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1. Coffin Rites began its journey in 2020, however it is true that between 2017/20 it was active under the name of CoffinRot, why did you decide to change the band name to the current one and what does it refer to?
There was another active band called Coffin Rot that got a contract and was making waves. We figured to set ourselves apart it was best to adapt and change the name. FYI, they are a fantastic ODSM band. They are also worth checking out. We wanted to keep the aesthic and imagery of the name so we opted to keep “Coffin” a focus. This was a name that we all liked and it seems to have the vibes that fit the group. It was a natural change to Coffin Rites. 

2. How has the composition and recording process of this new album been with respect to your previous “Retribution Divine”? What brands of instruments have you used for the composition and recording of this new album?
This álbum was much more of a collective process. The first record was more about songs myself and Erik (Zidek) our former guitarist and I wrote. This new álbum was much more about colloboration and exploration. Casey (Harris) also contributed a track. We wrote our ideas much more as a group exchaning ideas via the internet while covid was raging. As far as specific instruments I am proud to endorse PRS Guitars. There were several all over this álbum as well our ESPs and Carvin guitars as well. Casey plays Hartke and Schecter and Tom plays Tama Drums. 

3. How did the incorporation of Taylor Haagensen as a new guitarist come about? In what way has he been involved in the creative process of the new album and in what way has he influenced the final result of the sound of the album?
We knew before starting to record the álbum “Human Erase” that Erik Zidek would be relocating to California for work. As we are active touring band it was imposible to keep him on as a full time member, but he is and Will always be family. We knew with the new member we wanted them to be involved in the process. Taylor contributed several song structures, solos and leads. His solo on “Killing Time and Space” was his tryout for the band and he absolutely nailed it. Taylor fits right in musically and personality wise. We Will always love Erik but Taylor is the right guy to fill his shoes. 

4. “Buried in Blood” is the theme in charge of opening this “Human Erase” marking the sound of the entire album, where a balanced sound between rawness and intensity comes together without overlooking sections that we could highlight for a certain complexity? How would you describe the sound of the album for those who haven't heard it yet? What styles have influenced and inspired you when composing the album?
“Buried in Blood” is my favorite song on the record and is my favorite song Erik Zidek has written in our many years of playing together. Our first álbum was much more of a “traditional” death metal record. With “Human Erase” we really wanted to capture each members’ individual influence while still maintaining a cohesive sound. We didn’t walk in with we wanted to sound like this band or this sound. Instead you can hear the black metal fandom, the thrash we grew up with and the Punk rock we all love. It’s a dirty heavy death metal record at heart, but it’s representative of who we are as musicians and music fans. We are very proud of the tracks. I imagine the next record we will attempt to continue growing without setting limits on ourselves. 

5. What topics do your lyrics cover? Why do you consider it interesting to deal with these topics? Does the music adapt to the lyrics or vice versa?
I don’t want to speak for Drew completely as the lyrics are very much his baby. He tends to write short stories with his lyrics and that really impresses me personally. I am proud to be in a band with him and appreciate his attention to detail. We always adapt and stretch song structure to accomodate our specific instruments and lyrics are no exception. Drew has a lot of say in song structures.

6. Who has been in charge of designing the cover? What does it reflect and how is it related to the content of the album?
Our friend Justin Boehne at Gnarwall designs helped us with the álbum design and layout. He does incredible work and we think the art fits the aesthic of the music. 

7. How has it been to return to the stage after the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and how have your fans reacted?
Honestly it’s been amazing. Fans and Friends have been turning up. They missed going to shows as much as we missed them. Our first show back felt like we had been gone forever but it was the next day. We picked up right where we left off and had a blast doing music again for people. Covid 19 restrictions haven’t been too crazy, but some of our Friends have to had to miss shows because they got sick. Thankfully we’ve been lucky and not had to cancel anything or got really sick. We are lucky to have been able to navigate it the challenges. 

8. How did the possibility of working with Dan Swano to master the album arise and in what way do you think he has left his mark on the final result?
I own 14:59 studios here in Minneapolis and I have been fortunate to work with some very gifted musicians and other engineers over the years. This is not my first Project with Dan and I hope it’s not the last. I have so much respect for his work both as a musician and an engineer. This álbum felt like it needed someone who understood death metal, but also had a varied pallet of musical taste. I mean the guy did Edge of Sanity and Bloodbath. He’s pretty much got all things heavy covered. He brought the final piece of the puzzle to the mix. His Master was fantastic. 

9. What can you tell us about the record label FTWNU2 Records, in charge of releasing the album?
FTWNU2 is a Minnesota based label that truly believes in supporting the artist first and foremost. Dan Dittmer, the owner, is a world famous tattoo artist who tattoos many folks in the music world. I’ve known him for years and it seemed like a natural home for the álbum. We will continue to grow as they will as well. The Roster he has built and is building is pretty strong. 

10. Do you feel an integral part of The Twin Cities Metal Sceney and what does this movement consist of?
The Twin Cities music scene is pretty diverse and incredible. We are happy to be a part of a such a great community. Our Young bands and us old dogs get along great. It’s fantastic to see these Young kids come up and just continue to melt faces. We have carved out a space for ourselves, but we love to play with new bands locally and regionally. We are proud to call this place home. 

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What happened in your lives that pushed you to want to be musicians?
I remember the moment I wanted to play guitar. I was watching Austin City limits and saw Stevie Ray vaughn just do things I didn’t know were possible with the instrument. That planted the seed. Then I Heard Black Sabbath and loved the dark sound they created. That branched into thrash metal and 90s alternative rock and eventually I heard Carcass and it was all over. I am still an avid music collector. I think I am past collection and into Library stage at this point. My first concert was BB King and my most recent show was opening for Inhuman Condition. I have seen so many great shows over the years from all across the musical spectrum.

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What recent albums have you bought?
Black metal to me is just as much about attitude as it is about aesthic. I think everyone has their idea of what black is to them. To me it was always be measured by Emperor. To me they are the perfect mixture of everything that makes black metal great: musical , talented, dark and evil. I am really enjoying the latest álbum from The Commitee. I really enjoy the Wolves in the Throne Room latest as well. Dark Throne’s “Old Star” álbum seems to be a constant goto in the genre for me.  I am very excited for the next Dark Funeral álbum as well..

13. What future plans do you have for Coffin Rites in terms of upcoming releases or reissues?
We plan to start writing álbum number 3 the rest of the year between playing as much as possible. We really love “Human Erase” and hope to play it for as many people as possible. We just hope people enjoy the record as much as we enjoy the songs.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Coffin Rites fans, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks for supporting the underground and giving us an opportunity to promote the music on your platform. I love the content you share. Feel free to grab an álbum, a download or some merch on our bandcamp page or directly from our label’s website. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.


Limited to 50 copies. First 9 copies on transparent yellow cassette, other 41 copies on transparent black cassette. Comes with a3 poster.

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