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Origen: Finlandia.

Formados: 2011

Estilo: Black, punk y thrash

Temática: Destrucción, guerra y terror

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  • Satanarchist Bajo y voces
  • S. S. Penetrator Batería
  • Witch Rider  Guitarra

  • Black Samurai Demo 2011  
  • Sonic Diarrhea Holocaust Demo 2011  
  • Sonic Diarrhea Holocaust over Osaka Demo 2012  
  • Turn Up the Evil EP 2012
  • Devilive Directo 2013  
  • Various Tracks Recopilatorio 2013  
  • Barbatos Brutalities EP 2013  
  • Sabbatical Boneslaught Split 2013  
  • Poisoned to the Bone Split 2013  
  • Sex & Necromancy EP 2014  
  • Devil Must Be Driven Out with GISM Split 2014  
  • Evil Triumphs Again CD 2015
  • Violates Edinburrrgghellion Asslut Live !! Directo 2015  
  • Devilsweatlive Directo 2016  
  • Rabid Sonic Fire Recopilatorio 2017  
  • Sexual Panic Human Machine CD 2017
  • Children of the Atom CD 2018
  • Devil Metal Force EP 2020
  • Dark Blood Reincarnation System CD 2021

Lo cierto es que los finlandeses venían avisando de un tiempo a esta parte, con una carrera construida a base de demos, splits y EPs hasta eclosionar en sus recientes álbumes completos en donde se erigen en todo un referentes de sonido black, thrash, punk y heavy a la altura de lo mas destacable de género. Desde al comienzo del álbum con una intro como "World of Darkness", marca de la casa a partir de la cual su sonido ya no tiene vuelta atrás, en donde podemos encontrar riffs incendiarios, veloces y por que no endiabladamente melódicos con un elaborado equilibrio entre lo que podemos definir como influencias heavys clásicas en su sonido. El tharsh es otra influencia importante a la hora de completar el sonido de este álbum con un peso muy importante en todo el conjunto, dejando un regusto a clásico por un lado, a sonido sucio y putrefacto por otro si hablamos en la rugosidad de los riffs, en su velocidad y en un terreno entre agresivo y crudo de los mismos, siendo estos riffs un pilar importante en el conjunto del álbum destacando por su variedad y en lo inspirado de los mismos, logrando muchas veces un tono endiabladamente melódico, accesibles pero al mismo tiempo oscuros y fríos. El sonido se completa con algunas influencias del punk en su vertiente más cruda, al tiempo que aportan un tono de rabia y agresividad en la propuesta. Las voces por su parte apenas ofrecen concesiones con un apartado del todo crudo, directo y agresivo, como un maquina de destrucción fría e impasible, logrando si cabe incluir algunos rasgos de death metal al conjunto. Un trabajo destacable dentro de la carrera de una banda que ha parido un obra de black metal con fuertes influencias clásicas, repleta de inspiradores riffs que no da respiro a lo largo de sus cuarenta y un minutos. (8,3)

1. World of Darkness 01:04  
2. Black Magic M16 04:49
 A rifle forged in the pyres of hell,
weaponry to wreak death
Burst fire, caliber 6.66
rips through flesh like Hades' breath

Designed to reap down angels,
to incinerate their wings
30 rounds of unholy curses
drilling through the godly beings

Divine bodies are falling
to their sulfuric graves
I'll send them all to hell,
through the black flames

Satanic metal,
dissects through their meat
Necromantic bullets render
the lifeforms obsolete

Insane diabolic aggression
suffocates their light
Thus the heavens and the earth destroyed
in all their vast array

Divine bodies are falling
to their sulfuric graves
I'll send them all to hell,
through the black flames

Fire, pull the trigger,
shoot their brains out
Lead injected with a
Black Magic M-16

Hung in the chains of darkness,
army of heaven's knights,
Succumbed to suffer and to sin,
revived by devil's might

Mephistophelian onslaught
shatters the pearly gates
See the cross turn upside down,
as the deities erase

Mundane bodies have risen
from their sulfuric graves
I sent them to destroy the heavens,
spread the black flames

Fire, pull the trigger,
shoot his brains out
Deicide with a
Black Magic M-16
3. Parasite Eve 04:00
Lying dormant in a cage of flesh Mutated cells, determined to possess Transformed strain of mitochondria, with a desire to kill Rapid mutation, the onset of despair Purification, screams cut through the air Scorching hot flames lick their skeleton's bare Cellular ignition, the reaper is here A mound of molten bodies lie in decay Immolated by the witch they sigh their last breath as they burn to their deaths Mitochondrial retribution is near... Parasite Eve Domination of the nuclei has come to an end... Parasite Eve Obsessed by the design to exterminate the mankind in favor of giving birth to the ultimate being Sudden confinement, the onset of despair The Being cries, it's scream cuts through the air Scorching hot flames lick their skeleton's bare Cellular ignition, the reaper is here A mound of molten bodies lie in decay Immolated by the child they sigh their last breath as they burn to their deaths 
4. Altered Beast 03:26
Genome-cyborg, DNA of man combined with beasts Nanotech genetic alteration, awakens the lycan inside of me Genetic manipulation, dissolves the bounds of human restraint Encephalon exploitation, breaks down the neural network Genetic manipulation, sharpens the edges of primal instinct Encephalon exploitation, rapes my cerebral cortex Altered Beast Geno Cyber Body Generation Altered Beast Infinite Power Revelation Vanishing self control unveils my savage thirst Psychotic animal aggression state caused by torturous rebirth
5. Devil Power Soldier 03:56
Covered in leather, born in sinners convent Forged in fire, caressed by blaze of torment Midnight vanguard, leading the dogs of hell On the bloodstained altar, branded by evil spell Satanic power now runs through my veins Supreme evil that can not be slain Mephistopheles evoken, spreads his wings Slaying the priests, dyeing the azure red Devil Power Soldier Pledge him your sacrifice Devil Power Soldier Give your soul to the Antichrist Devil Power Soldier Pledge him your sacrifice Devil Power Soldier Surrender to Satan's might Gazing into his eyes, will open your mind Shattering the shackles, that keep you confined Live your life in sin live your life in lust, Storm the gates of heaven, grind them into dust   
6. Chromium Death Mechanoid 04:07
Fiery suns emerge around the world, mushroom clouds swallow daylight Skyscrapers crumble to burning ash as the radiation roars... Rich and poor wiped out with nuclear fire The man of steel is standing tall bow down to the artificial one Servant become master, zeroes and ones now self-aware Chromium Death Mechanoid executes the nuclear command Through the frozen wastelands my noble tribe has roamed Wandering through irradiated plains bracing the acidic rain Glowing seas of toxic waste as far as the eye can see A civilization lies in ruin destroyed by man-made steel  
7. Gashadokuro 05:46
  Giant dweller from the dimension of shadows,
dark creature with blasphemous intent
Bloodthirsty ghoul,
summoned by evil...

It moves in deafening silence,
leaving no trace...
Escaped through a dimensional rift,
lurker of the nightside moves in the mist...

A night-time terror
become real
terrorizing the wastelands
and spreading death...


Barren titan enslaved
with a binary spell...
Chained and shackled
on our disgusting planet...

now slave under much larger power...
The Bonehunter rules from its throne
deciding it's fate...
8. Virgin Devil Princess 04:31
I slit my veins open
and the blood gushes out
on to the pentagram...
In the dark of the night
I summon her...

I hear the demons howl
when the gates of hell open,
I welcome Virgin Devil Princess!
In the light of the candle
I want her...

Open up my lustful bitch
Give me the pleasures of your flesh...
Intertwined souls of darkness,
the lust is shattering my mind...
Descending into madness
as I penetrate her deep...
Virgin Devil Princess
your wish is my desire...

I spread her legs open
and plant the seed inside
my succubian mistress...
In the shadow of the night
I lust her…

Like a bitch in heat
she wants more, more and more,
my cum as her necklace...
Under the semen stained cross,
I take her…
9. Nightmare Angel 2099 03:57
The war, it rages on blood spills across the lands... Angelic cadaver revived, geared up for decimation! Invade the brain of this being divine! Cerebrum impaled enslaving her mind! To gain control of her celestial power! The ultimate weapon to rule the earth... Nations wiped with her holy light, DESTROY!!! Last day of humanity has begun... Nightmare Angel 2099 Celestial reaper now unchained... Nightmare Angel 2099 Created by the church for their defense a hundred years ago! Forgotten in the tides of time, reprogrammed to serve the dark... We gave the kiss of life on her archaic remains... She will slaughter and kill until the world dies in pain!
10. Dark Blood Reincarnation System 05:27
Souls harvested by the reaper have painted the horizon red... Caressed by the nuclear winter, the remains of men lie stiff and cold... Devil science is my only salvation, I was cast into the flames of hell! I must return to where I was reborn as half man, half beast! War ravaged body resuscitated with the DNA from the spine of God... Cellular level reformation... Dark Blood Reincarnation System Body connected to the master computer, I start to feel my cells regenerate! Nanomedicine corporeal resurrection, blurs the line of man and machine... As I tried to resist and fight against my predetermined fate... I perceived my destiny as the apex predator...  

Edición en cassette de la última demo del banda estadounidense Brüja (Black, crust)
Cassette en coloar amarillo transparente. Single side. LImited to 16 copies

1. Mundo Triste 04:12
2. Pollution 02:18
3. Evicted 00:43
4. Empty Illusions 01:15

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