatorio 2005
  • Sapthuran / Leviathan Split  2006
  • The Speed of Darkness EP 2006
  • The Blind Wound EP 2006
  • Massive Conspiracy Against All Life CD 2008
  • Sic Luceat Lux Split  2009
  • True Traitor, True Whore CD 2011
  • Leviathan / Krieg Split  2014  
  • My War Single 2015  
  • Scar Sighted CD 2015
  • Leviathan boxed set Recopilatorio 2016
  • The First Sublevel of Suicide Recopilatorio 2017 Crawl / Leviathan Split 2018
  • In the Valley of Death, Where Black Metal Is King Split 2018 Unfailing Fall into Naught Recopilatorio 2018 Withered upon Her Kingdom of Was EP 2018
  • Portrait in Scars & The Speed of Darkness Recopilatorio 2021
  • Shadow of No Light Recopilatorio 2022
Parecía que de un tiempo a esta parte la obra de Wrest comenzaba a dar síntomas de agotamiento, sus álbumes había comenzado a virar hacia terrenos que sus seguidores no estaban del todo satisfechos con ellos y estos cuatro años de silencio aunque sirvieron para que crecieran las expectativas, también sirvieron para que medraran las dudas. "Scar Sighted" podemos decir que es un buen álbum pero no sencillo ni accesible. Si tenemos presente unos comienzos atmosféricos y una tendencia hacia el black depresivo, serán bastantes los que no acaben de entender la presencia de partes death y sobre todo un gusto por el black más vanguardista que forma de intrincados cambios de ritmo e inclusión de ciertas melodías tanto vocales como musicales. Pero también este es un álbum que agradará a sus más fieles seguidores, un álbum que conserva la atmósfera opresiva y oscura de tintes depresiva marca de la casa, rodeada de mucha más violencia y agresividad de mano de un apartado de producción francamente muy bueno que corre a cargo del mítico Billy Anderson, por que pese a quien pese estamos ante un álbum que en su hora de duración agradará a los seguidores tanto de la vertiente más clásica de género como a aquellos que agradecen de la mutación y vanguardia dentro del black. (7,9).

1. - 02:18  
2. The Smoke of Their Torment 06:04
Flower of worms begats the sword shown the world of perfidy
Awakened now and unmerciful
You shall have all nations in derision
Becoming the catalyst of indignation
March towards wicked transformations
Slither from mine pallet that I might maintain your living ash
Living ash
Consume them with your fire
Flower of worms begats the sword shown the world of perfidy
With poisoned arrows
Consume them that they may not be
Enveloping them with delicious suffering
Flower of worms begats the sword shown the world of perfidy
Consume them that they may not be
And deliver much agony
The mass crucifixion of the sons of Adam
Dispatched by ignious ophidian
Constained abyssal order
Announcing the true fruits of the fall
Become the catalyst of indignation
And with terrible and tyrannical death
Oh, restore us again
3. Dawn Vibration 06:28
His beacon severes vision
Again alight from under
Crossing out their eyes
All vision ignored
Erasing the murmurs
Not want an utterance
Name and shape still unrevealed
Stabbing at the years he holds this audition
Dismantling all vessels of labor
Stumbling to reach the inception
No more can we be found
For belief cannot be seen
It is the frequency of day
Commencing with dry stutters
Begins the nucleus
We are found no more
But a scarred key
And the altered ticket
And tremendous ficitons
Subterrestrial illuminations
We are found
But one piece of his whole  
4. Gardens of Coprolite 05:39
Within highest praise
And sought subjugation
Within woe and squaller
Countenance ever fallen
The leering break of day
And penitence
Unto gowns of sacrifice
Unscathed nor weary
The Gardens of Coprolite
The Gardens of Coprolite
All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up and like the wind our sins sweep us away
The Gardens of Coprolite
Deceiving within your own selves
Shunning libelous laws
Therefore, the word, not flesh, is lived
The Gardens of Coprolite
And again the staggering vomit vexations

Manifesting in the hearts of man
5. Wicked Fields of Calm 05:45
Recitation from tomes of trepidation Peering up the frock of glory within wicked fields of calm The lesions lessons His image ever a reminder Iconic respire Thesis ever unaltered Endless veils ever hidden Now they have lifted the shrine Passing the seed through fire Visage of the abyss set against you Holy! Holy! Holy! Most savage of faiths His mark Holy! Holy! Holy! Ever igneous tongue of eremitic gospels 
6. Within Thrall 05:37
The death of the gloaming Ever your derision Within a cocoon of falsity Again turn mine place where knives lay Turn it toward your laments All encompassing compromise Leech of leper lives The gloaming is buried Turn it toward your laments Mine place where knives lay Long repudiated tears  
7. A Veil Is Lifted 06:18
 Flaming serpent of orbs
Fall unto the hands of this angel
Five hundred years tall
Unremoved of spirit
Flaming serpent of orbs
Five hundred years tall
Waiting certain and shorn
Within barren searches
Five hundred years tall
And unremoved of spirit
Dei Desertionem
Always growing
Always groaning
Roaming salacious and insatiable
Not destroyed by the glorious
Permitting most obscene tantra
Venenum Deus
How you knew the dusk
Divine courtesan

Dei Desertionem
8. Scar Sighted 10:02
Amidst these worn hearts Increase pressure Oh the diamond of misery Jewel of such oblivion Pacing again Still no reply For where purpose wilted Loss and regret bloomed Life after life Learning no/thing Within final extremity Beside the last breath exhaled And again pale to the center Stumbling Stuttering Nil light reigns Only tattered accusations Paling to the comparison Now utterly drained And all wonder is banished Life after life Absorbing Nothing 
9. All Tongues Toward 08:24
Tracing the circle; serpent's diamond One and all now black Maw overflowing with dense menses Tracing the circle; serpent's locutions Shiny the slattern form Holiest of devourments Sacred Tracing the circle; serpent's thunderbolt The acolytes of filth Rinsed in vice and glorious knavery Made as the filth of the world In much fear and trembling Head shorn in prophecy Baptised in opaqueness Slattern despot Within such turpitude Tracing the circle; serpent's thunderbolt Mask of Lilitu Readies the blade of Cain Down diamond flights But a single clutch of ashes All tongues toward the void Olding and encircling time A saturn beyond mortal perception Within her briar fortress  
10. Aphōnos 07:43
 All are both
All are oblivion
All are alive
All are extinction
Attempts so tragic
Origin of ritual
Upon your knees
But still on your knees
Fraudulent Thaumiel
Colorless polycephalic evolution
Hanged by your own
Tighten the sword
Veil of mad spirits
Tethered in roily belief
And I can smell your fear again
Paralyzed by doubt
Ever within your own consciousness
Trapped in division
Tethered in roily belief
Upon your knees
But still on your knees 

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