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Origen: E.E.U.U., Ambler.

Formados: 2013

Estilo: Black

Temática: Anticristianismo, antiteísmo, naturaleza y  oscuridad.

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezerinstagram y spotify.


  • Adam Siatkowski Bajo y voces
  • Andrew Dorflinger Guitarra
  • Evan Williams Batería

  • Amblerian Rehearsal 2013 EP 2013  
  • Piety & Iron EP 2014  
  • Raise the Hammer Split 2015  
  • Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika Split 2016  
  • The Lesser God CD 2017
  • The Confessor CD 2020
  • Blackened Spirit EP 2023


Después de un primer larga duración que les generó un buen número de criticas positivas el trío estadounidense regresan con un segundo trabajo que incide en los expuesto en su anterior obra, un nuevo álbum de siete temas con un claro componente de sonido clásico de los noventa. Desde los comienzos del álbum con un tema  como "Devour The Child" dejan bien a las claras un sonido agresivo, repletos de riffs incendiarios y con la dosis justa de crudeza que no es impedimentos para que una línea melódica se acabe colando en un segundo plano en todo el álbum. Las guitarras de Andrew se empeñan en incidir en unos riffs majestuosos, agresivos y crudos con un gusto por los sonidos escandinavos de los años noventa de bandas como Taake. El conjunto suena compacto y lleno de una atmosfera que muchas veces nos trasporta a un pasaje mucho más folk y pagana que pude recordar a los inicios de bandas como Drudkh. El resultado es un álbum que funde sus raíces en los más profundo de los sonidos black de los años noventa dentro de la escuela nórdica, con un aporte equilibrado con sonidos más propios que le da un toque muy personal, en un equilibrio entre la frialdad y la crudeza propia del estilo a lo que se puede contraponer la atmósfera melancólica y pagana. (8,2).

1. Devour the Child 05:40
  A long shadow is cast upon me
When the moon captures the sky
Blackened splendor opens before me
Evil's beauty now perfectly enshrined

I gaze into the nothingness above
And dream of those who sleep below
Their fortune has been honored
To be as them I hunger

The gift of death will greet me
With a wide open bloody heart
I beg the nightsky for its caress
Grant me passage to eons beyond

A cry of mourning descends from the sky
The mountains quake as it draws near
And there a shining eye glimmers
I fall into the eternal spiral

Deep in my dream of death
I find two roads
One for rebirth
The other for the end

With no delay
I choose the road
of our destruction
Nothing is lost
When hope descends to hell
Nothing is remembered
2. Some Ritual 06:42
Power – it radiates from the source Drawing the seekers inside Altars are drawn beneath their feet Harken the bellowing abyss Above forsaken seas Black storms are conjured Unending crushing waves Crimson waters cast in grey Sacrificed as infants to this shrine Our blood satisfied the caller Lifeless, and cradled in his arms We and they now bound Now cries the king of men Unsaved in his bloodied weep With mouths torn agape Unforced from heaven’s gate New eyes burgeon forth Unknowing in their departure The eyes defiled Tied together about the arms Seekers forever blinded and wandering Unpitied and crawling from heaven’s gate 
3. Black Tendrils of Christ 05:28
   The blood of christ latches to the soul
Like a worm deep in a dog’s intestine
Burrowing, infesting
Rendering the host void

The infection binds from deep within
His grasp tight around the wrists
Mankind cries out
In the fever dreams of madmen and prophets

But the might of death
Shall not be defeated
By false light of christ
Nor the empty words of prophet

Suffer! the light has never shone
New life will not befall
Suffer! the fear of death
Brings the godly to their knees

Death's victory over life assured
Yet the infected still diminish
The entirety of being
Cowards in the face of the abyss

But the might of death
Shall not be defeated
By false light of christ
Nor the empty words of prophet

Suffer! the light will never shine
Eternal life will not befall
Suffer! the fear of death
Will bring the godly to their knees

In the blink of all mortal life
Would they see the feted lie?
As they step across the gate
In silvery gown, trumpets ablaze

The last breath comes
They see the awaited dream
A dream of life to live anew
Swollen, the parasite falls aside
Their heaven but black unbirth
4. Through Fields of Peasant Graves 07:25
All roads lead north Whether dirt, stone or asphalt Some are hidden from sight And lay buried beneath the earth Some wind 'round trees Others up mountain sides Through fields of peasant graves With stone crosses raised high I stopped on such a road The moon shone overhead I dug the soil by hand And found a hidden path In sleepless solitude i wandered Beneath the roots and barren ground Until my eyes were blinded by white The inverted sun was bright upon my skin A grey sun radiated With a cold ring of cobalt I touched the flame And was absorbed into the light I awoke upon the grass Under a cross of stone I laid there 'til the sun died And the earth was swallowed whole All roads long forgotten And all had turned to ash Through fields of burning graves With stone crosses crumbled I stopped on such a road With nothing overhead I dug the ash by hand And found a hidden path  
5. Unrealized Dreams 05:53
The fountain of disease Spills forth and ruptures Despair eternal Burdens the waker Dissent engulfs An unseeing burning sky Forgotten offers That defile creation So long ago Those that passed before Rejected the offer Of those revered The ancient ones Who heard the offer Denied his word In one thousand tongues In unrealized dreams We tread the bridge of blood A joyous revelry Of our unhuried exile Born of the moon's dissent For reflective posture Our ancient desires Breed in his holy absence Oh, the world! Feel not but our embrace Encircle your bodies Writhe in his departure Consume his flesh As though it were your own See here not the divine And feel the cancer of time
6. Ossuaric Inversion 06:27
Buried in salted barren land My tomb a lie of oppressors Seek me here as errant proof That the burden still endures Uncountable forgotten dreams We cross the bridge of death I see them all before me Storm forever towards the end We sacrificial ibex Foretold this earthly cremation Blasphemic revelries The scourge of his creation These venomous tormentors Cannibal believers Their fate betrayed Haunted by the lies of their fathers On the day of my death When the demons whisper Harshly into my ear I will hear their dripping words Through echoes filled not with grief Renewed in the strength of martyrs A cry of triumph bellows Declaring his holy reign has fallen On the day of my death When the demons whisper Harshly into my ear I will follow their call Forge the path to oblivion Seeking not the path of liars Building there upon his past For the knower of time endures Entombed by the seal In fallen crypts of ancient stone As those before us have endeavored We come forth and unbury the dea  
7. Amalgamation: Time, Space, and Circumstance 06:25
I stared silently at night To watch the bitter snow fall White static set against a violet sky As the last crystal fell I closed the iron gate My heart stoic, frozen in time I wandered alone to the bog Through the mist and fallen trees To see if severed hands would float Submerging into the deep I felt her fingers slip away They will be buried there Forgotten, decayed 'til time comes again that I have need Would we confess? No, never confess How I wish that you could share in my grief To taste the bile that spills as poison from my lips It's the fluid that flows through my veins Then you could taste what I truly am Only after knowing loneliness Can our true selves be revealed  

12" black 140 g Vinyl limited to 400 copies 8 paged 297x297mm Booklet 
1. Where Pale Winds Take Them High... 2:12 2. About A Curse Of A Morbid Century 4:04 3. So I´ve Chosen Death 5:44 4. From The Black Crypts Of Fullmoon 4:35 5. Long Way Off... In Silent Nights 4:24 6. Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten 3:30

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