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1.Good evening, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going in Corpus Christi?

It’s my pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me to do this interview. All’s well over here in Corpus, I’m actually on route right now to Houston to work on our debut LP. 

2. The cover letter of All Life Dies has been the three songs from your first EP “Ghost Dust”, how did you face the whole process of composition and recording of these three songs? What brands of instruments have you used for the process of composition and recording?

The writing for these songs was possibly the smoothest and least resistant writing experiences for me to date. I had just acquired some gear to write and record from home and I was living alone at the time. The quietude aided my creative process and allowed me to dive deep into what these songs needed. As far as gear, I used my Jackson RR1 and E-II Arrow. Everything else was composed on the computer using my midi-keyboard.

3. The three themes that make up this “Ghost Dust” are very complete, offering great intensity and power on the one hand, at the same time that it does not give up more leisurely sections that raise the tone of the atmosphere, resulting in a cast of styles like melodic death or black, how would you describe the sound of the EP for those who haven't heard it yet? What do you intend to convey to the listener with your music? Are they bands like Insomnium, Behemoth and Opeth, of which you yourselves speak, an influence to shape your sound?

It’s difficult to pinpoint what my sound is exactly. My heart tells me to write this way, it has a lot to say and the product of that is a sound of black and death influences paired with a mournful, longing aura. The bands I’ve mentioned as the influences are only surface level and a good starting point to what the band has to offer as far as what sounds we will explore and to those who have yet to hear us will recognize these influences.

4. In All Life Dies there are several components that are involved in other projects such as Oceans of Slumber, is there a possibility that All life Dies is just a side project or on the contrary the band is already working on a new album that of continuity to this “Ghost Dust”?

All Life Dies is my band and in that regard it has its own path to forge. The lineup is indeed involved with other acts across Texas. To sort of explore all the possibilities of our creative palates but that doesn’t affect the course of this band. 

5. Themes related to death populate the lyrics of your songs, why do you decide to deal with these themes in your lyrics? Who is in charge of writing the lyrics of the songs?

The music and lyrics are written by me. The concept or rather, the reality of death becomes clearer to me the older I get. I’m nearing my mid-30’s and I knew when getting to this stage in life - large parts of life have ended or will come to an end. I see it happening. Slowly and with certainty. Its strikes a certain fear in me. A fear of not knowing when death will take from you. The music and lyrics allows me to come to terms at the face of those fears with lowly-kindled flame.

6. You have practically taken care of carrying out the entire recording process of the album with the exception of the participation of Mark Lewis, what led you to work with him and what do you think he has contributed to the final result of the album?

About 75% of the recording was done at home. The final vocals and drums were done at our second home, Southwing Audio in Houston, TX. When that was completed it was no question to recruit the skills of Mark. My ear for mixing is nascent in nature and will always be that. I have an idea of what I want, I’ve been in this for nearly a decade, being there for beginnings and endings for the making of records. With that I know what to look out for and what to request of from a person like Mark. He and I go back to 2016 and have always kept in touch via social media. He brought out the best in those raw tracks and it really shines through in the final product. 

7. On the other hand, the German label Lifeforce Records has taken care of the physical edition of the EP, how did the possibility of releasing the EP with this record label come about?

It came with just a Skype call with Stefan (head of the label) we asked about Ghost Dust and the possibility of Lifeforce releasing it under their name. He was all for it. They believe in what the band is about and what the music will entail on this debut LP. 

8. You come from Texas, a place that has always been more related to the death sound, how is the extreme metal scene today in Texas? How do you see the health of a style like black in the US?

Extreme music in Texas survives in the countless small circles of people that worship the music and lifestyle and it brings. Texas is a huge state and with that so many bands come out of here. Some dissolve and fade and others survive in their scene. Because of Covid I’ve forgotten how supportive our peers are of us and how they’ve been patiently waiting for a return to the stage. It’s there, the love and support of the music, it just needs to be nurtured.

9. The cover of the EP has been designed by CVSPE, why did you decide to work with them for the design of the cover? What does the cover represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

Going with CVSPE was a no-brainer. There’s this specific style of dark art that I see frequently on my feed (especially in IG) black and white, grainy digital art with occult aesthetics. Among them all his was the cleanest and most original. I contacted him and told him my story and what the music was about and he was on board from day  As far as the art, it depicts and washed out hooded figure, dissolving from itself to dust. The figure is the ghost fading under the moon. Fits the mood of the music perfectly. 

10. Despite the current times and having only three songs available from the “Ghost Dust” EP, you have already offered some concerts, were you clear from the beginning of the band that the concerts would be a priority? How has the response of your followers in these first shows?

At the time, live shows were imperative. A sort of testing the waters. Our music was received well was met with requests to hear more. We had only rehearsed 5 songs so that was all we had. Right now, however, I’m focusing the band on completing the record. Getting our live sound tight and as professional as possible. There was so much missing from those shows as far as what we have to offer. There’s a whole other side to these songs that need to be heard. Then and only then will we return to the stage. 

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What happened in your lives pushed you to want to be musicians?

Music has always been a part of my life. When I attended my first show (In Flames when they were touring for RTR) it was the kind of wake up call that floors you. I wanted to do that. I wanted to be on that stage and show the world what music I have or will have I did me. As far as records, Follow the Reaper absolutely blew me away with the guitar work and razor sharp production. Enthrone Dakrness Triumphant showed me how impactful the use of keyboards bring to the overall mood and atmosphere of the music and Midian inspired me to write lyrics of my own. Literal stories told in each song. 

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What recent albums have you bought?

Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Everything about that record is black metal to me. The riffs were beyond its time and the raw, punishing production. An iconic record. As far as recent purchases, I just got the latest Watain record. Absolutely evil and I love it. 

13. What future plans do you have for All life Dies in terms of upcoming releases, concerts or reissues?

Right now, the plan is to finish the debut record and release it unto the world. The shows and everything else will follow. 

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for All Life Dies fans, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for the interview, it was nice to get to talk about the band and what makes this old brain of mine tick. This is Jessie from All Life Dies sending you, dear reader, my thanks for the time and support! 


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