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1.Warfist was formed in 2004 , what can you tell us the time and why you decided to create a band like Warfist ?
Warfist was founded by me and Witchfucker, who was the vocalist of the band at that time. The reason was very simple – we wanted to play some old school blackened thrash metal in the vein of the 80, with a slight touch of Australian metal scene and bands like Destroyer 666 or Gospel Of The Horns. 2004 was a very crazy time, full of alcohol and parties. So it was a very inspiring time for a band like Warfist haha!

2. In this 2014 I finally decided to ye released your first live album after 2 demos , one EP and 4 splits, and a change of formation , how was the process of writing and recording of "The Devil Lives in Grünberg "? How is the way of working on the issues, we all contribute ideas or there is a play by the leader?
The process of creating the material for “The Devil Lives in Grünberg” lasted pretty long actually. We started to work on the songs for this album in 2009, but due to a lot of problems, including changing of drummer and bassists departure to UK for over a year, we were able to finish it somewhere in late 2012/early 2013. Some older tracks are included on this album too. When it comes to writting material for Warfist, I come up with the ideas for the riffs and the shape of the track myself. Then we all meet at the rehearsal room, and arrange the songs together. I also write the lyrics. Getting back to our debut album itself, we have recorded it in about 5 days, and then did the mixes and mastering in 2. All happened at Metal Sound Studio. The atmosphere in the studio was very cool. We're not one of these bands, that record one guitar riff per month, and then overproduce it for another 3 years.

3. Can we say that a new era with this disc opens Warfist ? How important has been the incorporation of M. De Sade to the battery to the development of "The Devil Lives in Grünberg "?
A new era? It's hard to say. Time will tell I guess. For us it was just a realisation of another dream. I hope that this album will open us some doors that were closed till this time, but it's not up to us, but the maniacs out there, who will listen to it. It's also hard to say about any development brought to “The Devil...” by M.de Sade. Most of the songs were arranged by previous drummer, Pavulon. M. had to stick to the core of the drum parts, but did some slight adjustments of his own, which came our really good. He will show what he can on our next material, which will have drum parts arranged by him from the beginning to the end.

4 . The album is released just a week , am pleased by the reactions of the media to disk?
Well, so far we are very positively surprised by the reactions for this album. The reviews are mostly very good, giving us mostly 8/10 points, so we have no reasons to complain.

5 . Your sound is characterized by a strong influence of tharsh 80 , What are your main musical influences ?
I love the 80s metal! Not only thrash, but heavy, doom, black and death too. Back then there were no such thick boarders between the genres as today. It was all about metal and extreme, and not about other shit which divided the metal scene in 90s. When it comes to inspirations, the biggest ones are Bathory, Sodom and Venom. 

6. The Polish black metal has always been healthy , how do you see the end scene of your country ? And the local scene of Zielona Góra ?
Yeah, it's good to hear that Polish metal scene (not only black metal) is respected abroad! There's a lot going on in Polish black metal lately. A lot of new bands arise – some of them are cool, an some shitty, but that's the way it is. From the cool ones I can recomend you Plaga, Voidhanger, Outre or Azel's Mountain. About Zielona Góra, unfortunatelly it's not so good lately. New bands prefer to play some metalcore shit, but we have one good black metal act, and it's Taran. Also I can mention the veterans from Witchmaster and Supreme Lord. They're not exactly pure black metal (Supreme Lord is pure old school death metal for that matter), but their musc shreds, and that's what matters. 

7. The album title refers to your region , whose idea was it and the disc holder ? What is your relationship to your area ?
It was my idea. Metal scene in Zielona Góra and its bands, are well known in Polish metal underground, and one might say, that it's because the Devil himself lives here hahaha! There are also some historical evidence of “Devil's presence” in our town. First of all, witchburning lasted here until XVII century, which is the longest time in this part of Europe. So the devilish roots were very deep here. Second of all. Zielona Góra's patron is Bacchus, who might be an epitome of the devil for some religious people, because of his hedonism, drinking and so on. I love my town and my region. It has something mystical in it. Besides it's a very relaxing place. The town is not to big, but you have there everything you need for a good living. And of course, the Devil lives there, hahaha! 

8. With that you have the taste for the classic thrash sound surely your favorite bands belonging to the 80 , five disk What you consider as essential within the black and why?
That's a hard one. I think I won't be too original. The albums I'm mentioning here are not in any particular order. I would mention “Black Metal” by Venom, which showed their more mature music than it was on “Welcome To Hell”, but still aggressive and hellish. Another one would be Mercyful Fate's “Don't Break the Oath”. Today we consider it as a heavy metal album, but its aura and climate is pure evil, so much related with black metal today. Third album would be Celtic Frost's “Morbid Tales”, which inspired for example Darkthrone. Also the debut album of Bathory, which was more extreme, furious and evil, than all of these mentioned materials put together. And the fifth one would be Sodom's “In the Sign of Evil”, because of it's darkness, dirt and primitiveness.

9. Have you already submitted your new album live , what kind of tools you use to record and what concert ?
We did one show after releasing the album at the moment, but we have been playing these songs for a long time now. Maniacs' reactions for them were mostly positive. I hope that “he Devil...” will bring some more gig offers, also from abroad. If anyone would be interested in having us play live in their city, feel free to contact us.

10. How did you get started in music, first cds you bought , the first concert you attend , etc. .. Why you decided to be a musician ? How the scene has changed over the years?
I have an older sister, and she's the one who got me into metal. I was six years old, when she introduced me to music of such bands as King Diamond, Slayer, Kreator or Sodom. Of course I was very young then and didn't understood much of it, but I liked it already hahaha! I think that the first CD I bought was Deicide's “Legion”, but I'm not certain. About the gig, it was a show of some local rock/metal bands of which none exists today. Why did I decided to become a musician? For chicks, hahaha! I am not such a veteran to do comparisons like this. All I can say, that when I started, and it was year 2000 – 2001, it was all more about fun and having good time. And now the young bands want to be famous on Facebook and shit like that. They should concentrate moe on playing good songs, and not photo sessions. 

11. Who designed the album ported ? Referred to and have to do with its content ?
All the graphics on the album were made by Igor Myszkiewicz. He's an artist from Zielona Góra, and has an unbelivable imagination! If anyone would like to see more of his works, here's the link to his website: http://galar.digart.pl/

12. How does the possibility of release the album through Wydawnictwo Muzyczne emerged Psycho ? Satisfied with the work they have done ? Will you continue in the future be linked to the seal ?
I have known Robert for 3 years now. He always liked the music of Warfist, but when I first asked him to release our debut, he didn't have the funds to do it, so we began to search for someone else. We found Pagan Records, but after we recorded the material, we've lost contact with them, which was very strange and shitty at the same time. Soe we came back to Robert, who this time was able to release us. We're more than satisfied with his work! The promotional stuff he's doing for us is awesome, the album's release is awesome! I think it's possible that we could co-operate in the future.

13 . What future plans do you have for immediate Warfist ?
For now we want to book as many gigs as possible, to promote our debut album live. Meanwhile maybe we'll start working on some new songs. No precise plans for now.

14 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Warfist , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking .
Thanks for the interview and support! No more things need to be added here I think. Stay fuckin' metal! Cheers!!!

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Origen: Asutria, Graz
Formados: 2002
Estilo: Black
Temática: Cosmología, depresión espiritualidad y vacío
  • Philip Santoll Guitarra, voces y programaciones

  • Nihil CD 2007
  • Starless Aeons Single 2013   
  • Antarctica CD 2013
Lo cierto es que Santoll se las arregla para dotar al sonido de Nonexistence de un death melódico, de la pesadez de los riffs del doom y como a él le gusta definirlo del sonido del black cósmico, hasta incluso cuenta con algo de gótico. Supongo que parte de culpa de este sonido tiene el haber contado con Tuomas Saukkonen (Before the Dawn) como colaborador. El sonido del disco es complejo, lleno de capas, con una producción limpia y perfecta que da como resultado un álbum que se mueve por terrenos del death melódico sin complejos. Bien es cierto que todo lo que rodea a Antarctica es frío y gélido, ya que Santoll se las arregla para mantener el pulso a la oscuridad y misticismo a pesar del barroquismo de su música. En su vertiente más black, este álbum recuerda a bandas clásicas de black sinfónico, hay pasajes con un gran trato de los teclados y de voces más rasgadas, aunque mayoritariamente predomina el death melódico con el doble bombo y sobre todo con una voz pesada y gutural y no le van a la zaga los riffs. En definitiva, un disco de metal extremo melódico (no vamos a encasillarlo solo dentro de estilo, sería injusto), con un gran trabajo de sonido y producción, suena muy logrado, pero que resulta previsible desde el primer momento. (7,8).

1. Hope Dies First 06:47  
2. Vast Abysses Inside 05:18  
3. Shroud of Distress 05:10  
4. Darkness Shining 05:50  
5. The Void of No Void 04:58  
6. Multiverse 07:35  
7. Here Is Nowhere 05:35  
8. Starless Aeons 05:33  

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Origen: E.E.U.U, Nueva York
Formados: 2010
Estilo: Black
Temática: Tristeza
Enlaces: Bandcamp y twitter
  • Alexander DeMaria Bajo
  • Mike Batería
  • SS Guitarra
  • Will Skarstad Guitarra y voces

  • Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth CD 2011   
  • Yellow Eyes / Monvment Split 2012   
  • Hammer of Night CD 2013   
  • The Desert Mourns EP 2014
  • Stillicide EP 2014
  • Sick with Bloom CD 2015
  • Immersion Trench Reverie CD 2017
  • Rare Field Ceiling CD 2019
En este su segunda larga duración de los estadounidenses Yellow Eyes incorporan elementos de otros géneros musicales a su black metal de vertiente emocional. De un tiempo a esta parte el black se va mezclando con otros géneros musical con mayor o menor gusto por parte del oyente, bien es cierto que un semillero importante de esta escena son la bandas procedente de E.E. U.U. con Krallice por ejemplo como elemento más reconocible. La música se mueve por terrenos de la evolución y la progresión, ajenos a estructuras clásicas, la intención es montar todo el sonido de guitarra, batería y voz, para crear un muro de sonido infranqueable para transmitir sensaciones de desesperación y agobio. Sin embargo se las arreglan para sonar diferentes, aunque se puedan encuadrar en un primer momento en la escena experimental dentro del black, aportan suficiente variaciones y sutiles cambios para presentarse como un pequeño soplo de aire freco en el género y acabar por quedar atrapado en su música. Los de Nueva York salen a álbum por año y algo tienen que lo hacen especiales, saben lo que tienen entre manos, no es sencillo lo que intentan y menos salir airosos. Un álbum para seguidores de la vertiente más experimental del black, de gusto por el sludge, el post de alto calibre. (7,9).

1. Light Has Fallen 06:17
 in the length of daylight's strip
territories long and grey
downward through the valley
lie the shards of lighted gloom

light has fallen

but it cannot grip the pastures
and its shores grow blue

the sun is leaving me here
the foam of dark waves on the soil
run toward the pink sky

for there are deep pools here
where founts of cold reside

light has fallen

waist-deep in the pasture
and against my burning legs
brushes the first smooth black fish 
2. In This Stillness 06:55  
 holes in the cloth
seeds and grain fall from my sides
in the gloom my eyes
are black stones
but how they yawn for light

when silence grips its knuckles white
i hear gasping all around

nobody finds his treasure safe
in this stillness
the wider field
where a carcass glows
the wider field
is darker than the sky

on the wide crystal chandelier
with its jewels hanging upwards
toward the air

each one a world i do not spoil
a crushing beast with pity's stare
will charge at me until i am found
3. Many Long Fingers Bent in Pain 06:16
my moving form makes ugly knots in the wind many long fingers bent in pain the meadow, slick and sewn with frost, ruined as my footsteps crush webs into the marble i curse myself and the warm steam curls the moon's gaze is broken as i pass and my shadow starves the moss of light a sharp branch scrapes my cheek pierced and stunned i frailly ask was debt repaid? slowly i am spurned the branch had snapped in the clearing light is low and lower near the sulking brush i lay down my things i would bleed into the earth if it would not break the silence i would enter the ground if it would not make it warm
4. Ice Knell 04:20
you realize your hands are white your life was spent in an effort to keep ice from your face you are sinking with the moon it will go and you will stay enough lay down no branches bleed enough you realize your hands are white bells in the woods who is ringing them now? seasons will find you enough lay down no branches bleed enough
5. Hammer of Night 05:09
as the hammer of night fell i went down the hill where the forest cleared to see it touch the snow like a barrel i strained to see the shape it moaned but would not be seen when the light was gone i went to where it had struck a pit of ice had sunken footholds smoothed from the walls a hole aimed up like a black pupil too deep to see with blue rippled walls the air slid down where the hammer of night fell i lit a fire and felt the dusting snow beside me the flakes slid in i fell asleep by the pit of ice soon i was climbing steps in a garden with the smell of wet mud toward a bull with no eyes 
6. Cabin Filled with Smoke and Flies 06:46
  on a day when the grey sky hangs
like the space between two boats
the cabin fills with smoke
my fire breathes and spits

as pines with lifted nets
stand cemetery solid in the snow

i never knew a word for this
the terror of the day

the cabin creaks and moans
the heart is in the air

from unseen holes, the flies

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Origen: Polonia, Zielona Góra
Formados: 2003
Estilo: Black, thrash
Temática: Alcohol, blasfemia y sexo.
Enlaces: Facebook
  • Mihu Guitarra y voces.
  • Pavulon Batería

  • Pure Fucking Hell Demo 2005   
  • Tunes of Hell and Alcohol Demo 2006   
  • HellTyrant Rising EP 2008   
  • United in Annihilation Split 2008   
  • Live Necroism Split 2008   
  • Satanic & Violent Metal Aggresion Split 2009   
  • Beasts of Necrothrash Split 2010
  • The Devil Lives in Grünberg CD 2014   
  • Metal to the Bone CD 2016
  • Laws of Perversion & Filth Split 2018
  • Grünberger CD 2019
  • Teufels CD 2022
En sus más de diez años como banda Warfist no han cesado en su empeño de ofrecer material nuevo con cierta regularidad, siempre desde el más estricto minimalismo y con un gusto por el sonido tharsh-black sucio y primitivo muy acorde a banda como Sodom, Venom o Bathory. Para este 2014 se han sacado de la manga su primer larga duración, habría que preguntarles en que medida la incorporación a la batería de M. de Sade ha tenido que ver en ello. El álbum se escapa en unos treinta minutos y tiene grandes momentos en algunos temas de riffs rápidos y endiablados, con toda la suciedad y feeling de los años ochenta. Este tipo de bandas no pierden de vista los sonidos más clásicos, la sombra de Motorhead también está presente a lo largo del álbum, y si a unos riffs brutales le añadimos la contundencia a la batería de un monstruo como M. de Sade, el resultado no puede ser otro que un álbum tremendamente recomendable para los seguidores de las tendencias más primitivas. Tal vez en algunos momentos carezca de toda la intensidad que se le pueda presuponer en un primer momento, aspecto del todo compresible cuando estamos ante una banda acostumbrada a trabajos más concentrados y totalmente perdonable cuando te encuentras con temas como "The last pyre". ¿Realmente el diablo habita en Grünberg?, después de escuchar este disco parece que asi es. (8,3)

1. Bestial Attack
  They’re running wild from the fire
They’re running to reach your throat
Consumed with fury of sin
Prepare yourself for bestial attack

Army of damned souls arise
Coming with troops of the dead
They’re craving for your demise
Get ready now for bestial attack

Praying for war
Beasts of the scorn
Taking the life

Blood running free
Their majesty
Now falling down

Craving for more
Destruction and war
Feeding their lives

Now it is time
We have crossed the line
You’ll die in pain!

No one will stand when they’re done
No one will live to tell tales
Buried in ground of the death
Prepare yourself for bestial attack

They’re running wild from the fire
They’re running to reach your throat
They’re craving for your demise
Get ready now for bestial attack

Praying for war
Beasts of the scorn
Taking the life

Blood running free
Their majesty
Now falling down

Craving for more
Destruction and war
Feeding their lives

Now it is time
We have crossed the line
You’ll die in pain!
2. The Fire of Our Wrath
Burning Fields Ground of death Baptized in the flame of war Flowing Blood Tested steel Broken on the skulls of foes On the trees Hanging corpse Of the one who knew no fear In the air Feel the stench Of the ones that deserved to die Armies of crusaders marching on Crush their shields, rip their flesh, show them hell Heavens burn with fire of our wrath Blood will flow, heads will fall, we will fight them! Troops of doom Coming forth Waiting to taste human blood We will fight Till the end We’ll protect our legacy Raise your blade Swing your axe Set the fire in your minds Banners of Christ will fall Witness our triumph now Armies of crusaders marching on Crush their shields, rip their flesh, show them hell Heavens burn with fire of our wrath Blood will flow, heads will fall, we will fight them! Hear the victims' cries Hear demonic laughter See crusaders fall Bath in their own blood This will show our might Take away their strengths But they will come back Then we’ll fight again and fight again and fight again! Burning Fields Ground of death Baptized in the flame of war On the trees Hanging corpse Of the one who knew no fear Armies of crusaders marching on Crush their shields, rip their flesh, show them hell Heavens burn with fire of our wrath Blood will flow, heads will fall, we will fight them! 
3. The Silent Assassin
The night is near and I look for my prey I crawl in darkness and that’s where I shall stay I see you walk among the crowd of sin And you were chosen to change your within I am the light to guide your way I am the one who’ll break you of chains You are the dirt, I’ll make you clean By methods coming from your blackest dream I am the silent assassin! Breathing your fear, taking your life I am the silent assassin and tear you apart I’ll cut your throat and I’ll mutilate you This will purify the soul of yours soon You were a whore and no one shall miss you Your life has fallen long before I’ve hunted you The London streets I will set free From all the evil that crawls from the likes of thee Now it is time, for you to go You’ll be the warning but there’s still need for more I am the silent assassin! Breathing your fear, taking your life I am the silent assassin and tear you apar
4. 1665 - The Last Pyre
The raven flew upon the pyre of damnation Looked down at victim of bloodthirsty priest She was a foul one, the devil's creation Destined to die as the daughter of beast Crowd was demanding for blood on that night It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right This day was darkest that they could remember They said that was fault of almighty's wrath "Our ground is cursed" they were crying and weeping But her death shall free us once and for all Crowd was demanding for blood on that night It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right Curse must be cut to end Her end! The crowd was screaming louder Burn Witch! Burn! Die Witch! Die! Rot Witch! Rot! Burn Witch! Burn! The ashes flow in the air with the cold wind This place remembers all cruelty done Last slaughter done here the stain that will remain Of the last witch burned in land of the pure. Crowd was demanding for blood on that night It didn't matter if it's wrong or right Curse had to be cut to end Her end! The crowd was screaming louder Burn Witch! Burn! Die Witch! Die! Rot Witch! Rot! Burn Witch! Burn!
5. Thrash Through the Night
Hey, come ride with me Through streets of sin and fulfill your desires We will raise some hell Make heavens cry Burn all rules in hellfire We will bring their morals to its doom Alcoholic forces reign supreme, and we all shall thrash through the night Hey, don't waste your time The night is young Take all things it can give you All the sluts in town They'll crawl around We are rock'n'roll warriors We will bring their morals to its doom Alcoholic forces reign supreme, and we all shall thrash through the night Booze Lust Hell Thrash through the night! Hey, come ride with me Through streets of sin and fulfill your desires We will raise some hell Make heavens cry Burn all rules in hellfire We will bring their morals to its doom Alcoholic forces reign supreme, and we all shall thrash through the night 
6. HellSlut
Born in the night when the full moon was shining Metalized blood in her veins Rock'n'roll soul She was baptized in fire In her the devilish flame Meet her and she'll consume your soul Powers of witch - she will command you now Queen of fallen angles rise She'll never fall Thrashing and smashing she's Hellslut Goddess of lust Let me feel all your power Show me all that you've got Your wicked eyes burning with wild desire Bring it, and let's fuckin' rock Nobody will ever deny She's mistress of evil, you know she'll take you down Woman of rock'n'roll soul She'll never fall You're in the power of Hellslut Meet her and she'll consume your soul Powers of witch - she will command you now Queen of fallen angles rise She'll never fall Thrashing and smashing she's Hellslut 
7. Black Mass Ritual
Dancing Naked Witches, over burning stakes Night is so dark, Forest whisper her names Master Satan, Arrive on horned beast Drink the blood sacrificial nectar In golden chalice Black mass celebration Ecstasy of damned servants Master goat materialized in dark night Bow to his feet Bow for his legion Deamons screams Devil's whores fuck on altar of sacrifice Mad procreation Drink the Satan's sperm Cut your hands Let the blood flow again, Black mass ritual  
8. Ironfist Commando
Ironfist Commando reign in death

Raised from the pits
Manifest of death
Neck breaking torment
Violence at its best
Rise of hellfire
Terror shakes the ground
Blasphemous warriors
Hear the roaring sound

From hell
Raise fire of the Devil
From hell
Raise the dead

Ready to strike
Ready to fight
Ready to kill
Ready to fuck

March for glory
March for victory
Ironfist Commando
Returns to reign in death
9. Vengeance from Hell
Sadistic deeds born in sick mind
Against defenseless part of human kind
Perverted thoughts turned into flesh
No explanation for such act of dread
No one will hear, no one believes
There is no use waiting here on the knees
It's time to show, the truth behind lies
If needed leave no live body behind

The time is now, blood shall be shed
Eye for an eye, take life of those who live in shame
Vengeance from hell is coming for you
Nothing to lose but there’s still so much hell to give

Civilized men in highest ranks
They are just pigs waiting to have their stands
But no one sees how it’s for real
No one believes in what their minds can feel
Danger concealed but not for all
Some eyes can see what under the masks crawls
The rule is straight – there is no place
For scums like these but only in wooden case

The time is now, blood shall be shed
Eye for an eye, take life of those who live in shame
Vengeance from hell is coming for you
Nothing to lose but there’s still so much hell to give

Now it is done the blood was spilled justice has now been done
Killing the foes, killing the scum, oh how it helps the mind
There is no chance they’ll strike again but there are more to come
World is not pure of worms such as them no mercy should be shown

Vengeance from hell came for their souls ripping them all apart
Now on the run avenger of truth struggling to save own life
No one believed, no one would hear they thought they knew the truth
But they were wrong, still they don’t see the place where the justice lies
10. The Damned
Hiding in darkness of depth of the night Lurking in shadows of demonic might Running from bastards with cross on their chest They want to hunt me and take my last breath I have been against the rights of the weak and I wanted the wisdom to rule Now burning stakes they are waiting at me but I won’t leave when my life is taken cause I am the damned! Looking in dumb eyes of preacher who speaks The words of his god who herds stupid sheep But I am just laughing from words of these pigs They’ll never be able to stand on their feet I have been against the rights of the weak and I wanted the wisdom to rule Now burning stakes they are waiting at me but I won’t leave when my life is taken cause I am the damned! The executioner’s coming to take away my life He sets the fire laughing I will watch his demise The crowd breaks the silence they’re crying for my life But I will still be around to see them burn and fry I, I am the damned, for eternity, forevermore, I am the damned The flames are getting higher it reaches for my eyes But I still see the preacher and greet him with grin smile I know that I will not die but they will rot in pain For I have ancient wisdom that keeps me free from pain I, I am the damned, for eternity, forevermore, I am the damned   
11. The Devil Lives in Grünberg
Traveled through eons and the darkest times Seen all the sinister deeds of the past Knowing the future and all that it brings Riding from hell, here to stay Searching for place that would stand to his needs One that is fit for the planting of seed One that will prove domination of ours Coming from hell, here to stay Fire! Fire! Fire! To burn the dying world Unleash! Unleash! Unleash! The powers of fury Coming with thunders that blaze from the skies Killing the enemies and not asking why This is the place of his eternal reign No one will stop him he is here forever to stay Rise flames of sacrifice Black skies announce our might Walls that have seen all the agony and pain Last pyre cleaning the sinners with flames "Devil was here very long time" they said Possessing the souls till the end Now we will Rock Out when nightfall shall come Smell the four roses of sin at the dawn Masters of Witches and Lord who's Supreme Leading the way till the end Fire! Fire! Fire! To burn the dying world Unleash! Unleash! Unleash! The powers of fury We came with thunders that roared from the skies We killed the enemies and didn't ask why Made this the place of our eternal reign No one will stop us we are ones who'll always remain Rise flames of sacrifice Black skies announce our might Devil lives in Grünberg! Reigning in flames at his true, rightful realm   

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Ondfodt was formed 2013 in Pietarsaari. After the successful release of their first EP, titled ''I'', the band started working on new material. Ondfodt is currently working on their debut-album that will be released in 2014 by Immortal Frost Productions on CD-format and by Witches on Fire on a Limited Tape Version. The album will be titled ''Hexkonst''

1. Onfodt created in 2013 , first as a duo and soon three more members join , how were the beginnings of the band and why they decided to create Ondfodt ?
Although both of us founding members had been jamming for some time and had been working on some material for another project, the creation of Ondfodt was quite spontaneous. The thought when Ondfodt emerged from the hellfires was to mix together our atistical visions and let it erupt into some really raw, evil and dirty Black Metal.   Then immidiately after the band was formed we began working on our first EP. Some days later when the EP was released independently we began working on new material for our debut album.  
At first it was just the two of us doing everything but after we made the decision that Ondfodt would perform live, three new members were recruited to the band:  Dario on Bass, Juuso on Guitar and Simon on Drums.  

2 . They have not lost time, , same year as the creation of the group have released their first EP " I " How was the process of writing and recording the three songs included " I " How is it your way compose songs and work ?
We began working on it the same moment as we decided to start the band. Most material for the EP was already finished from earlier and after editing what needed to be edited and adding extra flavour to the music the recordings began. The work went really smoothly and it didnt take longer than a couple of days until the EP was completed. After these days of efficiency we released the EP by ourselves.

3 . For this 2014 have just announced the release of your first album , is titled '' Hexkonst '' and will be edited by Immortal Frost Productions, Are you all set to publish " Hexkonst " What main differences we find with respect to ep " I" ?
We are really looking forward to the albumrelease. Most stuff are recorded by now, only some small details are yet to be done. The mixes are getting more and more ready as time goes by.  We have been using other equipment for the recording and put more effort into it all. Thus the sound will vary a bit but it will still be raw and uncompromising.  
We have no certain release date yet but we are aiming for it be released before summer. The album will also be released on tapeformat by Witches on Fire Record

 4. What are your main musical influences ?
Main elements are taken from the Norwegian and Swedish scenes in late 80's - late 90's. Also we enjoy Old-school Death Metal, Thrash and Rock n' Roll so we do mix certain parts we like from within those genres as well.  We listen to a wide range of music and draw inspiration from a little here and there. This results in more interesting and original music. Some  bands that should be mentioned are: Dissection, Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest and Darkthrone.

5. What five albums would you highlight within the black metal, and why you consider important?
Storm of the Light's Bane by Dissection. A real classic that has influenced loads of musicians, including ourselves.  Geist ist Teufel by Urfaust. Lots of emotions and originality in a scene that had stood still for a long time.
Its impossible to neglect what impact early Venom, Bathory, Mayhem etc have had on the genre and how their classic releases have formed it all.

6. Occultism, Satanism, are recurring themes within the black metal present in your texts , what you give meaning and interpretation to the occult and Satanism and why you include in your lyrics?
This is a subject much represented in our lyrics. It is important for us to keep it this way. Occult litterature is one of the main sources from where we gather inspiration.
 We see this as a state of existance that can only be reached by cutting all bonds to this earthly existance. Achieving this results in a certain kind of illumination that gives birth to great freedom. 

7. Pietarsaari is not a big city , but the vocalist is Fintroll there , how is the local scene ?
The scene in Pietarsaari is close to non-existant. There are quite many quality bands that have been working there but most of them are no longer active.   Of the still active bands i Magenta Harvest can be mentioned. They just released their album as well.

8. I'm wrong but you have not yet offered any concert as a band, Do you 're raising the issue of the concerts for a future ?
hat's right. We haven't done any gigs as of yet. But in march this year we will start doing shows.
First concert will be on a private event but later in march/april we will do our first public gigs.  It is to early to reveal any details now but it shall be announced when the time is right for it!

9. You also congratulate you on the artwork of '' '' Hexkonst how you decided to work with him couple Karmazid / Patrick Zöller ?
I have been admiring his artworks ever since the first time i saw it. So when we started thinking about artwork for the album i decided to contact him. So then i got in touch with him and after a suprisingly short period of time he was done with the art. It turned out incredible and there is a certain pride to get to use the art of such a creative mastermind on our album.    If anyone is looking for an artist to work with i certainly recommend contacting him.

10. How did you get started in music? Why did you decide to be a musician ?
Us bandmembers have had much interest in music since early age. So starting to play instruments have been a natural response to this.  
Personally it started for me when and got into rock and hardrock when i was around 6-7. Then it was all Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Then from that point i wanted heavier and heavier music and that went on step by step until i later reached a climax which resulted in a wide understanding of music.
I started playing guitar when i was 12. By the time i reached that climax i got absolutely certain that this is what i should be doing. From that point on i have been writing material for many projects, some of them yet to come.

11. After self-publishing of your first job you count now for editing " Hexkonst " Immortal Frost Productions , what made you decanter for this label?
We were looking for labels willing to release our full-length after the EP was released. We eventually got in contact with Immortal Frost and they made an offer.  As if was the best offer we got it wasnt hard for us to choose. 
Also Witches on Fire Records will make a limited tape release of Hexkonst.

12. What future plans do you have for band about gigs release date of your album, etc. .. ?
As said before we have no certain release date yet. We will be doing gigs starting next month.   Also we are discussing with a couple of bands about doing split-releases after the album is released. There are already a couple of new songs in progress that wont appear on Hexkonst but mayhaps on splits or any future album. Quality before quantity.

13 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Ondfodt , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you! You may find us on facebook and at our official webpage www.ondfodt.com for more info on upcoming releases and gigs. Cheers! 

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1. Izmoroz making its first steps in 2006 as Being involved in countless groups felt the need to create a new and why he decided to christen the band name Izmoroz?
- At that time , when we decided to record the first album , it was very cold glass studio covered with frost , and we decided to call the group - Frost ! (translated into English Izmoroz - this rime).

2 . How it changed the sound of the band for many years What today in the " Cthulhu " when compared to your debut album ?
- First Izmoroz - it was a studio project . We wrote in the home studio albums together with Alex from Ashen Light. After the third album , we have a full live band . We hired a new guitarist Kiv, who owns one of the best studios in Moscow - Kiv Records. All these albums were recorded there. Level Kiv-a, as a sound engineer is growing every year , respectively , the recording quality of our albums is also growing. And most importantly, we have to each album a special approach to the selection keys and vocalists . We are changing the guitar construction , live instruments , and so each album is different .

3 . How was the process of writing and recording " Cthulhu " How do you explain the greater weight of the compositions in the traditional instrument?
- The basis of our music - this is folk music . It is with them , and recording starts . When I write , I write them down on tape . Then I come to the country, and to connect them to the nature of the song. Recording acoustic guitar is also on tape . Then I come to the studio where we do pre-production of the album. Write the approximate drums, then guitar and keys . Then all listen and think carefully about how the sound will be heard or that melody . In the same period, the text superimposed on the music and songs are taking shape . In the last step we all writable to reduce and clean copy .

4 . Writer Proskofey Matveevna played an important role in the appearance of the characters , like the idea of ​​having their texts Izmoroz music come from?
- I originally wrote the text himself and I helped one friend . But when we got psat second album, I was introduced to Proskfey Matveevna . This old grandmother, who lives deep in the woods and wrote the text. Since then, we are cooperating . Within a year, she sends me a text, and when it comes to recording the album , I carefully selected and they are laid out on the music. Sometimes fans send me texts .

5 . On the other hand their letters refer to the legends and traditions of his country , how to integrate these legends get lyrics and ? ? Band's music ?
- I write music is in the Slavic folk style unconsciously , just so turns itself. I and most of my friends are very fond of it such topics . But we are certainly not radical pagans , we like it fun and mystical Slavic epic.

6. " Cthulhu " very diverse album is " festive " more raw , more folk instruments , but without losing sight of the extreme metal parts, it is very difficult to put all these elements in one album ? he was pleased with the impact it deserves " album?
- Yes , I am very pleased with the album. And fans and critics have taken it very well. In all the reviews and chats only top marks . And now we give a lot of concerts in support of it. On the album there as folk songs and tracks have conceptual style Trash Metal and Black Metal. The success of our team is in good folk folk tunes combined with a rigid black metal base.

7. For many years Izmoroz increased in various ways, collaborated with several musicians , recorded an album with a symphony orchestra , began offering concerts regularly and maintained a high level of released albums , which plans Izmoroz future?
- In December last year, we signed a contract with the concert agency Grafias Sound Promo. This agency this summer will be engaged in only Izmoroz. Their Director - Daniel Nevzorov big fan of our music. With him, we have successfully completed the first part of Cthulhu travel to Siberia , and in April we will go into the second part . Is the southern part of Russia and Ukraine . In the summer we will be releasing a single, but all in all we tours, and tours only ! Now we are working with a new artist who drew the cover for the new album and I think it will draw to fly the entire booklet. I love it when everything is prepared in advance.

8. As for concerts, how was the concert presentation of " Cthulhu "?
- Officially , the presentation of " Cthulhu " was held in St. Petersburg , two weeks in Moscow, then had a tour of Siberia. And the presentation and tour was very successful , very good people perceive our new songs live . Now we are working with new drummer from the group Cain Skyfall. He brings a lot of new chips to the sound of our group , so at the moment we are strong to the max!

9. In Izmoroz career already , that was for you the most important moment as a band? If you had to choose an album that Izmoroz be and why?
- The most important step was to record the album "Teddy grandmother zombies." He's changed the composition , we have live band . Generally , we are faced with every album , "How to write the material so that it was new, without losing old fans ? " . While we successfully cope with this . We even got some ideas how the new album will sound , but it 's still a secret .

10 . What are the main musical influence within the sound Izmoroz?
- Basically, we fans of old metal nineties. Basically it is Slayer, Dark Funeral, Falkenbach and Sektor Gaza. But when we write music , we just write exactly as it seems better. In sound and intelligence we too at no focus . Just reduce as we like .

11. As a member of various musical projects , how important is it for you Izmoroz?
- The last three years for me is Izmoroz group number 1 , because of all the groups , where I play it Izmoroz is the most active . There are Put Solnca, which also goes to a lot of tours . The rest of my group basically play only in Moscow.

12. Topic covers evolved over the years, first it was the subject of most people, the UFO began to appear , and the " Cthulhu " one " octopus " Who came up with the cover of " Cthulhu " and was referred to ?
- Subject albums changed over the years. And because all our work is based on the fun and alcohol holidays, we like to use unusual elements in the covers . One time we were carried away cosmic pagan myfology, and appeared on the covers of UFOs. On the new album , we decided to change everything , and our topic was Cthulhu. Initially I booked very insane cover , but when the artist made ​​the first sketches turned bullshit . Moreover, this kind of nonsense design resembled the previous album . I thought about it and said, let's just draw Cthulhu tentacles are folded as Kolovrat ! And turned cover of " Cthulhu " .

13. Triple Kick Records responsible for publishing the " Cthulhu " , what can you tell us about the label ?
- This is my personal label . it turned out that the entire edition of the previous album got me , and I have engaged in its distribution . I got it so well that I decided to release a new album himself . I personally do distribution of the album and sell more drives than if we went to any label .

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers Izmoroz, this place. I hope that the questions to your liking.
- Thank you for your attention , I wish all the readers of your magazine happiness and joy in life! Izmoroz-Cult!!!

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Origen: Rusia, Moscú
Formados: 2006
Estilo: Black, folk, pagan
Temática: Humor y paganismo
Enlaces: FacebookIzmoroz y vk
  • Dmitriy "Belf" Safronov Voces y guitarra
  • Kiv  Guitarras y teclados
  • Nikita Gumanoid Batería
  • 2006 - At sunset crimson .
  • 2007 - The church that burns under the mountain .
  • 2009 - The machinations of the Gods.
  • 2010 - Grandma Zombie Hut
  • 2011 - Kosmoroz 3000 (ep)
  • 2011 - Frostbite
  • 2012 - Zigomed
  • 2013 - Zaebis !
  • 2013 - Cthulhu
  • 2015 -  Язь
  • Святофор EP 2018  
  • Культ CD 2019
  • Дерьмовирус Single 2020
CTHULHU (2013)
El alto nivel de publicación de la banda a lo largo de estos años demuestra que lo en un principio se podría haber considerado como un mero divertimento de sus integrantes va más allá, ofreciendo en cada nuevo lanzamiento una muestra de las tradiciones paganas de su país, tanto a nivel musical como de letras, alejándose un tanto de las tradiciones eslavas que estaban más presentes en sus inicios y aumentando las ganas de fiesta e irreverencia sin descuidar en ningún momento la premisa de ofrecer un producto de calidad. Hablar  de Andrew y Belf dentró de la escena extrema de Rusia son palabra mayores, mentes inquietas integrantes de innumerables proyectos en su tierra y que en Izmoroz dan rienda suelta a su vertiente más tradicional. Cthulhu supone un paso más en la evolución dentro de Izmoroz, dos aspectos que han incorporado es el de las voces limpias en algunas partes y una mayor presencia de instrumentos folk, como pueden ser las gaitas. Su música tiene una fuerte presencia del metal, tanto del tharsh como del black , con un gusto por las melodía e intercalando las partes rápidas con otras más lentas y ahí es donde se ha conseguido hacer un acople muy bueno con la dualidad de las voces. Todo ello aderezado con instrumentación folk que acreciente el aire no solo pagano de su música, sino que le imprime por momentos un aire más festivo.  Una obra que no cae en el exceso de ambiente festivo, que goza de grande melodías pegadizas y transmite un sonido tradicional y alegre al mismo tiempo que irreverente y oscuro. No presagiaba nada bueno la portada pero el contenido es otra cosa. (8).
Triple Kick Records

1.Vargamor 02:20  
2. Talisman 02:49  
3. Chupacabra 03:05  
4. Sparrowfuckers 03:49  
5. Wizard 03:19  
6. Fucking Great! 04:22  
7. On the Trail of Magician 04:38  
8. Chthulhu 04:09  
9. Underwater Queen 04:30  
10.Werwolf 07:30  

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