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Origen: Italia, Padua.
Formados: 1993-?
Estilo: Folk black metal
Temática: FilosofíaH.P. Lovecraft y época medieval
Enlaces: ?
  • Count of Insanity Batería
  • Lord of Sorrow Guitarra
  • Marquis of Rex Tenebrae Bajo
  • Prince of Agony Teclados y voces
  • Princess of Disease Voces

  • The Tale of the Horned King Demo 1993
  • The Dark Dreamquest Part I Demo 1994  
  • The Saga of the Horned King CD 1995
  • Dreamquest CD 1996
  • Ancient Abbey EP 1998
  • Portraits CD 1999
  • Tower of the Necromancer EP 2000  
  • Dies Irae Recopilatorio 2001
  • Boxset Boxed set 2011
  • The Tale of the Dark Dreamquest - Demo Tape 1993​/​1994 Recopilatorio 2019
  • The Saga... 1993-2000 Recopilatorio 2019
Evol llegaba a su segundo larga duración después de un trabajo anterior que no había acabado de convencer a todos por igual. "Dreamquest" supone un viaje al medievo en su casi una hora de duración. El álbum es rico en matices, por todas partes podemos descubrir elementos atmosféricos y partes de teclado con un profundo sentimiento a edad media que acaba por atrapar al oyente en sus sonidos hasta transportarlo a esta época. Desde el comienzo se le ha dado importancia a las partes acústicas de las canciones que poco a poco van tejiendo un mundo de magia y fantasía creado por la banda transcendiendo la riqueza y misticismo del mismo. También podemos encontrar elementos del black en las partes más metaleras con bastantes influencias del thrash en las partes de guitarra. El apartado vocal es variado Prince of Agony se decanta por unas voces rasgadas por momentos pero no del todo brutales mientras que la aportación de Princess of Disease aporta un aura de misticismo y magia. En definitiva un álbum tremendamente rico en matices, que desprende un atmósfera medieval en cada nota pero que tal vez peca de variado en exceso y de confundir al oyente entre tanto matiz dejando un tanto de lado las partes más black para acabar siendo un tanto blando. (7,6).

1. Dreamquest 02:44
Ascolta la mia voce, odila nella fredda notte, seguila nell'oscurit…, sar… la tua guida in questo viaggio. Vedrai strani mondi e creature da incubo. Afferra la mia mano, raggiungimi nel Regno della Notte Eterna. Ascolta la Sua voce, odila nella fredda notte, seguila nell'oscurit…, sar… la tua guida in questo viaggio. Vedrai strani mondi e creature da incubo. Afferra la Sua mano, raggiungimi nel Regno della Notte Eterna.
2. Sad Doom of a Dark Soul 02:40
I feel You In my sleeps In my dreams When I wake When I lie... This cold tower Called R'lyeh Is my jail Feel, oh man My dark hand On your doom... Now I'm blind Now I'm lost Show the path Guide my sight Where am I?... Oh poor life being Leave your body Feel my presence Touch my hatred For your kind Let me penetrate your life... "Everything's so vague. Mist covers my spirit; I feel a presence, I hear his breath, I call, I cry, silence in his voice. Now I'm lost, no way-out from this land of loneliness..." You are mine! 3. Sona-Nyl 03:26 instrumental 4. Flying with the Night-Gaunts 03:30
Flying with the Night-Gaunts Awe and Might To the Realm of Ice To the Realm of Ice Fighting in the Frost Finding new Allies For the Reign of Black For the Reign of Black High in the Dark Dance among the Stars Feast before the War Feast before the War Power all around Dream goes on This is the true Sign of Azathoth Flying with the Night-Gaunts Fighting in the Frost This is the true Sign of Azathoth 5. Celephaïs 04:22 instrumental 6. The Ancient King of Ice 05:05
Once there was A waste of ice Where Kadath rested With its towers Once there was An ancient king Whose emblems were 13 globes Lost in times Forgotten by mankind The King has hide His dark globes "I miss You, Oh, my King, Where is your land? Where are your globes?" "Beyond the highlands of Leng, beyond the Mountains of Madness, along the great waste of ice, there lie the ruins of the unknown Kadath, surrounded by the great walls of gore, with its dark towers that strike the stars, there lies the Abominion, gate to the Abyss of the Outer Spaces, there (He) lies in the sleep of death, dreaming the triumph of his revenge, but one day even the death will die..." "There the globes rest, Keys to their King, the mighty Yugsuduk, Convex gate to the Outer Spaces." "Find'em!" He wrote "Unleash me!" On his stone. Where is it? Where are you?
7. Sarkomand 02:38 instrumental 8. Darkmere 02:37 instrumental 9. Ulthar 02:53 instrumental 10. Dark Stairs of R'lyeh 07:12
Darkness surrounds me When I fall asleep Silence hurts my ears Then a wave of emptiness Push my soul away I fly Free from my glove of flesh A meadow I see The Sky is grey Far away to the North Dark fingers strike the stars A tree stands proud and tall The desert is its fellow Alone it watches the land It guards the waste of (cold) sand This lonely form of life Is only an illusion It hides a dark reality It covers a great temple I float before the gate I read the known inscriptions I say the Words of Power I enter through the passage "Long stairs descend the Abyss. They fall in the deeps of this cold land Where the Lord of Dreams sleeps in death Dreaming its revenge" 11. Cathuria 03:27 instrumental 12. The Black Crystal of Astar 10:25
Ruins, sign of the past of this ancient Town its dramatic end by Naxyr's Will. Now it's time to regain the lost artefact Jewel of the Jewels The Astar's Gem. Dark Powers will help the souls of the Damned to retake their land in the War of the Wars The Altar is there the rite may proceed summoning of AST-OR-MAARH By Night By Unlight By War By Hate The Force of the Dark Jewel We ask for our victory AST-OR-MAARH All our hopes will be realised if our Lord will grant the Crystal to us. The enemies will have no chance, we're going to crush their faint bones'n skulls Hidden by the mantle of the Night, the Dark Dreamers, Aided by their Lord, will have their final revenge. "...and the Great Hall was filled by thousands shapes floating above the ancient altar. Red eyes stared at the bowed humans, waiting for their Master. And the Master came, majestic as the King of Kings, from the deepest Abyss awaken to help His poor servants..." The Force of the Dark Jewel We have for our Victory AST-OR-MAARH 13. ...Verso la città del tramonto 07:42 58:41

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