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Origen: Alemania, Aachen.

Formados: 2003

Estilo: Black atmosférico, doom

Temática: Anticristianismo, esoterismo, guerra, historia, muerte y psicopis.

Enlaces: Bandcampdeezerfacebook y spotify


  • Alexander von Meilenwald Todo

  • The Furious Waves of Damnation Demo 2003
  • Unlock the Shrine CD 2004
  • Rain upon the Impure CD 2006
  • Urfaust / The Ruins of Beverast Split 2007
  • Gott in uns Split 2007  
  • Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite  CD 2009
  • Enchanted by Gravemould I Recopilatorio 2011
  • Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer CD 2013
  • Takitum Tootem! EP 2016  
  • King Dude | Caronte | The Ruins of Beverast | (DOLCH) Split 2017  
  • Exuvia CD 2017
  • Don't Walk on the Mass Graves Split 2020  
  • The Ruins of Beverast / Almyrkvi Split 2020  
  • Kromlec'h Knell Single 2020  
  • Anchoress in Furs Single 2021  
  • The Thule Grimoires CD 2021
  • Maschinenfest Memorial Directo 2022
Casi dos décadas abarca la trayectoria de The Ruins of Beverast detrás de la cual se esconde la figura de Alexander von Meilenwald músico inquieto cuyas influencias van más allá de lo que podemos considerar estrictamente como black metal. Desde sus inicios la propuesta de The Ruins of Beverast siempre a recogido influencias de un black con una atmósfera muy conseguida con una línea de oscuridad y profundidad perfectamente recreada. Después de todos estos años Meilenwald parece que quiere dar salida a su parte más gótica y electrónica en un álbum que podemos considerar casi que de transición hacia lo que está por venir. Meilenwald siempre ha impregnado su música de un aura muy especial, gracias a la extensa duración de sus álbumes el oyente puede sumergirse en un viaje sin retorno hacia un estilo muy peculiar dentro del black metal. Este "The Thule Grimoires", en líneas generales es un álbum de intensidad sosegada en donde predominan los medios tiempos pero de una manera que la música logra sonar profunda gracias a la densidad y presencia de un bajo portentoso, una batería de medios tiempos pero con contundencia y profundidad, al tiempo que los riffs van salpicando las composiciones con un aura de musicalidad casi que reto, sonando portentosos y ofreciendo ese aliciente más metal necesario a lo largo del álbum a la vez que nos traen ciertas reminiscencias tribales que sin acabar de plasmarse del todo sirven para enriquecer el sonido del álbum.. Las voces suenan profundas y cavernosas, sin grandes pretensiones, pero adivinándose algunos registros más claros y limpios según que secciones y muchas veces sin miedo a mostrar una faceta próxima al goth-metal. Todo ello se ve rodeado de algunos arreglos de corte electrónico que van salpicando su música de pasajes evocadores tanco retro, como incluso dance ochentero. Lo que queda claro después de este "The Thule Grimoires" es que Meilenwald sabe muy bien lo que tiene entre manos y a pesar de los años que lleva en activo es lo suficientemente inteligente para no sucumbir al inmovilismo (8,3).

1. Ropes into Eden 12:42
   Exhale as the maelstrom returns
And bodies fall into Eden Abyssal
Amorphous and poorly instincted
Unmove with the giants of the seabed
Entities muted and subdued
To noise that has given us names

Alien voices remain unechoed
From alien mountains
Still the breath of engines is never inhaled
Lest the tree of life decays
Thus, as the Hadal turns edenwards
We place our Cherubim east of a shipwreck

Our breath and noise is bioluminescеnt
And clandestine and untaught
Black wisdom fountain, silent and fierce
You subaqueous demon turbines
Return to your nest and convey:
God's sign shan't reach this abyss
No, God still sent no sign

You're trapped without escape
In a spell for a pure dawn's biome
For the marine lights to shine forth
Lights that break before God

Natural colours unimagined through smoke
No shape of a deep sea tree
Our angels are dressed in light
For one last glare, for once in life, kneel down in purity

When the lights come on down here
In the realm of a pure dawn's biome
It's like fire

Entreat your God to hold his breath
It's like fire
2. The Tundra Shines 11:18
Fate permeates grey basalt For whom collapses with solitude Fate gathers in the green sky For whom wonders where the noise disappeared Voiceless, powerless, graceless To the march of the luminal ghosts To thee who spreads on execrated soil We summon light, we summon pain And freeze the voices of litanies So let us float in arcane elements Illusive Anecumеne Here bе dragons Here be us Stain the bodies that go astray That leave the path at profanity's order That do not drink from the liquid sky Or dare to befoul the silence We are as whisper amidst yells Unseen in a Hyperborean spectacle To thee who spreads on execrated soil We summon light, we summon pain And freeze the voices of litanies So let us float in arcane elements Illusive Anecumene Here be dragons Here be us Hark! The ground cracks Spectral voices welcome dusk in the Tundra Our vision returns with lightnings: Thunderous omnivores out of frozen mass graves And we bemoaned how they yelled with beastly throats Yet so much without a voice With fearful scoff of lights that wander Wondering fearfully in lights that scoff As shapes of pitch towards the tripartite horizon Our vision returns in horro: These bloodpainted canvases of the Arctic! All that remains from a roaring day Are our prayers for silence in the glaring Tundra Shine forever, shine, Ultima Thule Stand forever petrified, pristine Ultima Thule  
3. Kromlec'h Knell 08:33
Bad peace would send them forth And no grace shall call them home again If false reason has them driven too far Fell the Kromlec'h Knell vibrate the land They close in from the hills No covering of tracks No ebbing of scents For it sinned Trespasser, malefactor, idolater A pack of phantom predators Lured by cold sweat THANA-THAN-THANATHA Jaws of the moor Murmur in tongues of a myriad beasts of prey Bad peace would send them forth And no grace shall call them home again If false reason has them driven too far Fell the Kromlec’h Knell vibrate the land Maze domain meandered The marsh is so full of voices Down the moisture Weighted bodies decay in mires Phantom stirs... Speaks of golden tragedies Of exulting dispossession Fleers at forfeited reincarnation Oh jaws of the moor Murmur in tongues of a myriad beasts of prey Bad peace would send them forth And no grace shall call them home again If false reason has them driven too far Fell the Kromlec'h Knell vibrate the land Bad peace would send us forth And no grace shall call us home again The most decadent bad faith in God Summons all tribes to hail your end THAN-THANA-THANATA  
4. Mammothpolis 06:22
Beyond the bluster of my kingdom's trumpets I have reached the gates of the city of Mammoths Where my fatal children are hanged from trees For they came at my fatal behest I am the roistering death That ye will surely die I'm without fear deep inside Mammothpolis I'm decaying... but I stamp down the buried I'm without fear deep inside Mammothpolis  
5. Anchoress in Furs 09:11
Forced to pause amid the breath of petrified nostrils Beastlike, primeval, looming A golden crown and raiment weigh heavy up his path Where opulence is ballast rise the corridors of savagery Feeleth it not a touch of a pale hand Heareth it not a warning chant No maw so eager to swallow tongues in abjection A grotesque mating dance No nakedness so hostile Chased uphill between silent monstrosities Minatorially echoing isolation Limbs wounded and basted with the salt of thе mountain The grimace of God's instinct is beautifiеd here And she shall not relent... A prayer for death as a poem to the stars Gold dust trickles through hands that reached towards the nightsky A rotten heart of greed is buried tonight Forsaken uner rock, becoming clouds Bonfires fed with remains of fortune Let them be seen from afar! Chasten us all and never soothe the mountain "Sie waren wie große Vögel und dann waren die Trompeten zu hören. Und mitten in der Finsternis entstand ein weißer Schein Entsetzlich kalt! Ich dachte: Jetzt zerbricht die Erde in Himmel und Hölle! Und dazwischen: Nebel! Undurchdringlicher Nebel! Der Nebel ist gut, sonst würden wir sehen was wir nicht erwarten."   
6. Polar Hiss Hysteria 07:13
At the womb of the stone torches crouch for shelter Shaped clouds from glimmering lands Have been reaching out too far Here ache for an intimate saviour Catch a carrion moon, hear a grieving sun And a grim warning not to leave the village When the polar night falls... Sought a golden view from the white roof of earth No safer triumph, no holier supper Clawed his soul, began to eat his frozen heart Perish in polar hiss hysteria! Red rises the haze between teeth It has thus been sincе ages Yet the chants havе lost all tragedy Many have come to be slain upon the alter of ice Many that imagined footprints of God While the noise may throw wires and sever heads These wombs had never given him birth To raise sword against the void that feeds Is a sign of a savage trance And a hissing trance is wherein he remains He who is drained of pure red Polar Hiss Hysteria!  
7. Deserts to Bind and Defeat 14:07
The vultures spy on us
From frames in skies
To seize the rich parts of our mind
Unveil the sun
Let the brave inside
Isolate me from my kind

Our driven herd must pass me by
To cut affection off my sight
Yet this desert binds and it defeats
No lash cruel enough to redden our eyes
Isolate me from my kind

As we crawl towards the sun
With fiercest drought in numbest hearts
I lag behind to vomit undivided agony
Been denied thе gift that sears
Been ripping out teeth
To demonise thе soul for a pride untold
All this dying is oh so shrill
We must have scorned the sun
Till our instincts failed

Before shunning what is forever harnessed
I failed at taming the wildest of sands
And surrendered to the sun
Isolate me from my kind
Leave me here with beasts

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