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1 The origins of Heretical back to 1993, back then I denominations Immolator and during the three years of this band I served editing about three demos, how were those years of Immolator and creating the possibility of creating the band? 
AZMEROTH: We’re talking about the beginning of a great era, where band such Ancient Rites, Moonspell and many others moved the first steps. Years that will never come again, merciless years, black years. 

2 In 1996 Immolator comes to an end, the band's style becomes more symphonic and changes the name Heretical, although the bulk of the original members remain in the band, led do you change the name of the band and change somewhat the same musical style? 
AZMEROTH: If I remember correctly, there are two main reasons. The first regards the similarity with Immolation, and this situation didn’t satisfy us;  the second reason was about OWL (first bassist and co-founder of the band) that in 1996 was fired from the band taking for himself the merits of the band’s name and creating too much confusion. Therefore, to avoid future problems about the rights, we decided to change name in HERETICAL, taking inspiration directly from a famous song of Possessed, “the Heretic”. Surely the name Heretical fits more to the sound we have adopted over the years. Today the Heretical’s line-up is formed by Azmeroth - Guitars (Bass Studio;) Orias – Keyboards;  Nefarius – Vocals; Arymon – Drums and the newcomer Argus Szator – Guitars.

3 I guess all these changes within the group were not simple, serve as an example that the only original member are you, what happened in those years Heretical gradually the members were leaving the project and replaced by saw musicians? 
AZMEROTH: Yes. Unfortunately it isn’t easy to go ahead with a constant change of members, anyway the main reason was due to personal problems private and not for problems related to music. I still see some former members.

4 Heretical far has released three albums, an EP and a couple of Demos, how the sound of the band from the beginning with "De Occulta Philosophia" to your latest album "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs" has evolved? 
AZMEROTH: Today we are much more violent and we don’t have keyboards in the foreground, the Heretical today are much more guitar oriented. The structure of the songs has radically changed. We don’t want to dwell, in the past it was normal to compose songs for 10-12 min, now we are  much more direct.

5 How was the process of writing and recording this "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs"? Are all components contribute ideas or line is still set for you? 
AZMEROTH: I’m the main composer. There wasn’t a particular process of composition. It was the inspiration to carry me

6 Why did you choose to Fabio Monaco Empathy Studios Sound of Stockholm for the production of the album? Satisfied with the work he has done? 
AZMEROTH: We are 100% satisfied, Fabio and Empathy studios were perfect for the sound we wanted in "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs", the disc has a devastating production.

7 I guess after all these years Heretical influences are varied, while you certainly will be referring to more than one group, what are your main musical influences and why you consider important? 
AZMEROTH: I listen to metal for many years, it isn’t easy to say who  inspired/influenced me. Some groups important for my musical education are Venom, Bathory, Death SS Sarcophagus, but also other bands such as Dark Fields of the Nephilim.

8 Can it be that the album revolves around a conceptual history? How influential is for you the occult philosophy and suicide present in varying degrees in your texts? 
AZMEROTH: Usually our CD are the concept, while "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs" is not a concept album, it has a theme that is present in all of his songs, that is evil inside the Christian church. Talks of opposites and of the plot between good and evil. If we examine carefully the title, is nothing more than the union of three appearances, in contrast with each other constantly travelling in one direction: THE DEMON (CORRUPTION), THE MONARCH (DEATH) and CHRIST (THE PASSION) . Our goal isn’t to profane the sacred rites of Christian worship, we seek only to redefine the Christian symbolism and occult, contrasting to one another.

9 Take more than two decades as a musician in the world of black, how did you get started and you want to boost play black metal? How has the black metal scene in Italy over the years What bands consider important within the Italian scene?
AZMEROTH: I started playing black metal for devotion to the darkness. It’s a thing that you must have inside since birth. I always say "I will die black metaller”.  The Italian scene will never grow, it’s a problem for us, because  Italians can’t support us at each other. The bands that deserve respect within black metal are the Mortuary Drape, Necromass and Opera IX.

10 Will the day that the album "Ego Sum Papa" to be edited? 
AZMEROTH: Didn’t reflected the Heretical sound, it was nearest to death metal sound. For this reason was never released.

11 Who designed the cover of "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs" and how it relates to the content of the album? 
AZMEROTH: The artwork is the work of the talented French artist Pierre-Alain D., great artist who has been able to develop perfectly the theme of "Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs".

12 Paragon Records has released the album, Satisfied with the treatment received and the impact it is having the album in the media?
AZMEROTH: The album was released in the USA by Paragon while in Europe by Beyond Productions, but I honestly expected more especially in terms of promotion.

13 What future plans do you have for Heretical about upcoming releases, concerts, etc. ..? 
AZMEROTH:  No new album for at least a year, we would to reprint  our first EP Shub=Niggurath by the addition of 4 bonus, and definitely a split with a historic Sicilian band.

14 Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Heretical, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking.
AZMEROTH: Thank you and Black Metal Spirits for support

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