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Origen: Australia

Formados: ?

Estilo: Black

Temática: Vampirismo

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  • Krvna Vatra Smrt  Todo


  • Long Forgotten Relic Demo 2021  
  • Sempinfernus CD 2021
  • For Thine Is the Kingdom of the Flesh Single 2022  
  • For Thine Is the Kingdom of the Flesh CD 2022
  • The Rhythmus of Death Eternal EP 2024
Este primer larga duración llega poco después de la demo "Long Forgotten Relic" que servía como punto de inicio de este proyecto. El álbum nos trae  un sonido que por un lado se puede clasificar de clásico dentro de una vertiente raw, con un sonido áspero y con un nutrido aporte de atmósferas frías y podridas, perfectamente en sintonía con la temática vampírica del álbum. El sonido de guitarra tiene un protagonismo sustancial desde el comienzo del álbum, con un carácter crudo y rasgado que se ve arropado por diferentes capas de riffs que se encargan de recrear sutiles melodías heladoras y atmosferas oscuras, con un papel siempre protagonista, especialmente cuando empujan de manera compacta no exenta de cierta versatilidad que se ve refrendada por un sonido de batería compacto y rugoso con elementos bastante dinámicos. Secciones más pausadas y evocadoras se encargan de dar inicio a los temas, sin embargo un abrasivo sonido de guitarras y un ritmo alto pronto cobran protagonismo, sucediéndose de manera violenta y precisa, acompañado con unas voces frías y viscerales, perfectamente acopladas al apartado musical cumpliendo con el carácter de vampirismo que rodea a todo este trabajo. Un álbum de sonido gélido, echando mano de secciones raw, con una ambientación lograda, en donde sobrásale el trabajo de guitarras, sin renunciar a ciertas influencias clásicas en su propuesta (7,7).

1. From the Shades of Hades... 07:12
Within the deepest and darkest of nights Where nothing stirs and nightmares dare flight In the grave and as hell is athirst A spectre arises from grounds now accursed Hark now as winds toil and wallow Nascent death hangs just like gallows In the living an insatiable allure Into the veins, so sanguine and pure Long dead now creeps amgonst shadows Grim deep, erose & unhallowed A tormentor of unsettling dreams Comes the bringer of death and diabolical screams ...From The Shadows of Hades Curses as old as Hades' shades attest Comes forth to draw blood from her breast Immortal rites & ineffable rigour Rejoices at gains of stealing life's vigour Torrents of blood it's heart doth desire A collector of souls as life it transpires It revels at delivering gasps and last breaths To carry us vilely toward our sweet deaths ...From The Shadows of Hades 'Centuries wither & grow dimmer with time Lives lost in the afterglow And all that waits is hell below Time and time again Endless the search toward the end With no end in sight Relentless I turn toward the night' 
2. ...To the Targovistean Night 06:50
  With the coming of the shadows
And the coming of the night
A beastly spectre
Transforms... takes flight

Eyes dart eastward
The scent equals
A threat met with iron

By the Order of the Dragon
And Dracul's might
Unearthly hammer
Scorched earth - no end in sight

The bloodred chalice
Consumed tonight
This night in Targoviste
Immortal Dragon's bite

The ancient voices
By the light of the moon
The blood of many
Prepare to consume

The darkened fortress
And Tepes' rite
Eyes eternity -
Forever... their plight

The howling wolves of fortune
The mark of Cain on his chest
The ineffable fields of emptiness
Grow Dark as the sun sets... Forever!
3. The Triumph of the Flesh Over the Spirit 05:33   instrumental
4. Timeless... Ageless 07:14
  Shudder at the blood-stained dance of Death!
Gasp at the sacrifice for Baal!

With blackened wings
On winds of the past
Throughout the ages
And centuries dark

Thou bore witness
To vanished lands
To the reign of lungs
To the death of Gods

Thou, conqueror - of time
Thou, bringer - of death
Thou, consumer - of life
Thou, incarnate - of Gods!
Fear him!

...Timeless... Ageless...

As the centuries crumble
With their ebb and their flow
Unknown to the heavens
Yet feared down below

Thou great devourer
Of the elixir of life
Sets sail on blackened winds
With all consuming might

Thou, conqueror - of time
Thou, bringer - of death
Thou, consumer - of life
Thou, incarnate - of Gods!
Fear him!

From the temple Nabu
To the temple of Shiva
From the shades of Hades
To the Targovistean Night

From the winding road to Kringa
To the rivers of Zarozje
From the mountain tops at Tupanari
Unto Isis Unveiled

From the tempest of Cuntius
To the wretched lands of the Houris
Come forth from the grave
O Bringer of whirlwinds, O bringer of Death

Come forth, from the grave

Strigoja - pi krv
Nachzehrer - trinke blut
Dracule - bea sangele
Vampire - drink thine blood!
5. The Eve of Eternal Sunset 09:14
The Eve Of Eternal Sunset! Ages and ages Returning - time and time again As the sun sets over Europa And smoke rises from her graves There is no hope and no pity As one by one the temples meet their fate A fate worse than death Merciless Bloodlust! The scourge throughout the ages Outlasting even God himself The feeder upon the living The bringer of nightmares & requiems dark On the Eve of Eternal Sunset And unholy Blasphemies The sun sets forever The temples fall into their deeps Incarnate of Tepes The Blood Is The Life! And with the turning of the seasons Ages not - progenitor of the night! Lust in the blood of the living And of their cowers and their cries He cares not! Their fate sealed Drowning in oceans of black blood! On the Eve of Eternal Sunset And unholy Blasphemies The sun sets forever The temples fall into their deeps O Great Old One Watching over centuries As they wither O Great Old Relic Devourer of Blood and Time Stalker of histories Come forth & take thy rightful Throne!  

Blue vinyl version limited to 200 copies worldwide.

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