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 1. When did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name of KaltVindur and what does it refer to?

Svart (guitar):Hello! I started the band in spring 2015, after more or less one year there were some changes in the lineup, since we needed a singer and a bass player. I found the right persons very quick and they rised to the occasion. After our debut Delusions came out we wanted to start playing live shows, that’s why we needed a second guitarist, that’s why I invited Ver to join us. It turned out great an we could finally be able to play shows. The name KaltVindur means cold wind, because the place we come from is known for it’s rough winds, especially during winter and autumn.

2. How was the writing and recording process for your latest album “... and Nothing Is Endless?” How is your way of working in the studio?

The writing process is not something I do hurriedly. I need time to make sure that riffs are good and I don’t get tired of them after some time. We entered the Regnat Studio in Cieklin once again where we first recorded drums, then guitars, bass. The most of the vocal lines are a studio improvisation done by our vocalist.

3. The sound of “... And Nothing Is Endless” gathers different influences such as elements of progressive or doom without losing sight of black; Where do all these influences that we can find in the band's sound come from? Does your sound owe more to classic black or are you more aware of the new trends within the style?

Those influences are probably an outcome of our tastes for melodics and rhythm, also they are our favourite things in music we listen daily. We think that the classic albums influenced us, but we are also aware of the new releases, so it’s a kind of amalgam.

4. The sound of this "... And Nothing Is Endless" is more direct and aggressive than your previous "Delusions", does this have something to do with dispensing with the keyboards for this second album? possibility of including the “acoustic” guitar passages in the new album and what do you think these passages have contributed to the final sound?

At some point we just knew that the new record is going to contain purely conventional set of instruments which is guitar, bass, drums. My idea was to add acoustic guitar parts to introduce some contrast to black metal sound and it turned out to be a good move, I think. In two of the tracks the acoustic guitar has been mixed in raw, black metal noise which can be spotted in Eyes ov Gods and The Blind Sin Hunter. The change in sound comes from change of a person responsible for the mixing. Krzysztof Kokosińskihad a certain vision for this album, and together we pushed this album into the right direction.”…And nothing is endless” has a more powerful sound that the debut, although we consider Delusions a very good sounding record.

5. Krzysztof Kokosiński took care of the production of the new album, how do you think his work has contributed to achieve the new more aggressive sound present on the album?

As I’ve already mentioned before, the sound is his merit. The change of sound gives the music a new colour so to speak. It’s something I consider beneficial for the band.

6. Black metal polka is in enviable health. How does KaltVindur fit into this scene from two points of view, first by not using Polish in his texts but by using English and, on the other hand, by offering a sound alloyed with stereotypes?

Most of the polish metal scene don’t use polish language in their lyrics, it’s normal. I think that KaltVindur fits in the scene very well – we are receiving very good feedback in the underground, which of course makes us happy and motivates us to further work.

7. What are the lyrics in “... And Nothing Is Endless” about? Why do you write about these songs?

Celsus (vocal):In as far as on Delusions I focused on the reality surrounding me, with a little touch of my personal interests, And Nothing is Endless consists of more intimate thoughts and questions, which a guy (being, hopefully in the middle of his life path) can ask himself. And although I treat vocals as an another instrument, which gives the music nature and a final touch, this time I’ve decided to reach a litte bit deeper, and  dive into  emotions, giving them a blow-off, and thus a peace of mind. My lyrics are written in a form understandable mainly by me, however anyone who dives deeper into them finds  very conscious, emerging from my journey from the depths of mind fragments.

The song that reflects my inner attitude towards modern world is The Blind Sin Hunter. We have a new god – the internet. Digital evil pouring on us all, casting light on our immersed in more and more nihilistic content faces. Despite having many useful features, the internet is becoming an omnipotent demon, which is harder and harder to disengage from. It absorbs us and turns us into mindless golems, clicking and scrolling through every nonsense. Sometimes I wish that somebody just pulled the plug and turned this shit off for some time : )

8. How have you as a band been affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 and how are you keeping in touch with your fans at this time?

Svart (guitar):We had some troubles with rehersals for the sake of lockdown. We somehow managed to shoot a music video in November. The next day we had all the venues closed by our government. For the time being the band’s presence is mostly online: Youtube, Spotify, reviews, interviews, we also begun composing songs for a new album.

9. How did you come up with the possibility of being able to edit your new album through the Witching Hour Productions label? How do you think it has had an impact on giving the band greater visibility?

We sent our new material to Witching Hour Productions and Bart (the owner) decided to release it on CD and MC. The band’s visibility has improved greatly since releasing the second album and we’re receiving a lot of positive reviews from all over the world. I think that music videos also contributed to band’s promotion.

10. How were your beginnings in music: first albums you bought, first concerts you attended? What did you do in your lives that made you want to be musicians?

Hmm, my first MCs with metal music were Sepultura, Metallica, Slayer, Unleashed, Samael, etc. First metal shows I attended were Vader, Christ Agony, Lux Occulta, Emperor. That’s how I remember it. Of course we all were maniac in love with music. That made us dream about playing music, which we fulfilled after years. None of us received a professional music education.

11. What album defines for you the essence of black metal? What albums have you recently acquired? In what format do you enjoy the most when listening to your music (cassette, vinyl, CD or digital?

For me an black metal essence are the two first Emperor albums. I’ve recently bought Ulver – Flowers of Evil, Odraza – Rzeczom, Nomad – Transmogrification and some older stuff like Mayhem – Chimera and Grand Declaration of War, Mussorgski – In Harmony with Universe, Arkona – Imperium. I prefer CDs, vinyls occasionally, but I’m not a die-hard vinyl fan (laugh). I enjoy listening from CDs the most, but I also use streaming platforms like Spotify.

12. What future plans do you have for the band in terms of upcoming releases, reissues clips, etc?

For the band’s promotion I would be best to play live shows, but it’s not possible so far and probably won’t be possible next year either. Now we’re just working on the third album and don’t have many other choices. We’ve released 3 music videos promotingAnd Nothing Is Endless and we’re not planning on shooting more videos, but who knows (laugh)

13. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for KaltVindur fans this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.

Huge thanks for interesting questions and promotion of KaltVindur on the pages of Black Metal Spirit. I wish all of you well,to return to normal, live shows, and overall good time!


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