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Origen: E.E.U.U.

Formados: 2009

Estilo: Black

Temática: Ocultismo, oscuridad, sueños

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  • Eoghan Batería
  • Naas Alcameth  Ambientaciones, bajo, guitarra, teclados y voces
  • Nox Corvus Guitarra

  • Supplication CD 2009
  • The Dreaming I CD 2015
  • Ephialtes Single 2020  
  • Pnigalion (Edit Version) Single 2020  
  • Melinoë CD 2020
  • Sister Silence, Brother Sleep Single 2024  
  • Maze of Phobetor Single 2024  
  • House of the Black Geminus CD 2024

El cuarto álbum de los de Colorado es un digno sucesor de su anterior "Melinoë", en donde siguen dando rienda suelta a un black metal de aspecto terrorífico y oscuro, en donde nuestros miedos más ancestrales cobran forma al mismo tiempo que todo se rodea de aura de mística y ocultismo. Expertos en construir por un lado un infranqueable muro de sonido, de fuerte presencia, haciendo gala de un dominio a la hora de dilapidad blast beats para ofrecer una propuesta cargada y densa, a la cual tenemos que sumar unas guitarras que saben destacar en aspectos como la crudeza, dejando al oyente totalmente frío, sin dejar pasar tampoco la inclusión de un buen puñado de disonancias que van dejándonos totalmente noqueados. El sonido black muchas veces se rodea de un halo de ambiente inquietante y denso, terrorífico otras veces, queriendo adentrarse por secciones más pesadas cuando la profundidad del sonido los acerca a terrenos más doom, pero sin que el ritmo se resienta en exceso. Las voces de Naas son terroríficas y consiguen un tono todavía más inmersivo si cabe en el oyente. Un álbum alejado de cualquier tipo de convencionalismo dentro del black, un álbum que tiene un profundo carácter inmersivo, logrando que nos sumerjamos en un ambiente inquietante, en donde por un lado la contundencia, la crudeza y las disonancias son los ingredientes principales sobre los que se sustenta el sonido de este "House of the Black Geminus" (8)

1. The Mask of Night-Speaking 11:52  
House of resounding silence!
You have called me
Unto the place of darkness and ordeal

Where the Mask is adorned
Death’s vail that conceals
Birthing the Other
That the Mask may reveal

Abject and forlorn
Night-flesh congeals
The face of Twin Brother
That shatters the seal

The mouth of this Mask
Stills now the breath
To speak silent words
The true name of Death

Give a new name to I
The key to these halls
In which I shall die

I stand now before
A great barren hearth
Cold, still, and lightless
The judge of my worth

As from a black prism
Shines a black light
From a cold hearth
Rises a black flame
I have entered into
This House of Night
I have come unto
Death’s domain

As from the black gem
that is my heart
Refracting from a thousand
shining faces
Until all I know as I
Is torn apart
And cast unto
A thousand empty spaces
2. Maze of Phobetor 07:35   
Protean labyrinth
Of deathly shadows
I am the wanderer
Within Phobetor’s halls

Covet me, oh divine dread
Theatres of ecstatic terror
Compelled in rising mania
Phobetor’s voiceless call

I fly through your maze
Lone funeral path
In the foyers of dream
Beneath the gaze that defiles

Reconfigure my soul
In dire becoming
Dreadful, ceaseless and raging
Through silent black isles

I chase your unseen form
Through, beyond the black
Beyond the void
That lengthens at each step

I heed your call
That hollows my soul
And makes of me a vessel
To be filled in the depths

A trial of will
And desire yet dreamed
Compelled in abjection
To the Darkness inside

Sanctum of Fear
Passages of madness
I seek the threshold
To the black where you reside

I am!
I am!
I am!

I am the wayfarer
That would drink of Death’s kiss
A germinating spore
Dread rising in bliss

Sanctum of Terror
The Void-wind’s hiss
I seek the door
To my Geminus
3. Through the Abyssal Door 09:12
The seismic storm rages, The chasm is sheer, This descent reveals The abyssal door is a mirror A shriek of swinging hinges, The groan of an opening door, Beckons me to the unsettled fringes, Of the dream with dread at its core Stairs, like a ladder of blades Lead me to the labyrinth below, Where a massing of shades Reaps what the sleeper shall sow I dream of a burning cord, That binds my heart to this maze, Of discard & pain & discord, Let me feel the Asterion’s gaze Aberrant whispers, terrors untold I bow to the ever abhorred, Whose form darkens the threshold, Of the abyssal door The seismic churn of a portal, Yawning deep in the Earth, Eternity chanced by a mortal, This night of daemonic rebirth Reveal Conceal Reveal Reveal Conceal Reveal I reach with a vein of fire, & sear the heart of my kin I seed the unseen with crooked desire, I pass through the abyssal door I pass through the abyssal door
4. Black Geminus 05:55  
5. Sister Silence, Brother Sleep 09:56
Here I am at one
Within the House of Dreaming
Behind a thousand masks revealed
A thousand masks of seeming
Sister Silence
Brother Sleep
Bear me forth
Into the deep

Mother Darkness
And Farther Death
Witness this Union
And name without breath

Sister Silence
Brother Sleep
Scream now the song
Of Pan’s secret keep

Mother Darkness
Father Death
I to I
A new name dreameth

The call that led me
From your baying at noon
Arisen from Darkness
From the time of the moon

Has brought me now here
To the ordeal of ordeals
To gaze upon Darkness
Where the Darkness reveals

Sister Silence
Brother Sleep
Bear me forth
Into your keep

Mother Darkness
Farther Death
Take from me All
Until nothing is left

And fill me with splendor
The epiphany of I
To rise towards my star
In which I must die

The call that leads me
From your howling at noon
Arisen from Darkness
To grant me this boon

Has led me here
Displaced and abject
To gaze upon Darkness
Where the Darkness reflects

Still yet ecstatic
Silent yet roaring
Paradoxical rising
Downwards yet soaring

Sister Silence
Brother Sleep
Bear me forth
To that place beneath

Mother Darkness
Farther Death
Give to me All
And now nameth
6. Eye of the Daemon - Daemon I 08:29
Born from cacophony
Kaleidoscopic inferno
Of the multitude of I

Oh, endless I
I am the night
I am the stillness
I am the silence

In endless forms
To resolve
In daemonic
Outreaching stillness

I am the wind
And I am its absence
I am the emptiness
Behind a thousand laughing masks

Reflecting diammonium
Endless unto
All horizons

I have become
In all places
I inhabit every waking shadow

And ever beyond
Head forward facing
Yet, back turned westing

Mask upon Mask
Maniacal and dreadful
I inhabit
A thousand protean forms

I Am emptiness
I am naught
Throughout all 

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, B1 - Cyan / Gold / Bone Merge With Neon Violet & Black Splatter

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